Our first sail – from HELL.. (Everything broke, sick kids..) EXTENDED CUT

Our first sail – from HELL.. (Everything broke, sick kids..) EXTENDED CUT

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0:00 – Start
0:01 – Intro
3:50 – First Night Onboard
7:25 – AG1 (Ad)
10:40 – Departure!
13:40 – Reflecting on First Day Sail
15:49 – Sailing through Lightning (43KN of wind!)
17:32 – Day Two Onboard
19:11 – Shredded Stay Sail
26:17 – Engine-less! (Both Engines Stop Working)
28:00 – Day Three – Blue Water Sailing (8KN)
33:00 – Problem Solving with Dylan (OBMG)
36:52 – Musings and Reflections
40:12 – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

De Mary Poppins (8)” by GonzalezNovo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.




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31 Responses

  1. @SailingLaVagabonde says:

    ⚡ Sailing through lightning your thing? Catch us surviving a LIGHTNING STORM (with Greta Thunberg) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVS6EfrSA3I&t=571s

    • @dennispatrick4999 says:

      Avoid the Lightning. Poor Sailing Revival got hit twice last year. Lost all electronics.

    • @Tzeeza says:

      Yeah Cant Beat Nature it just keeps coming back at you , like my pavers around the pool , underneath sand an crushed rock like you do , an those weeds an grass just keep on coming , an No i wont spray them with that toxic shit , i will forever pull them out lolol , Always WATCHING your Channel Sail on an Live the Dream 🙂

    • @southerngrace says:

      Aye you two, did you at least get to grubscrew during the crossing? Release some stress? Lol😂 love you guys, so glad to see you two being positive through the shit.

    • @fredbeagle307 says:


    • @twinscrew928 says:

      Grubscrew! 😅❤

  2. @matthewbridges3147 says:

    Darwin’s thumbsup when asked if he was tired has me cracking up, he’s got a fine future ahead of him

  3. @robertw.1499 says:

    Watching this and everything you went through, one thing became very apparent. When you’re forward, either doing normal work on the foredecks or wrestling with a busted sail, you really are open to all kinds of danger. There is nothing to stop you being thrown off the boat. No.side rails or lines, and as far as I could make out, nobody was wearing a harness attached to an arrester-line. Imagining you guys being out there alone with the kids, being hit by such weather, is scary shit.

    • @gregmatthies8128 says:

      And the children not wearing life vests either. Safety is VERY a low on Reiley list he is a danger to himself and those aboard.

    • @user-gs5zz2do5f says:

      They are very experienced boat people, so I guess they do really know what they are doing 👍

    • @Mr.Faulkner says:

      @@gregmatthies8128 stop watching any more of his vlogs and airing your opinions. They are worthless and you clearly know nothing about him, his seamanship and his family. Your not making friends as a back seat driver here.

    • @gregmatthies8128 says:

      @@Mr.Faulkner I can do what I like and comment in a respectful way. My view has nothing to do with you and I can watch what I like

  4. @stefanclaes7970 says:

    What a journey guys… Good to see you are well aware you were lucky to have avoided disaster. I believe you can assume the boat has been baptized now! This extreme voyage will allow you to improve all the boat issues massively and ensure future safety, confidence and hence enjoyment!
    Welcome aboard ❤
    I don’t think you do but please don’t try to make risky video for likes and subscribers, we all want to have “safe” fun, but learn how to handle risky situations.
    Big thanks.

  5. @MrBlurbman says:

    I really have to hand it to Rapido for crewing with you in a challenging shake down maiden voyage and also to the Vagabond family, showing your resilience handling sickness, rough sailing and a multitude of equipment failures with grace, composure and a smile (All the while still looking good). Impressive all round. Happy Christmas to you all, with wishes for peace, happiness and abundance.

  6. @robindorrell9347 says:

    While you’re docked having repairs made you could add railings around the deck, and add larger netting so the kids can be safer with more space to play. Add some overhead protection for the person at the helm. The boat needs a few adjustments for safe, fun, and comfortable family living. These are simple things. If this was your house, it would be no big deal to do these things, so I don’t think adding these to a boat is a big deal either.

  7. @suefitz2498 says:

    How great is that opportunity to learn all about your new vessel with all that help and support. You couldn’t program a simulator with what the sea and the winds hurled at you. Great to see you all making small, large and effective changes as you prepare your new home for the ocean. Love it ❤❤

  8. @xbioman7882 says:

    The boat is beautiful. Despite the ugly weather and all the issues, the boat still looks amazing.

  9. @jimmisura6533 says:

    You don’t disappoint. You may have wished for a simple comfortable shakedown cruise, but that’s not the La Vagabonde way. One word mates, epic. When it hits the fan you guys prove your strength. Your kids are also so resilient and irresistibly cute. I hope Lenny and Darwin are well. I’ve never seen a shake down go without problems, but you guys took it to the next level. Never do anything half assedI always say. 😂 It will only get better. You’re all legends! Cheers from South Florida🌴🌴🌴 P.S. your new Trimaran colors and interior are “sick”!👍

  10. @stuartmcgill5065 says:

    Hey Guys. I don’t often comment on videos, but that was absolutely NEXT LEVEL! Amazing…. Blown away! Keeping things together, under such extreme circumstances, was breathtaking & truly inspirational to watch. Thank you for sharing everything with us 🙂 Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2024.

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