Our Hamsters

Our Hamsters

Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I’ll miss you Bro-dents!

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20 Responses

  1. Sonya Hill says:

    My hamster Chubbs had cancer and had to be euthanized

  2. Fayin Kayz says:

    I used to own 2 hamsters, 1 male and 1 female. They even made a few babies.
    One day we found out my sister was allergic to animal fur so we had to give
    them away.. My brother’s friend agreed to take them in. Long story short,
    the next day they found just hamster legs and tails ‘cuz the neighbouring
    cats ate them….

  3. Endy_Dragon says:

    You are my favorite YouTuber because you saved my sisters life. We got our
    flu shots and we were driving home and I was watching your vid and you Said
    to wear your seatbelt then I noticed that she did have her seatbelt on I
    told her to put her seat belt on and played you voice clip so she put it
    on. Five minutes later we got in a car accident

    You da best bro

  4. LeafyIsHere says:

    yes ur #2 on trending behind the FREKING JHON JEWIS AD

  5. Becca says:

    Our hampster got so scared by lightning he died, his name was spark

  6. Pandalover 123 says:

    One time I had a hamster and my brother was playing with it well when I got
    home from school my hamster looked tormented and tried to play dead.The
    next morning my brother let him out wile I was sleeping and he didn’t close
    the cage and my hamster got let free.After he was let free he ran outdoors
    and died by my old cat.I was really TRIGGERS after that XD

  7. BloodylocksBathory says:

    The gf got a female russian dwarf hamster a little while ago (not a
    successful investment though, always biting), was told to get her this
    white male the store had, claimed they wouldn’t breed. Cut to a short while
    later when she discovers a bunch of hamerpillars in one of the burrows. The
    white male was the best though, despite none of the other hamsters having
    any respect for him.

  8. Nandonugget says:

    This is #3 on trending, congrats.

  9. Yolanda Hassell says:

    when I was younger my sister and I each got a hamster she got a white one
    and I got a brown one. My sister named her hamster sonic (cuz he was very
    fast) and i named my own Amie. Sonic was male and Amie was female they had
    babies but like two days after Amie and sonic bit their heads off… I was
    scarred and then about a week later sonic killed Amie …( I guess their
    relationship wasn’t working out) and my cat Mr. whiskers later on killed
    sonic and we found his dead body on my mom’s couch… never got a hamster

  10. Wafflehouse 123 says:

    My friend accidentally killed her hamster when she was seven. She swung it
    around by its tail and it came off so the hamster flew into the wall

  11. Elijha Moyet says:

    I had two hamsters when I was little and they had babies and they ate the
    babies and my dad threw them and the dead babies outside in the grass and
    the minute they hit the ground birds took them away

  12. Jackson Lustberg says:

    I’m am 100 present shure that your moms treating killed the hamsters XD

  13. Vivian Chang says:

    My hamster just got cancer last week (the tumors started to show) and he
    was completely fine before. But yesterday he became lethargic and he
    couldn’t open his eyes. Then James uploaded the video. Now I feel…

  14. Spider Waifu is best Waifu says:

    Alright, you asked for a story about pets getting brutally murdered.
    So, I was about 11 and my sister and her friend wanted to bring the guinea
    pigs outside because they wanted to see how they would interact with the
    environment. They played with them out for a bit without being monitored
    and I thought they were ok. Boy was I wrong. I went back and found the
    basket they carried with the guinea pigs tipped over. And a dog about 2
    feet away from it. I ran over to see the guinea pigs and one of them had
    blood over it but was still kinda moving before it got rolled over by a
    FREAKING CAR. I got really upset, bought the other one home and we soon
    found out the got pregnant. Pretty sad.

  15. Tsunami Nexus says:

    3:45 sombra confirmed again?

  16. Steven's Life says:

    I never owned a hamster, probably a good thing though because they scare
    the crap outa me

  17. Matthew Madigan says:

    Your dog is 84 in human years

  18. Nicole says:

    I’m 10 months older the his dog……..

  19. Jakes_Tornado says:

    Who else is bothered by “RIP in peace”?

  20. The digital potatoe//tdh says:

    I stepped on my hamster and it was like stepping on a toothpaste tube. Try
    roast me