Our First Night In Our New House Didn’t Go As Planned…

Our First Night In Our New House Didn’t Go As Planned…

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41 Responses

  1. Shilpa Jumawane says:

    You can record videos and post it live so you can talk to us

  2. Evie Caulfield says:

    Congrats guys! You hit 9million?❤️?

  3. Kiamana Keef says:

    At 15:56

    Chole:you can’t comment
    Me:what !!! I am commenting

  4. Caca Dan Cila says:

    Sav and cole can you do a house tour with the furniture

  5. anonymous wanderer says:

    Sav looks drop dead gorgeous without makeup too like talk about carefree natural beauty❤️

  6. ємєlια тgood says:

    Congrats on 9 million subs! I’ve been with you guys since 700k ?

  7. shxnxx 2812 says:

    Carl is just a bit hesitant but he will like it cause its very spacious and bigg❤❤❤❤?

  8. Chloe Fortune says:

    This many people love the Labrant fam house

    • Ed Aksh says:

      +Hotcheetojuice Yo! I hate to say this but I can’t imagine their existence here without their privileges XD

    • Hotcheetojuice says:

      Ed Aksh I love whites but seeing them on trending triggers me because they should be no different than any other white family they ain’t special nor interesting how did they get this many subscribers? Bet they bought them

    • Antonella nahiara Carabajal says:


    • Antonella nahiara Carabajal says:

      +Hotcheetojuice ??

  9. Elsa. Juarez says:

    Cole : if you see me shaking , cuz I have a baby try to bite me . Me:????

  10. Jamming Jayden says:

    this is how many people love the labrants!!

  11. Rosie Woolterton says:

    You should take carl for a walk around the whole house

  12. LPS Kidovia says:

    Omg she is really beautiful without makeup and you are all beautiful and cute family?

  13. The Jones Family says:

    *?In case no one told you today………* ❤️

    You’re beautiful.
    You’re loved.
    You’re needed.
    You’re stronger than you think.
    You’re amazing.
    You’re going to have a bright future.
    You’re going to be successful.
    You’re Blessed.

    love from a family youtuberr in The UK??who loves to spread positivity btw we would love to reach 50k byJune❤️Thank you for being kind❤️

  14. Maggy Abernathy says:

    who else is like, this is nowhere close to the way I play truth or dare ?

  15. Kathy Kraut says:

    Putting his bedding everywhere. Feed him in his space. Take him for a walk. Keep a good routine. Enjoy your new house!

  16. Nina Dunne says:

    Why would you spend over 100 dollars getting a cool room for posie and the move?I still i love you guys though

  17. Megan Davies says:

    Corl eveliegh and posie are all so cute!!!

    Sorry if I spelt they’re names wrong

    By the way I watch your videos all the time

  18. Star Bright says:

    15:57 ummmm YouTube decided to change that at the perfect time

  19. Tick Tock says:

    This shows how adorable poise is

  20. Lexi & Katie says:

    Posie is the cutest thing like ever she’s so adorable ??❤️

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