Hiiii babes!! This is so scary to say that this might be our last video with my before Baby E gets here! Ahhh, I’m so nervous! We’re saying goodbye to my belly! Such a bitter sweet feeling. I hope you guys enjoy this video! Love you guys soooo much!!








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Lashes im always wearing.


See you guys in my next bideooo!

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40 Responses

  1. Vanessa Reyes says:

    “ hola sipota me llamo Eduardo” 😭😂😂. Cashapp: Vxnessx17

  2. Chenoah Tsosie says:

    “We feel like lil lost puppies” trust me every first parents feel like that you guys got this 🤞💪 and don’t believe every other person about pregnancy because each one is different and you’ll be the best MAMAs to Baby E hands down 🙌 you find your own ways and it’ll be the best learning process for both of you 💜💙 Prayers for a safe labor and delivery and a speedy recovery 🙏💜👶

  3. adryana baca says:

    i was crying when you said your mom couldn’t be there like i can’t even imagine, i’m literally so close to my mom i wouldn’t be able to do it omg, i wish you a smooth pregnancy and all love for baby E 💓💓 $adryanabaca

  4. Lena Rey says:

    Idk why I burst out crying when you got choked up about your mom not being there 😭 hope your delivery goes perfect and you enjoy it ❤️

  5. Les' Slays says:

    Awe omg I feel so bad you feel so alone at this moment. I had my second baby during this pandemic and it was very lonely but just put your labor, delivery and trust in God. I love you Elsy. I don’t comment much but I feel your pain girl, you will be okay. Breath babe

  6. Les' Slays says:

    PS: take EVERYTHING they give you for free all the diapers, wipes, the pacifiers, nipple shields, nipple cool pads, pump etc!! $lesliegsanchez

    • Alexandra Portillo says:

      And why not they throw everything away anyways if you don’t take it.. so just clear out the baby bins in your cart. I swear I didn’t need to buy newborn pampers because by the time I used the ones from the hospital my babies were already in size 1 lol 😂

    • Melinda Vale says:

      9 yrs ago my late husband & I had our last baby our 1st girl. The nurses were amazing and spoiled us, especially our baby. When it was time to leave my husband bought all the nurses roses each, Starbucks gift cards and catering services for their lunch . On our way out we passed the baby’s supply room. She told my husband, I have 3 huge hospital bags for you guys . Go fill them up with formula, diapers and whatever you can get. Omg it was so funny when we got home. I pulled out everything and I was stocked up with formal for her for a good 2 months.
      It was good because I don’t like taking my newborns out of the house till at least 3 months. But yes, girl take the formula. Its very costly. God bless you and cherish your labor. You’re going to be just fine, God will always be with you guiding you 🙏 ❤ ♥

    • Les' Slays says:

      @Ana Hdz Yes!! You literally pay for everything in that room, might as well get your money’s worth and they’re also supposed to offer everything you may need. I asked for several cooling pads for my nipples and nipple shields because I decided to breastfeed but I also wanted a pump for just in case my supply got low so i can power pump! They forgot to give it to me before I left and I was out of it because I broke my coccyx while in labor but at least I got all the other things I needed!

    • Les' Slays says:

      @Melinda Vale that’s amazing!! I just had my daughter 2 months ago and wish I was in a position to do that for my nurses they were all amazing! Of course with the pandemic we didn’t have much money at the time and we’re still struggling quite a bit my husband is working 24/7 to provide for us 4 but we still thanked them a lot and filled out the form to let the hospital know they went above and beyond for us!

    • First Last says:

      Wow the hospital didn’t give me jack shit! Lmfao 😂

  7. Perla Martinez says:

    I thought elsy was gonna say “it looks like I’m dating a takuache” si quema cuh 😂 $perla097

  8. Babygirl Update says:

    I was 7cm when I went to the hospital, I didn’t feel my contractions at all!!!! I started feeling them once I was about to deliver 😩

    • First Last says:

      Babygirl Update wow what a blessing!!

    • Emily Barrow says:

      Same with me!! I went to the hospital in a good mood and then doctor was like “oh my god you’re 7 cm how are you smiling right now?” And I was just like “I don’t know I don’t feel anything” 😂 then after that I felt everything lol

    • jazmin uzarraga says:

      Awesome 😂😩

    • Angie Pilla says:

      Same here! And I didn’t feel anything until the broke my water when I was at 10cm!

  9. Lourdes Popoca says:

    “You wanna start now or later” RIGHT NOW🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pregnancy goals right there😂 $LourdesPopoca

  10. Kelly Carrillo says:

    Can we just pause for a second and appreciate how clearrrrr Elsy’s skin is even while pregnant??

    • Alee Rivas says:

      Why wouldn’t it be clear while pregnant ? Just asking . I was pregnant twice and skin so glowy and clear. Are people suppose to break out during pregnancy ?

    • First Last says:

      Alee Rivas well this comment makes sense! I’m 19 wks & ive been having small breakouts which I hate cause I never had acne it’s gross 😂

  11. Wendy Hernandez says:

    E is me saying he doesn’t like it but feeling himself low key 😂❤️❤️

  12. Angela Mercado says:

    He was like “hola cipota, me llamo Eduardo” 🤣🤣 I love that you are teaching him that Salvadoran words 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Jordyn L says:

    It broke my heart to see her tearing up about not having her mom there 😭😭 you two are gonna do awesome!! 💕💕 you can do it 💕

  14. Jessie MG says:

    I felt heart broken when you said your mom couldn’t be there because oh man you need the support mamas. God bless your family and have a wonderful experience 💜. You are really blessed . I feel so excited because you are having a blessing ! $qykstmg

  15. Lesslie Quirarte says:

    If you’re still stuck on 4cm drink cumin tea 🤢 it’s gross but my water broke an hour and a half after drinking that tea 🤢

  16. Leah Ogas says:

    E Looks Like “Joe Dirt”🤣🤣🤣

  17. It’s Joscelynn says:

    Why I feel like her pregnancy was so short !!! And I feel like Catherine from ace fam has been pregnant forever lol

  18. Stephanie Ortiz 💓 says:

    “Looks Like I’m dating a paisa…” LMFAOO 🤣 $stephyyO1

  19. Janet Lozano says:

    He looks like Billy Ray Cirus, in his early years, singing achy breaky heart…. with the hair

  20. Jennifer Martinez says:

    I’m dead he said “Hola Sipota”😂 he’s representing that salvadorean spanish!

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