Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

This is Over Complicated Life Hacks, Hot Glue Edition- where we’ll provide you with unconventional solutions to common problems using HOT GLUE! From a DIY fly swatter to making your own sandals, our complicated hot glue methods are sure to satisfy.
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33 Responses

  1. Household Hacker says:


  2. Maria Øverland says:

    Just think of a child Who wants to make a pair of hot glue slippers and then he accidentally glues himself to the floor😂😂

  3. Mind Of Will says:

    For when you don’t want to do anything but still say you were productive today

  4. Abigail Cruz says:

    I can’t tell if these are jokes or just really dumb

  5. Sammy patterson says:

    I’ve loved House hold hacker. I’ve just been shy to comment. I really like your vids. If you reply or like this comment it would make my day. Btw. When my keyboard key broke. I lost my J key. When I needed to type j I used to stick a pencil in the hole. Have a good day. Xoxo Sammy.

  6. TheRebornDog says:

    It wouldnt be a life hack without hot glue

  7. Alida Boettcher says:

    After replacing the key you will get a free line of ants coming to collect food.

  8. Jon Polley says:

    You replaced the Y when the T was missing 🙁

  9. Badusername2000 says:

    I love that this series is just throwing shade at all the other ridiculous life hack channels that post absolutely useless life hacks.

  10. Boi says:

    Is glue okay?

  11. MsKestrela says:


  12. Nathan J says:

    I like to sunbathe but i hate using sunscreen , any tips?

    • Top Text Bottom Text says:

      Set up a pane of dark stained glasd above you to limit the amount of UV rays hitting you while still maintaining a nice sunbathing feeling

  13. TBX SRK9F says:

    oh. i love how istead of fixing everything, you guys just made an entirely new flip-flop out of hot glue. nice.

  14. ItzBomber says:

    Diy 3d printer pen *USED GLUEGUN*

  15. SomeRandomGuyInYoutube #IKissedAGirlAndILikedIt says:

    Whats next? Chairs of glue?

  16. erica says:

    bruh you just invented 3d printing

  17. Meme Boi says:

    Now I want to see a hot glue shoe

  18. Asna Akram says:

    I love how for the shoe you could have hot glued the shoe back together U DO AN AMAZING JOB

  19. Topsy Turvy says:

    I love the over complicated life hacks series!

  20. Yeach says:

    im so lonely

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