Over 100 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In US; More Deaths In Washington State | TODAY

Over 100 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In US; More Deaths In Washington State | TODAY

Four more coronavirus deaths have been confirmed in Washington state, bringing the total to six; in all, more than 100 U.S. coronavirus cases have been confirmed, a number that could rise dramatically as tests are conducted. NBC’s Tom Costello reports from Johns Hopkins-Sibley Emergency Room’ in Washington D.C.
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Over 100 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In US; More Deaths In Washington State | TODAY

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96 Responses

  1. The Medical Alecca Show says:

    Manhattan the new vertical cruise ship

    • Survival prepping for normal people says:

      Absolutely right

    • 4Fixerdave says:

      So, I did the math: The Diamond Princess ship is 330m long, 47m wide (at best). That makes it 0.01551 km2 with 2666 passengers. That’s 171,889 people per km2 (not even counting the crew)… for how many days? For comparison: New York: 10,712 people per km2 Wuhan about 7,198 people per km2 The Tokyo area is 6,158 per. So, yeah, NY is pretty high density as cities go, but nowhere near cruise ships.

    • The Medical Alecca Show says:

      4Fixerdave The way you’re putting it. It’s going to be a nightmare.

  2. Commando602 says:

    Death rate looks to be a little high. They are not testing anyone unless they are on their death bed with flu like symptoms it seems. There’s probably hundreds if not thousands of covid-19 cases on U.S. soil but we will never know the real numbers.

    • Ashley Glenn says:

      More like they havent been testing people and anyone whos died from this disease cod was labeled flu or viral pneumonia. 100%

    • Ashley Glenn says:

      Does no one think we should be looking at the death rate of the diamond princess? Thats the only accurate numbers we really have and its nearly 10% with very few recovered. They have been sick for weeks

    • Natascha Craft says:

      @Amy Bottoms they need to undo somehow with the test cost…or lower it a lot.

    • CanIGetAManager says:

      Death rate is at 3% and most deaths are old people with weak immune systems

  3. Jack Crowley says:

    “Underlying health issues” means anyone with any of these: Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, morbid obesity, chronic allergies will see ICU. Hmmm that’s 90% of US.

  4. Mike Mendez says:

    If they are not effective why do healthcare and hospitals want them for

    • Talayar Mein says:

      @urmaker Haha, No. Not because you said it makes no sense, but because you didn’t bother to not understand my statement. By the way, you don’t have to include It unless it’s meant to start the structure of a sentence in any particular way.

    • Talayar Mein says:

      @urmaker And if it is true, that you’re disabled. Then it makes no sense to correct me when Im actually right. I pity you for your envy.

    • urmaker says:

      @Talayar Mein I literally corrected you on the fact the virus won’t help people not infected. That is a fact. Stop being so defensive. Lol If the virus did nothing to prevent infection then more medical staff would have it. 😉
      Yes, they need it more than the average healthy adult, but it still does help prevent infection. I had masks long before all this due to my issues.

    • Talayar Mein says:

      @urmaker Playing the devil’s advocate won’t help you change your previous statement. By the way, you didn’t even correct me on anything, let me be more clear, YOU DIDN’T EVEN CORRECT ANYTHING. Because I was responding to people who literally thought doctors are being selfish or foolishly don’t understand what mask are used for. Then you came in without any reason that doesn’t have to do with the topic.

    • Xyrius D says:

      I know it’s like saying why do cancer patients wear masks if it’s not effective in protecting a person from breathing in a virus?

  5. Theresa Courter says:

    So if its not a good protective barrier why is policemen wearing them if the policemen are wearing them so am I it’s my money I’ll pay for them thank you

    • m j says:

      Verry good Same as that family first

    • Joe Monroe says:

      @Sky Robin Why aren’t they prepared? Is that our fault?

    • God Killer says:

      Mask are useless against this virus it only prevent the airborne part doesn’t prevent nothing else. It can easily go through the eyes if detected on range of a sneeze or cough. Its been known how contagious it is.

    • Joe Monroe says:

      @God Killer Wear a mask and goggles.

    • Theresa Courter says:

      That is why I prepared ahead of time and got goggles head cover the whole nine yards for my family over a year ago if the CEOs of the hospitals in this country cannot prepare for emergency medical emergencies I’m sorry this little housewife can

  6. candice rizzo says:

    That is the smartest move and I hope All schools take what Miami schools are doing and prepare the same way.

    • candice rizzo says:

      As a parent and aunt with my son and my nephew having RSV as babys they are always predisposition to having lung problems my nephew worse than my son ended up with severe asthma even something as simple as a cold sends him into the hospital with nebulizer treatments and prednisone and look at how many children are in our schools have diabetes and other underlying health conditions that could seriously make them more susceptible to becoming extremely ill from this virus as parents this is not some paranoid delusion you hear about people dying from this virus because they have underlying health conditions and these children are some of the most vulnerable.

    • persephone Bast says:

      @Taz nmc I think it is, too. And our school still hasn’t closed. We are 25 miles out and that town that closed is the closest place to get groceries, so many from our town go out there, us included to shop. It’s easily here, too.

    • Taz nmc says:

      @persephone Bast innerstates panic before other states do, I think it’s because all the hurricanes the new reports and nothing ever happens, if people stock up now they will have to do it again during hurricane season, I wish they would just sound the alarms and press the red button already, before it spreads.

    • Lisa Jean says:

      persephone Bast a lot of schools across the country have closed for the flu. It has just been a bad year for it. I work in a school. We didn’t close, but we had a few weeks where we had a large number of students absent with the flu. Many of these were tested. Once a school gets to a certain percentage absent, they have to close.

    • Legends Never Die says:

      My school in Manatee County is doing nothing about it besides extra hand sanitizer. My school are idiots.

  7. 1Me says:

    No kissing you say. Sadly that’s totally covered 🙂

  8. Gamebred says:

    Why would a HEALTHCARE worker be taking international flights during an epidemic?! Zero brain cells in their head or what?

    • Harshit says:

      Maybe the worker already knew. He/she was terrified and tried to run away not realizing how dangerous it was.

    • charv x says:

      Thing is, they believe they will not get infected. That the virus won’t get them. That said, they underestimate how contagious it is. Even professionals get infected despite masks and precautions.

    • Legends Never Die says:

      I heard that the coronavirus can’t get you if you watch all the seasons of My Little Pony in one sitting.

    • Nicole A says:

      TKO Brosnan it will be too late once people start taking this seriously.

    • Jarin Akther says:

      Its called America people don’t have brains 🤦‍♀️ well come to the new world 🥳🎉

  9. Isaiah Martian says:

    I’m pretty sure masks protect against standard and droplet precautions

    • THE GREAT JUEBABY T.G.J Gaming Channel says:

      @Frank Castle id rather use a mask that fits comfortably on my face because i work hard to get what they call a pay check so then i can use set assets that i need for my wellbeing so beings there’s a airborne virus that i can easily catch im a buy a mask that fits perfectly to protect my wellbeing

    • Frank Castle says:

      @THE GREAT JUEBABY T.G.J Gaming Channel a bandana is more comfortable than a mask

    • Myeloid Cells says:

      The mask wearing creates anxiety and that in turn creates a potential for panic.

    • HadesDisciple YT says:

      THE GREAT JUEBABY T.G.J Gaming Channel lmfao

    • Nameless says:

      @THE GREAT JUEBABY T.G.J Gaming Channel They won’t do anything unless you have goggles too lol

  10. Ideoform Sun says:

    I think maybe this virus has already spread asymptomatically during the holidays.

  11. Plague says:

    If you guys had ban all travelling this wouldn’t have escalated

    • Dang says:

      You know the side that says everything is racist would shout its racist to stop immigrants from coming in even from highly infected countries.

    • Linda Norton says:

      Plague China is the only one doing anything, they have closed down just about everything, and the Oriental community have been wearing masks for years when they travel. Why is this country so racist. maybe this virus came from China so now we hate China. 911 happened and we r suppose to hate all Muslims? When we had the Hong Kong flu did we hate Hong Kong? HIV happened we hated Africa & gays. What is wrong with this country did it ever occur 2 anyone China was set up by N. Korea or Russia or even the USA. We all have chemical weapons. Maybe this is one of them.

    • Mario Perez says:

      Memcha Laishram it’s not the chinese fault man.

  12. FreeSpeech FreeSpeech. says:

    Remmber 2 or 3 others have got the viruse for every known case.so if 100 confirmed cases .means anothe 200 to 300 have got it walking about spreading it.

  13. Soso Melodies says:

    “Stop buying masks”?
    “They’re not effective”?
    LOL. Bunch of idots.

    • Nameless says:

      @sue b They are effective when used in conjunction with eye protection. Most people aren’t using that, just the mask, hence useless

    • Natascha Craft says:

      no they need the masks themselves for the hospitals etc. not idiots they know what they are doing.

    • Sol Kaz says:

      Tiny virus droplets can stick to dust particles that can be blown airborne into your eyes; so you need goggles too.

    • Henry Bittle says:

      @Lynnette Broussard Paint respirators with a pre filter. They have to fit correctly. Lol so lynnette if you have a beard, like me you need to shave so it seals good. Your eyes need protected also. Military, trained in NBCW

    • CanIGetAManager says:


  14. DKsaNn Kat says:

    If they would’ve stopped traveling from the beginning WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS MESS!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • DKsaNn Kat says:

      @Buknoychii Fiocchii well if I was over there I wouldnt think of traveling and risk of spreading it

    • DKsaNn Kat says:

      @Richard Andrews it was easy. They barely restricted travel from the first month, all they did was put more screenings up and the health officials just said “we’re thinking about shutting down travel” but never did. So yes it is that easy

    • DKsaNn Kat says:

      @Anastasia Zoldak ikr. Dumb Democrats always thinking politically when theres a crisis 🤦‍♂️

    • SabrinaLoveXoXo1993 says:

      DKsaNn Kat the government created this virus

  15. vcd1995 says:

    A lot of stupid going on in the comments.

    • Alkalite says:

      Lol, yep. Coronavirus overhyped.

    • Teck Rylee says:

      @Alkalite when has the flu or pneumonia ever shut down an entire country China is completely shut down no travel in people not going to work streets are empty the economy is collapsing over there they’ve already lost hundreds of billions of dollars and that’s over hyped

  16. M Scott says:

    The US isn’t testing ENOUGH! Don’t take these confirmed numbers seriously. There are likely HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS more.

    • Poached_Whale Bruh says:

      M Scott yeah i mean they are probably hiding the true statistics to keep people calm. also these are only confirmed cases and the welling period of it is 24 days so you could have it for 24 days and not even know

    • S h o n n n n n a says:

      Definitely thousands. Seven people in my chemistry class were out with the flu.

    • Wazir says:

      Scott yer a joke men, Just to bring one thing in yer attention,, Is there any person, any person, 1 person, you knew who traveled to China, S.korea, Italy and Iran who wasn’t confirmed positive, please let me know? Younger people’s don’t develop the symptoms right away and they get through the screening process in place at Airports, It doesn’t mean that they aren’t infected. They are sending positive tested people back into the communities telling them to self isolate. It’s an Airborne Infection, it’s in air, water, soil, literally everything it came across,, it is spreading through sewer systems, Chinese even spraying inside sewer systems too, why you think they disinfecting Airports, Hospitals, even whole towns and cities in China?? Why??? They just don’t want to panic people, They’re still trying to figure out how virus is spreading at that pace..

    • Volt HQ says:

      @M Scott Well, I mean the Corona virus so far has spread faster then epidemics and currently is almost considered a pandemic by health standards. That’s the worry part

    • Armando Sanchez says:

      Natascha Craft Just in case you don’t know what I mean , is hoarding food , plugging up hospitals, medical and medicine prices go up , there are many ways people panic but rarely street running

  17. Atlanta Guns says:

    Hey don’t buy masks they are useless…also we need those masks for doctors and nurses….


    How dumb do they think the public is?!

  18. Perilous says:

    We all already have it but we haven’t showed symptoms yet.

  19. FL says:

    “Mask is not effective.”

    Good luck American

  20. Hugh Vupy says:

    What about the 40 year old male that passed? He clearly isnt “elderly”. Does anyone know if he was healthy or had underlying health issues?

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