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32 Responses

  1. Luz Granados says:

    They went through hell and back but they still found a way to be happy and laugh with each other and support each other through their trauma. Their mom was an amazing mom to be working through 3 jobs to support 6 kiddos. Now look at them successful with beautiful kiddos of their own.

  2. AlondraDessy says:

    Not you partying at 12 😂😂😂

  3. Lizeth Salgado says:

    “ imagine, tenemos hambre, me falta un calzón “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 best part

  4. V says:

    I noticed the oldest sisters’ whole body language and demeanor change when the girls mentioned the other girls dad. So disgusting because I can only imagine the shit he’s done. These girls need healing. Praying for them💔🥺

    • Linds R says:

      🥺 I noticed that too

    • Vee Xo says:

      I thought it was the orher girls dad that did stuff ?? The older one said she’s never even met him

    • V says:

      @Vee Xo yeah she’s never met her own dad. That doesn’t mean the other girls’ dad didn’t do anything to her

    • Vee Xo says:

      @V exactly the way you worded it , it’s like you’re implying the oldest sister dad abused them … lmao.. that’s what I’m saying that Elsys dad is the one abused them

    • Monique Angel says:

      I noticed this too, it’s very sad because you can see she was uncomfortable with how they were all almost okay with going to see him and talk to him which is understandable it’s their dad and maybe he didn’t do anything to them but kind of insensitive to their oldest sister if he did do things to her and she already feels a disconnect because they all have the same dad except her. I hope she gets all the healing she needs. Abuse is no joke

  5. AngeG86 says:

    Growing up My Mom said “there is no half, you all are brothers & sisters.”

  6. Jennifer Lozañia says:

    The whole video i was bawling, nobody knows the struggle immigrants parents go through more than their kids. I remember McDonald’s was a luxury to my siblings and i because we couldn’t even afford that. Que duren para siempre los papas que vinieron sin nada y les dieron todo a sus hijos !!

    • Missy B says:

      Yes one of the memories that lives forever in my head is the time I turned 10 and all I asked for was a dinner at McDonald’s! My parents did buy it for me and my 5 siblings and I felt like the luckiest person ever !🥺

    • Locaa Jenn says:

      Ughhhh Same the dad situation hits different when you never even met a father figure 🥴

  7. Marissa Gonzales says:

    My mom couldn’t afford me and my sister when we were 5 & 3 so she just dropped us off at my dads job and left and my dad had to quit work to take care of us alone as a single father and he ended up getting full custody of us until we were 18 my mom was always in and out of prison and didn’t try putting us first we’re now 28 & 25 and now she’s just a friend to us ! We gave my dad so much props cuz raising to daughter alone isn’t easy !

    • Marcela Lopez says:

      That’s so incredibly admirable of your dad. I mean aside from being a father, to step up and be both parental figures, that’s double the responsibility. You’re dad’s a great role model.

  8. jackie rivera says:

    I’m over here complaining about the smallest things and your mom had it the hard way to figure out just to provide, much respect to her ! She did a excellent job ! What a inspiration Mother

  9. agv23agv says:

    I’ve always loved Elsy for how humble she is, but now I love her even more. She’s proof that we can go through hell, but we still have a choice.

  10. Elsy Guevara says:

    GET YOUR CURRENT CARD HERE https://www.current.com/ElsyG 🙂 <3

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