Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares

Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares

Things get out of hand in the kitchen as the owner snaps and manhandles his own staff.
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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Man says:

    not first

  2. Kimi Räikkönen says:

    He needs help

    Hello my name is NINOOOOO How may I help you?

  3. Márk Veróck says:


  4. IcYGodZ says:

    This reminds me of the krusty krab

  5. D3 Pulse says:

    Under 1k squad

  6. Coffee Pot Productions says:

    Lamb Sauce
    Fuck me
    Fwank is a wazy cook
    Idiot Sandwich
    You donkey
    What is that

    Ok, so now that’s out of the way, I can watch the video properly

  7. Upstate Backlashing says:

    “It shouldn’t happen, but it does happen”. That sounds kinda like me getting a girlfriend

  8. Internet Pirate. says:

    The channel that never click baits.

  9. MatthewP64 says:

    Any restaurant that doesn’t have Nino sucks ass!

  10. Johnny Gonzalez says:

    Meanwhile in Earth 2…..
    Gordon:Is the soup frozen?
    Owner: No, it’s fresh.
    Gordon: Fuck me!

  11. doogi says:

    feel sorry for that older asian chef, being put through all of this bullshit for no reason

  12. MikeTheBeastsVideos says:

    Is it just me or are people getting sick of the NINO jokes?

  13. Zorayzero says:

    Everytime I see a ” *N I N O* “, “Lamb Sauce”, or “RAW” meme I lose a brain cell.

  14. Raging Rens says:

    I think Michael drank too much FUCKING LAMB SAUCE.

  15. Trickyyyxx says:

    *Micheal is not moving, trying to calm down*
    “Stop it Micheal, stop it Micheal” *mom shoves him*

    like what the fuck, he’s trying to chill, why is your shrill voice telling him to stop and why’re you pushing him

  16. Ervan Gania says:

    Please stop with the Nino comments…..please

  17. swagBuddy says:

    Argh clickbait, I expect real RAW fight

  18. Gary Phillipo says:

    Fuck me

  19. Parhy says:

    Didn’t know emo spiderman opened a restaurant.

  20. Dana Yumikun says:

    I love it when chef tells me to take a big deep breath.

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