Our house was attacked…

Our house was attacked…


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29 Responses

  1. Ambition says:

    pewds living his best life man.

  2. 100k challenge with 0 video says:

    Pewdiepie: “Our house was attacked”

    Everyone in comment section: “This man never fails to make us happy”

  3. Ren says:

    Seeing where he started and where he is now really has this nostalgic feeling. Now time passes and we all grow up and it really just shows how life can change. Sometimes i would go back to the old videos years back and seeing everything change to this is like really hard to explain it but the feelings are so clear. Soon enough we all get old and the future gets passed down to the younger generations. So for now all we can do is enjoy life while we can

  4. Avarice Miru says:

    He has worked really hard over the past few years. He deserves all the happiness.

  5. BiTRex says:

    Seeing him go from the “trying too hard” Amnesia days to them both just living a dream life is so amazing; glad to see how happy they are~

  6. Roberto Blake says:

    It’s really wholesome to just watch Felix living his best life now…

    After 12 years straight of hard work he really deserves this kind of happiness.

  7. Tiff H says:

    Been watching pewds since I was 15, now I’m almost 25. From Amnesia to pewds having his dream come true by moving to Japan. Feeling so glad to see how happy you and Marzia are. 🙂 Loving every single Japan video so far

  8. Liky Holy says:

    Seeing both pewds and marzia being scared of a spider just made my day love the vlog so far and I can’t wait to see even more!

  9. Sunshine 101 says:

    It’s honestly comforting to see this side of pews. It’s warm and chilling

  10. Gabre says:

    I am so happy that this is what this channel has evolved to. It’s the big pay off to their work and the support they have been given all these years.

    It’s like the happy “How are they now” after the credits of an last episode.

    This is the outcome of hard work and the appreciation given from others.

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