Our Wedding Story💍🤍

Our Wedding Story💍🤍


Hey everyone, its Mrs. Bencivengo here! It’s been a very exciting and crazy week with my boyfriend, fiancé, and now husband @Nick Bencivengo We love all of the words of encouragement, support and unconditional love, it means the world to us. Hope you enjoy our Q&A about our wedding!

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Symonne Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4mdAi7Oi5nd90JWPtY2ExX?si=EPO6yV-pSRu8jvljfcxo2Q

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Nick Bencivengo: https://www.youtube.com/c/NickBencivengo

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39 Responses

  1. Symonne Harrison says:

    Hey everyone, Mrs. Bencivengo here! I hope all of you are excited to hear about all the awesome things that happened this past week and in this Q&A we are going to share a lot of details..so much to talk about! Thanks for all the love ands support!

  2. Rhiannon Arnold says:

    I was so shocked at first. I am so so happy for you guys but it’s just like I can’t believe you guys got married so young but I’m so excited for y’all

  3. Cillian Horgan says:

    I love how Symonne could do so many amazing things (and she does) with her flexibility and instead she chooses to make wonderful content for all of us

  4. Grace says:

    I remember when you guys meet and i said to myself “they will spend the rest of their lives with each other” and now you guys are married! Sending lots of love!♡♡♡

  5. Bella Hancock says:

    I hope you guys live happily every after together like a fairy tale I know nick is gonna make you the happiest girls in the world I wish you the best of luck congrats we love you symonne

  6. Nick Bencivengo says:

    have you watched our engagement & marriage videos yet?

  7. lucy_little-panda says:

    i remember the day you guys started off as crushes, and the day you became official, I was so excited, but now I’m even more excited! I can’t believe this, I’m so happy for you guys i love you guys

    • fun dude says:

      @Krystal Snowdon you get your marriage certificate and license in the state that you get married in so if you get married in Nevada which they did you need a marriage license from the state of Nevada which they cannot legally obtain

      It’s much easier to get a marriage license as a minor in California but they would have had to preplanned because it buyers Court approval which means that needs to be consent forms by both parties involved and the minors parents.

    • Krystal Snowdon says:

      @fun dude sorry I’m not from America so I wasn’t sure what state Las Vegas was in

    • fun dude says:

      @Krystal Snowdon it’s fine honestly it’s super confusing.

    • Idontgiveaslythershit🖤🐍 says:

      @Frank Castle ok but if we wanna watch then we can can watch it you don’t want to watch it so why r u even in this comment section

    • Frank Castle says:

      @Idontgiveaslythershit🖤🐍 to expose fake crap.

  8. niyathi bandi says:

    6:53 where the answer the general questions, if they’re too young, if it’s a prank, and if their families were supportive ✨

  9. Payton Farar says:

    Im glad that you’re going to have a bigger wedding later that you like actually get to plan and I understand why you did it, this is an amazing journey for you and im so happy for you guys! If you love each other and Know fs you’re spending the rest of your lives together why don’t feel more official for yourselves and something super special for just you, I think it was really beautiful and ILY guys sm I hope to see more of your journey and lives together in the future and can’t wait to see what you have planned/ coming up <3

  10. Sadnesday says:

    I was so expecting this to be pranks. But now I am really happy that it’s real! *Congratulations* to you both ❤. I am so very happy for you guys and I honestly think you guys are inspiration for others. Marriage is a big commitment and it shows how matured you both have become. No matter how people try to stigmatize your wedding I believe the only thing that matters is your happiness. I full on support your decisions and hope the future brings amazing things for you both.

  11. bawi says:

    why get married old when u can get married young I mean u gotta see how long a relationship with ur bf/gf last if it doesn’t break up

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