Our First Week of Van Life in Mexico

Our First Week of Van Life in Mexico

We drove our van 3000 miles from Canada to Mexico and now we’re living in a van down the Baja Peninsula! To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to https://athleticgreens.com/eamonandbec

Join us for the Tijuana border crossing, a glimpse into driving through Mexico, and what camping in Mexico is really like 😅

0:00 crossing the Mexican border
2:10 welcome to Mexico 🇲🇽
6:16 where do we sleep in Mexico?
7:20 what’s for dinner 🤤
11:47 our daily routine
13:20 showering while living in a van
17:04 grocery shopping in Mexico
19:12 #vanlife expectations vs. reality
27:30 hot springs mission

Friends mentioned in this episode:
Sabrina & Nick – @livingonbreeze
Isaac & Grace – @isaactheelliott @grace_polito
Ashley & Simon – @wildfreeodessa

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22 Responses

  1. Jake Scott says:

    Used to watch these videos alone every Sunday in my room 5 years ago and never stopped, now me, my girlfriend of over a year and our dog look forward to them every Sunday. Looking at getting our own van and living out of it while going on adventures soon to. Keep up the good work ❤️

    • Sheila Drury says:

      Wow life is good for you coming from a 70 yr old English women who can only dream …. Still we have a touring caravan with my partner who is a double leg amputee next stop Wales and over the highest canal aqueduct in the world should be fun man in a wheelchair and me with vertigo I’ll let you know if we make it wish us luck 😅

    • Eamon & Bec says:

      Awe that’s so cool! Thanks for evolving with us Jake. Big hugs to you, your girlfriend and dog this Sunday 🤗

  2. Allie CR says:

    The addition of Oso to your travels seems to have brought an even more joyful and relaxed feel to your journey. That combined with all the life experiences/challenges you’ve been through in the last few years has made your channel even more relatable and I feel such a great sense of gratitude and peace emanating from you both ❤

    • Eamon & Bec says:

      ❤❤❤ I think this is very true. Oso definitely forces us to slow down, get outside more and GET OFF OUR PHONES lol. We do also feel enormous gratitude to be back on the road ❤

  3. MarieNeu says:

    I’m only seven minutes in, but this video is just PURE joy. I almost feel like I’m arriving in nicer, warmer weather. I just love the good vibes from this video!

  4. Eamon & Bec says:

    YAY! Welcome back to our channel. We’re so excited to bring you along for the adventure of vanlife in Mexico! Would you drive down the Baja with your bestie and fur baby?!

    • James W. says:

      @Life with Tobee Your husband is a very smart man. Don’t stop is good advice right up until they park for the evening…

    • Luz Montero says:

      Tijuana resident here, Eamon was right, that was indeed the wall separating Tijuana from the USA. Bienvenidos a Mexico!

    • Maddy says:

      If we were following you I would. I know nothing about life in Mexico and I’d need my cat too. I would feel safe following your lead on what I needed to do. You don’t know me but I feel like you are my niece or something. I’ve prayed so hard over the last year, cried with you both, and celebrated with you both. ❤️ Plus, I’ve followed your journey thru life for years.

    • Life with Tobee says:

      I would love to travel down there but my husband is from Mexico and he absolutely would not drive into Mexico right now. It’s very very dangerous. We haven’t been down to Mexico in over 10 years because of the violence. Please be very very careful. If someone tries to stop you guys keep driving do not stop

    • ginkodragon says:

      Camping in Baja is so beautiful! How did you get the drone shots?
      Did you get some of the storms that hit California?

  5. Baking Sweet Hope - Anita says:

    When I think of what you’ve all been through in the past year or more, I admit to getting teary seeing your joy in this next adventure. I’m so happy to see you on the road again, healthy, carefree, and grateful. Enjoy all the new smells and sights sweet Oso, good boy.

  6. Christy Kayaks says:

    Thank you for sharing. The editing around Eamon’s dramatic high five made me laugh out loud!

    Even amongst the hardships of daily life I appreciate you all operating out of a place of love. ❤thank you!!

  7. *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:* says:

    I live in San Diego and it warms my heart that you come out here to the west coast when you have so many travel options. Baja is amazing and the Mexican people make any trip to Mexico worthwhile. Safe and happy travels to all three of you!

  8. Tina Turner says:

    You guys are my favorite van lifers by far! Love your energy and humor….always watch with a big smile. Oso is the perfect addition. Cheers🌻😊♥

  9. Andrea Vale says:

    Oso definitely loves his mom and dad! You are so correct about fear and love. Always do your due diligence to safety but lead with that warmth and friendliness. 😊👍🏻💛

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