Our HOUSE was broken into. This is NOT okay.

Our HOUSE was broken into. This is NOT okay.

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19 Responses

  1. Awesomelvl99 - Tayen says:

    You did everything you could to keep yourself and Trey safe. Very lucky
    that you already had an alarm system. Praying for you!

  2. Stuart Guy says:

    I’m sorry you had to experience that but the law that you can shoot an
    intruder is stupid, just because someone has broken in you shouldn’t be
    able to act as judge, jury & executioner. Since when has breaking in to a
    house a death sentence, I thought that was reserved for muderers

  3. KayLynn Corbin says:

    Phils joke at the end killed me.
    im glad you guys are all okay and safe.
    do something for yourself, eat a yummy cupcake with some wine in the bath!

  4. floweredpants says:

    everyone is against guns but isn’t it nice to have one when you’re home
    alone and someone breaks in with your toddler in the house and husband
    gone. I will never be anti gun for reasons like this.

  5. Joelle Jansen says:

    That must’ve been terrifying! I hope he gets caught!
    I think it’s logical for you to get mad! Your home is your safe place. And
    they’ve taken that safe feeling away from you.

  6. TheMrKennedy says:

    Story time kids! So my fathers house is a ground floor flat, he has a
    living room and a bedroom on the front of the house and the kitchen and
    second bedroom are on the back side of the house. One night 2 drunk guys
    decide they are gonna break into my dads house and they smash the 4 windows
    on the front of the house (the living room and my little sisters bedroom)
    then start kicking down the door. Now this is in Scotland and we aren’t
    allowed guns, so my father grabs a wooden bat and a kitchen knife to defend
    his home. He opens the door to stop them from climbing through the windows
    and they rush my dad. My dad starts by using the bat because he didn’t want
    to to do excessive damage with the knife if he didn’t have to but they over
    power him and take the bat from him. This is where he takes out the knife
    and begins to defend himself with that, he makes a non lethal slash to one
    of the guys legs and this seems to scare them off. By this time my Dads
    wife has called the police and they arrive. The police then ARREST MY DAD
    for assault. You read that right, my 55 year old dad at the time did
    several months in prison for defending his home against a couple of drunks
    who decided to pick a random house and try to fuck it up. And the guys who
    did it got away with it because they were now the victims apparently. I’m
    still truly astounded at the UK’s legal system regarding defending your
    home. Anyway, I’m sorry this happened to you, stay staff, keep your gun
    close and make sure you know those laws inside and out. Could be the
    difference between you “defending your home” and going to prison for

  7. thewhitenight67 says:

    This right here is the reason why people should be able to have guns

  8. The Schmittabels says:

    Omg one of my biggest fears, I was crying watching this. Sounds like you
    handled it perfectly though. Glad you are able to up the security and hope
    you can identify them and they get what’s coming. You are one strong lady!

  9. Kallie Lynne says:

    Is that many cops and a helicopter normal? Or did they just do that because
    they are more a higher profile family?

  10. DarkRaptor99 says:

    That is some fucked up shit 🙁 I hope you guys had some security cameras
    installed. Phill is a public figure he might have a stalker, or it could
    have been a random break in. You never really know. The fact that Phill was
    gone does make is suspect.

  11. sharkman9k says:

    You can’t spell fanatic without fan :/

    I hope they catch the ape(s) responsible for this.

  12. Evija3000 says:

    A helicopter seems a bit much.

  13. MarioSacTron says:

    8 cops and a helicopter ….. when I had to call because someone broke into
    my house, a cop showed up 4 hours later to tell make a report…

  14. Kelly says:

    Okay, why did this comment section turn into a gun control debate? To the
    people outside the US, literally no one cares if guns are outlawed in your
    country. Your country has other huge problems that WE in the US don’t have
    to worry about, but you don’t see us pointing it out.

    The point is that our 2nd Amendment right exists today for situations like
    this. Lindsay and Phil made the choice to have a gun in their home for
    protection, which is smart since Phil is a high profile YouTuber. Crazies
    have shown up to Pewdiepie’s house, Jenna Marbles house, etc. And don’t
    even get me started on Christina Grimmie. Lindsay didn’t go hunting for the
    intruder a la George Zimmerman. The issues with gun control in the US have
    absolutely nothing to do with this situation because Lindsay did everything
    right, and WITHIN HER RIGHTS, to protect herself and her son.

    And this is why Lindsay DeFranco is our BAMF of the day!

  15. Darastrix Sthyr (TDM) says:

    I had a breakin at my place once, but all they took was a VCR I had laying
    next to the door to take out to the trash in the morning. They also went
    into my fridge and took some chocolate syrup and squirted it in my
    fishtank… People are weird!

    Glad you’re OK, Linzy! Hope they catch the dirtbag!

  16. nacoran says:

    Be careful shooting people who break in. Yes, sometimes you may shoot a
    legitimate intruder, but statistically you are more likely to shoot a
    family member getting a midnight snack. Just be careful.

    Also, keep in mind, you can shoot an intruder in your house, but if they
    are fleeing you can’t shoot them when they get out to the lawn, even if
    they had been in the house before.

    Sorry this happened to you.

  17. Hannah Gonzalez says:

    It’s odd to me that people are bitching about the fact that so many cops
    showed up, along with the helicopter. Would you rather the alternative,
    where cops take a while to show up and something happens to lindsey and
    trey? Maybe it was a slow night, maybe it was high priority because she had
    her child, maybe their neighborhood has had sketchy crimes lately. Whatever
    the reason, Im thankful all of the cops showed up and you people in the
    comment section should be too! It sucks if the cops took too long to show
    up when you had a robbery 10 years ago, but you’re okay. Find something
    else to complain about people.

  18. CoyFishKoiFish says:

    Sorry that happen to you, I’m glad you guys are okay :)

  19. Drowning In Silence says:

    You’re so pretty!