Overloading the Game So Hard It Takes 2.5 Hours to Load – Hydroneer

Overloading the Game So Hard It Takes 2.5 Hours to Load – Hydroneer

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Overloading the Game So Hard It Takes 2.5 Hours to Load – Hydroneer – Let’s Game It Out

Check it out on Steam ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/1106840/Hydroneer/

More about Hydroneer (from Steam):

Hydroneer is a mining sandbox game where you dig for gold and other resources to build massive mining machines and a base of operation. Use primitive tools, hydro-powered machines, and player-built structures to dig and evolve your operation in this tycoon-style progression system.
Dig Deep!

Using a state-of-the-art voxel based terrain system, you can create cave networks, quarry pits, or even mud mountains. Discover relics of the past in the depths of Hydroneer, with better rewards the deeper you dig.

Forge, Build, and Create!
Hydroneer features a dynamic modular system for building structures and hydro powered machinery. Create the base of operations from your own design to optimise your work. Create networks of hydro pipes, control pressure. Craft resources, weaponry, jewellery, grow vegetables, and cook soup for villagers.

Hydro Powered Vehicles
Large hydro powered machines used for a variety of uses, from digging resources and finding ore veins, to transporting goods.

Explore the World of Hydroneer
Various parcels of land await you in the world of Hydroneer, each with their own advantages. Deeper pits, attractive scenery, and closer stores. You decide where to build your base of operations.

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34 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    All aboard the Honkai: Star Rail! Download here: https://hoyo.link/45jbCLAd

  2. Leo says:

    I love how he’s become such a menace and breaks the game so often that the devs literally put a bounty on him

  3. Anub1s says:

    Josh: *manages to break equipment limit*

    Devs watching: Son of a- raise his bounty now.

  4. George says:

    I always complained that Josh only uploads once or twice a month,but now I realise he spends like a billion years on each video so… keep it up Josh

  5. Snake Man448 says:

    No matter how many patches, Josh always finds a way to steal.

  6. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Josh: Opens a game…

    Every game developer within a 3 mile radius: I sense a disturbance in the force

  7. Crashing Potato Games says:

    Imagine the love/hate relationship the game devs must have with Josh.

  8. Tanner Arychuk says:

    “No one man should wield this much power over dirt” *yeets the wand into Mt.Doom*

  9. Aurora says:

    It’s hilarious how much pride Josh has in the sign that says he’s an evil that must be vanquished

  10. Dirtiest Dan says:

    I like to think that the media consultant for hydroneer has a “let’s game it out” button on their desk and when you upload a new video on the game they press it and all the led devs for the game get called into one room to see what you broke this time

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