Overnight Mountain Train Trip (VIA Rail)

Overnight Mountain Train Trip (VIA Rail)

I went back to visit family for the holidays and decided to take the train. It has been on my bucket list for a while and I found a great deal. We took the VIA Rail train departing from Vancouver and arriving outside of Edmonton.

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  1. Steve Wallis says:

    Oh, I forgot to explain the black eye haha. For those that haven’t seen on Facebook or Instagram I slipped on the ice and smashed my head pretty bad. Wish it was a better story, but it’s all healed up now. I’m overdue for some stealth camping so I’ve got one planned next if all goes well. Cheers!

  2. Hospicefor Plants says:

    May we all have a “ crazy neighbor “ during our darkest days ❤️

  3. Grey Mann Shed says:

    I was smiling all the way through that video. What an adventure! Would love to do the sleeper train when I finally make it to Canada. Glad you had an amazing time ☺️

    • tracy thompson says:

      I did the this train from Toronto to Vancouver in the spring. It was fantastic. I had a room with a fold down bed. The scenery was amazing and so was the food. When you’re stopped at night it’s usually to let a freight train by. I do love train travel and used trains often.

    • Today's World says:

      Me too!! 😀 right from the brilliant staff guys at the beginning, hope they’ve commented 😂 Looked like an absolutely amazing trip, can’t wait for the return 😀👍

  4. Khakoo says:

    Thank you for sharing these adventures with us, and what a treat to witness your first train ride! This was even more fascinating because I’m researching for my first trip to Canada and want to include railways. Those trains looked so luxurious inside! We can’t offer quite such spectacular scenery in the UK, nor are the trains as fancy, but if you like tunnels so much come over and ride Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel.

    • Khakoo says:

      @Lauralee Owens Passenger railways are sadly lacking in the US but I like the regional air coverage, my favourites used fantastic little twin turboprop “puddle jumpers”. Canada seems to have some decent rail infrastructure in Steve’s vicinity, which is where I want to go for the mountains. I haven’t spent much time in East Anglia, prefer hilly terrain (flat landscape is also my only dislike about living in London). However, one of my fondest memories is a family boating holiday on the waterways of the Norfolk Broads in the late 70s, chugging along and mooring up somewhere different every night. Even vividly recall going to a theatre in Norwich for which my mother still has a programme and newspaper advert. If you decide to visit Dover again you can now admire the enormous queues of lorries caused by shooting ourselves in the face with Brexit.

    • Lauralee Owens says:

      I remember taking a train from London to Dover, I believe back in the early 80’s when my late husband was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in USAFE, before the Chunnel was even built. The cliffs of Dover were incredibly beautiful! It was the only one I had ever been on until years later with my daughter in Italy from Florence to Venice when she studied abroad there. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot in my old age (62) and I still miss the 3 years I spent in East Anglia! I can’t wait until after my grandbaby is born and my daughter and her family can finally go visit England together where her dad and I lived. She’s 36 now and has often told me she wished I had her while we lived in the UK.

  5. drklydrmng says:

    I love the idea of an Adventures with Steve series.

  6. Julia Red says:

    Your onto something Steve. This travel episode was pretty cool. Wouldn’t mind seeing more stuff like this!

    • Chris Strickland says:

      Yes him and crazy neighbor have this chemistry and I enjoyed the videos more when they’re together and I wish that they would do more stuff like this. I don’t know crazy neighbors life but it would be interesting to see him and Steve travel the entire world together.

    • GIBBO4182 says:

      Try a channel called Trek Trendy

    • Brown Trout says:

      Absolutely. There are a few bucket list train journeys here in Australia. The Ghan an The Indian Pacific trains are justtwo.

    • MB D says:

      Yes. It was great. And, it’s nice to see Steve in some comfort for a change. He needs a little less hardship just now.

    • tubularAp says:

      Agree. Travelling with Steve.

  7. George Dobinson says:

    I don’t know whether this is reality or whether I’m just paying a bit more attention, but since beautiful wife passed on, the comment section seems to be absolutely blowing up. You’ve got a community of people who love you and want you to be happy

  8. Charlene Ortiz Lifestyle and Fitness says:

    This video made me cry. I can’t imagine how badly you wished your beautiful wife was there experiencing this with you. I love that instead of isolating yourself into a deep depression you’re living your life exactly how your beautiful wife would want you to. To be honest if I ever lost my husband I don’t know if I’d be able to function at all. I know she is there with you in spirit everywhere you go.

  9. Verlisify says:

    Man, Steve is saying some powerful things and taking powerful actions as he moves on. What a strong and inspiring dude

  10. Kieran Hewitt says:

    I wish our trains in the UK were like that. Not much to look at but would love to see the countryside/trees from more window angles instead of small fixed windows on the sides. It feels like a futuristic movie seeing those scenes in this video. I’m so glad you finally got to do this, especially in memory of your beloved. Safe journeys as always Steve. Been following your journey and catching up on your previous ones for the last few months now. Never been more proud of you.

    • Joe Denham says:

      I spent a month using these kind of trains (I’m from UK) and it was absolutely glorious. Completely unusable for anything other than leisure; I actually had one train come in almost 24 hours late. From what I understand Canadians and Americans are so used to flying given the size of their countries that paying to travel somewhere 10 x more slowly is inconceivable. I did long journeys by train one way and flew the returns. Wouldn’t have swapped those train journeys for anything

    • Daniel says:

      Trust me, you don’t wish to have trains like “that”. 😂

      Canada is third world country in many aspects, that includes trains and train system. If it’s not non-existent than it’s awful. Including this ride, you pay fortune to ride 24h 1000km at best.

    • Levi Dobbin says:

      They make up for how nice they are by the schedules generally sucking, only have the odd station here and there, and costing a decent chunk more than driving most of the time sadly.

    • C J says:

      Do some more Scottish journeys, there’s generally a lot more to look at 🙂 But I agree I’d love to try one of these kind of beasts that Steve is riding in.

    • Scots says:

      I think the inverness to Kyle line had a caboose style coach 👍. Prob is the loading gauge is the UK is smaller. UK lines just dont have the clearance.

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