Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

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40 Responses

  1. Deezed Amatya says:

    Love from Japan guys ❤️❤️❤️ best of luck for the new momma??and zaa papa ??‍♂️

  2. justin ryan says:

    This is my favourite lesbian couple.
    Much love ❤

  3. SuperSpy 2015 says:

    Congrats for bar mitzfah elmo for becoming an uncle

  4. ZETTA•FLARE! says:

    The age of a new vape god is upon us ??

  5. dwdrps says:

    New family vlog channel about to be up : *daddyofone*

  6. IKIGAI says:

    ethan freaking out about getting ready for a baby is so cute.

  7. Giovanni Guerra says:

    Look at the glow around Hila natural beauty

  8. Shayla Pavone says:

    Contrary to popular belief, Ethan seems like an amazing husband/father

  9. No homo Tho says:

    1:36 look at hilas face when Ethan talks good about her?

  10. CosmicSamurai says:

    “It felt heavy… but now… it feels like real heavy”

    Gotta admit. U got me on the first half.

  11. Bruno Buinier says:

    Congratulations man!? I’m so happy to see Lil Papa Theodore

  12. Chandler Whitchurch says:

    I appreciate Hila being honest about childbirth. Lord knows not many people are

    • krishnavamsiii says:

      +Kevin Cutter It’s the other way around. Religious people always let everyone know they’re religious by talking about God lol.

    • Shen Shoois says:

      krishnavamsiii but… no one brought up religion until you? it’s just a saying bruh, ur clearly too sensitive

    • krishnavamsiii says:

      +Shen Shoois Believing in God is 99% of the time being religious and some people always bring up God in everything they say lmao. I hope just once they talk straight and not talk about the LoRd

    • Apexeonu says:

      +krishnavamsiii dude there’s basically no need to stir up a negative conversation, she was talking abt something else already. If you wanna debate n shit, go do it in a video specified for atheism and religion. Not in a fkin video where people are celebrating something, there’s no need for that man :/

    • Zakk says:

      krishnavamsiii how’s eighth grade going for you?

  13. NGL says:

    Ethan: *RICH*
    Hila: *PARENTS*

  14. Allen Lopez says:

    Wow. What an amazing season finale. Way better than Game of Thrones.

  15. Colbion says:

    Shoulda called it “Daddy’s first breast-pump”. lol

  16. Jules Laskovich says:

    Ethan was OFFENDED Hila even joked about dying. His passion for her really showed there ♥️

  17. abbie says:

    hila: is in labor
    the doctor: great moves hila, keep it up, proud of you

  18. pohmakas33 says:

    so this video confirms, ethan has SMASHED at least ONCE

  19. I'm Definatly A Girl says:

    They met in a holacaust meusum
    The due date is D-Day


  20. Trent Blackshire says:

    No one:

    Prank Invasion: WHAT UP INVADERS!!!! Today is mommy makeout day but while they’re giving birth. Let’s see how this goes guys.

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