Overnight in the World’s Loneliest House

Overnight in the World’s Loneliest House

today I explore the loneliest house in the world. coolest experience of my life 🤠🌊

contact ragnar: ragnarjohann@gmail.com

24 hours in the most lonely house in the world. some people think a billionaire built it in case of a zombie apocalypse. but no one really knows why it’s here. until now. (thanks to some nice iceland guys)

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48 Responses

  1. Chris Hau says:

    DUDE YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD STORY TELLER. Frig I was laughing so much too. GREAT VIDEO!

  2. WillNE says:

    oh this is a humongous banger

  3. Infamous Swoosh says:

    ur killing it man keep it up

  4. Antonio Pican says:

    This vlog was insane! I died laughing 🤣

  5. yikes says:

    he may be physically 5’8″…

    but he’s 6’4″ in spirit

  6. _JeremyH says:

    Title: Overnight in the World’s Loneliest House

    Reality: Staying with Bjarni and Ragnar 💪💪

  7. MARKO says:

    Great video

  8. Airrack says:

    Ryan trying to secretly tell us he’s tall at 0:06 🥲

  9. Ryan Trahan says:

    Bjarni says he’ll make jusy steak for everyone who subscribes 🥩😭

  10. Cody Buffinton says:

    This is the house I imagine you make when you start a new Minecraft survival world

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