Our Graduation Photoshoot!

Our Graduation Photoshoot!

Thank you guys so much for all your love and support, I hope you guys enjoy todays video ! Have a good and Blessed day. Please keep comments positive thank You.

Thank you so much Jose Luis for the photoshoot
Insta @ LuismilanP

Dress from @ Sebastian Aiden
Don’t forget to wash your hands and keep clean this virus is no joke and super scary ! be safe I love you guys

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26 Responses

  1. Jessica Mendez says:

    First comment😭 I’m so proud of u and that is the cutest cap ever😭😍💙

  2. kim ibarra says:

    Fav couple 🥺💗! Congrats!! Keep up the hard work and don’t listen to tha hatters 💗!

  3. Yuneisy Valdez says:

    Nikki v looks so beautiful with her hair 😍🤩 and congrats on graduating high school 🥳 sad you couldn’t get the regular graduation but congrats 🎉 love you 🥺❤️

  4. violeta Figueroa says:

    The cap was so cute Sebas is looking at you saying “ my sister did it” 💗🥰

  5. Ariana Gomez says:

    Awe I love how u put Sebastians name on your Graduation cap.!💕

  6. Judith Hernandez says:

    I’m very proud of you for graduating high school ❤️🎓

  7. Martinez Natalia says:

    We’re so proud of u nikkiv ❤️

  8. Mari Arango says:

    I’m so proud of you and Jonathan 🎉

  9. Taniha Ayala-Martinez says:

    High school sweethearts graduating together you guys are so cuteee🥺❤️I cant wait to see the pictures for you’re wedding! I really do wish the very best for you intelligent human beings! You deserve the world and more for being so humble and smart! Always reach for the stars ✨ no dream is too big!! I know you both will be so successful and will be so big! may god guide you through every step of the way always!❤️🙌🏻✨Congrats!

  10. Liz Galarza says:

    i’m so proud of you beautiful!! you’ve been through so much and have stayed a kind and humble person through it all. you deserve all the success and happiness in the world and i can’t wait to watch it happen ❤️🦋 not to mention how cute you and Jonathan are! you both earned this. enjoy this accomplishment love!

  11. Americuh r says:

    Niki is me being mean at 6:54😭😭😭

  12. Jenny Rangel says:

    😂😂 she forsure did a disclaimer saying she’s not pregnant it’s just food in there

  13. Mel Rodriguez says:

    The outro 😂😂 she already knew people were gonna say something but yay for Class of 2020!!!!! We did it!!! 🥺🥳

  14. Janelly Bravo says:

    So cute I can’t believe that you and Jonathan were waiting for this day and you are the top cutes couple and congrats I know you guys been waiting and helping each other out luv your videos Nikki 🥺😭🥰

  15. Patricia Leon says:

    I’m so proud of you and Jonathan ❤️❤️

  16. Claudia Contreras says:

    12:01 girl u look good the other day I tried on a yellow dress and it looked like I was going to my gender reveal 😂😂😭

  17. Maria Hernandez says:

    “And that is our mother, mujeron “ I love the daughter and mother relationship you guys have 🥰

  18. Ashley Karina says:

    I love nikki’s personality. You can tell she’s kind & with her mom💕💕 much love

  19. Jocelyn Licon says:

    The fact that she felt the need to address that about her stomach makes me so mad Bc theres no need why anyone should even be hating on her or her family her family is the best and they are so humble and funny so if you don’t like them simple don’t watch them !🤬 I love you Nikki v ❤️❤️❤️you’re the best

    • N H says:

      I see why she did it. Some people are so rude.

    • Mariely Euceda says:

      And even if she was, is her life. She can do what ever she wants wit it. If her parents are okay with what she´s doing. Then there is no need t worry about what other people are going to say. Because there will always be somebody that has to say something for the tiniest thing that you do.

  20. corRluV says:

    4:40 when candy quoted sabastian broke my heart love how they include him congrats love wish u guys the best

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