‘Outer Banks’ Cast Test How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair

‘Outer Banks’ Cast Test How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair

The cast of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ test who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. They’ve filmed three seasons together, but how much do they really know about each other? Who is most likely to be drinking natural wine during their time off from work? What’s Jonathan’s favorite TV show of all time? Who plays the harmonica?! Can anyone keep track of how many tattoos Chase has?

Season 3 of Outer Banks is available to stream on Netflix beginning February 23.

Director: Funmi Sunmonu
Director of Photography: AJ Young
Editor: Cory Stevens
Celebrity Talent: Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Calacia Grant, Austin North, Rudy Pankow, Drew Starkey, Chase Stokes
Line Producer: Romeeka Powell
Associate Producer: Emebeit Beyene
Production Managers: Kevin Balash and Andressa Pelachi
Camera Operators: Shay Eberle-Gunst
Talent Booker: Paige Garbarini
Audio: Kari Barber and Paul Cornett
Set Design: Sage Griffin
Post Production Supervisor: Edward Taylor
Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward
Production Assistants: Fernando Barajas and Marquis Wooten

00:00 The Vanity Fair Game Show!
00:28 Madelyn
01:51 Drew
03:18 Jonathan
05:13 Rudy
06:16 Austin
07:42 Madison
09:12 Carlacia
10:23 Chase
11:15 And the winner is…

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31 Responses

  1. Sophia de Oliveira says:

    I Love Madison soooo much, she’s so funny

  2. Amulya Sharon says:

    they’re all so supportive of each other. its chaotic but i love it

  3. KPOV says:

    After watching this it appears Madelyn and Austin are really good friends. Love to see it. I hate topper but love Austin

    • KPOV says:

      @MikiMouseMan  Rafe has always been amazing and a powerful villain with Drew being an awesome actor. Austin is one of my favorites it’s just unfortunately Topper didn’t get much of a character except being a douche and obsessing over Sarah.

    • Shawna Janae says:

      @MikiMouseMan ….

    • Vanity Fair Giveaway says:

      👆👆thank you for watching Wow Congratulations🎊🎊
      You have been selected among my ongoing giveaway 🎁 winners me telegram

    • MikiMouseMan says:

      Tops a good character, when you’re older you appreciate the character development of characters and the acting. Loved Rafe this season Drew’s acting is amazing

  4. Kate_Kints says:

    Madison and JD having best friendship is my fav thing along with chase

  5. RHLM says:

    I love how chase knows all the answers to Madelyn and she knows all the answers to him but they both stay quiet🤣

  6. Sydney Kong says:

    “I thought Christmas was over and then I go in the basement and there’s a bouncy house” LMAOOOO DEADDD

  7. Kristina says:

    I watched the whole season in one day … I NEED season 4

  8. integrity says:

    is it just me who binge watching all they’re interviews since s3 cause you already missing obx and want a new season already

  9. Euph0ericc says:

    JD and madison know each other so well they are so cute

  10. ipehh says:

    i think this one might be the best interview of them. the whole squad here, and they’re seems to be enjoying the game. Love them 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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