Overpowered Villains (again)

Overpowered Villains (again)

When “as long as I can” is like 5 seconds tops

Oddwin – 19

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  1. The Thought Machine says:

    Side character: “I’ll hold him off as long as I can”

    *Villain exhales*

    *Side character is dead*

  2. xd Spiderz says:

    Random ass side hero: “I’ll hold him off for as long as I can”

    *2 seconds later*

    Random ass side hero: “DAMN”

  3. DCdabest says:

    I like how there’s a whole dress coding for these skits. The black hoodie is always the villian

  4. Kira Bites Za Dusto says:

    Plot twist: That villain is the main character and those are the minions realising he’s over powered

  5. Jiren in your recommendations says:

    You’re not considered op unless you survive the main protagonist’s punches after he says his inspirational speech

  6. Umar Ashraf says:

    I expected the red guy to be banged to the wall, dying and saying ” RUN JERMAINE RUNNNNN”

  7. Rahsaan says:

    The protagonist should of kept moving after that loud ass “DAMN”😂

  8. Zexplxy says:

    “I’ll hold him off as long as I can”

    2 seconds later: Folding noises

  9. 1 Sub Before 2021? says:

    *Who else want to see “Overpowered villain vs overpowered protagonist.”*

  10. Chris says:

    Ally: I’ll hold him off as long as I can

    Also Ally: *Dies immediately*

  11. Asa Kura says:

    Heaven Ascended Dio be like:
    *”I haven’t even blinked.”*

    • The Reaper says:

      Go get a life loser instead getting mad at people for liking anime.

    • Jaylon Mcmillan says:

      Nasir Weston Stop bringing your toxicity around here smh

    • mohammed sarker says:

      @Nasir Weston you know by associating yourself with hoo, however tangentially… you have technically transformed into a Jojo reference yourself lmao. You’re one with the meme, there is no escape for you now

    • The odd TRASH CAN says:

      Nasir Weston oh wow you’re soooo “right” how about you get a life I don’t like jojo but I don’t complain

    • Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade says:

      Not even GER can do shit if only it’s the same stand as Star Platinum

  12. Mike Jeger says:

    Hero: *Attacking Villain in the entire of time*

    Villain: “I am *INVINCIBLE*

  13. Verrückter Leon says:

    Main Character: *Finally beats Villain*
    also Main Character: *Lets Villain live*

    • DarkFoxKirin ! says:

      Why is it when the villain isn’t good, they let them live, but the good villains that come around on their own gotta die!?!?

    • TheFandrian says:

      @DarkFoxKirin ! cuz itz plot!!! But for real tho it’s annoying that they just gave the villains sad backstories to sympathize with their actions. Why not create a villain that has no i got hurted as a child trope in them

    • San says:

      @TheFandrian well, there is a lot of those, most of marvel villains barely even have backstories, or others like meruem, light yagami, fire lord ozai, Boros, All for one, and even in naruto, like orochimaru, madara, zabuza, danzou didn’t have this “i got hurted when a child” past

  14. MiA- i Love Sex TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    Random side hero: “I’ll hold him off as long as I can.”

    Jermaine: “Ight imma head out.”

  15. Chris Hudson says:

    Villian: Didn’t even flinch

    *Jermaine: Where are Minions when we need them*

  16. Sonny says:

    Hero: *Gives it everything he has*

    OP Villain: _Y u gotta insult me do u think I’m stupit?_

  17. Aymen Taher says:

    “I like how he does his comedy stuff single handily”!!!

  18. Jinroz Zibeon says:

    The last thing you see before death: Overpowered villain running at you with a katana.

  19. Moyuto says:

    **5 episodes later**

    Main character: “i have trained alot, i will destroy you now!!”

    Villian: “WOHAHAHA, sure.”

    **villian get destroyed after 2 episodes of fighting + fillers**

  20. Ryan Smith says:

    “He’s too dangerous, I’ll hold him off for as long as I can”

    Jermaine: “Thanks, Yamcha”

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