Overtime with Bill Maher: TPP, Anger Management, Progressive Priorities (HBO)

Overtime with Bill Maher: TPP, Anger Management, Progressive Priorities (HBO)

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Bill Maher and his Real Time panelists – Andrew Sullivan, Rebecca Traister and former Sen. Bob Kerrey – answer viewer questions after the show.

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19 Responses

  1. Mo Bahjat says:

    Where did Bernie Go?

  2. Happy Halloween says:

    There are leaked emails confirming Saudi Arabia provides clandestine
    support to ISIL. America needs to apologize to Russia.

  3. Manny S says:

    TPP allows corporations to sue the govt if they pass a bill that lowers
    their profits. The devil is in the details

  4. Temp User says:

    The senator said it right. It’s unlikely that a 40-year-old miner can
    retrain himself and find a new job in a solar energy company. Democrats
    will not have coal miner’s votes. It’s a price they have to pay to move the
    country forward.

  5. Kempes SFA says:

    Hillary is an outsider because she’s a woman…wow

    Bill Maher is really turning into the left’s Alex Jones, and as such just
    keeps getting opinions from the likes of people who follow TheYoungTurks

    Sorry Bill, you went full retard this year :/

  6. seanmcbay says:

    Bernie should have stayed for this.

  7. Max says:

    Stop bitching about sexism against Hillary. It’s not happening. You just
    want it to happen.

  8. j jay says:

    What do we want to change ? we want a president who is not fucking owned by
    monsanto and the bankers bud

  9. will be my end says:

    Bill Maher, I love your show, but you’re wrong in thinking that America is
    already great and we just have to keep going on the same track. The
    Unemployment rate doesn’t really indicate the type of jobs people have.
    Most people with a college degree are doing jobs that are completely
    unrelated to what they studied because of the 2008 recessions. And while
    Obama did a pretty good job to help us recover, he didn’t do as much as he
    could. Example – TPP.

    The US also continues to support Saudi Arabia and provide them with
    weapons, which they just use for mass genocide in Yemen… Why are we
    getting involved in that war? Why are we giving them billions of dollars
    worth of weapons when our economy isn’t perfect?

    Obama might have had plenty of hurdles in coming up with Obamacare, but had
    he tried for a single payer system immediately after taking office – a time
    when Congress wasn’t controlled by Republicans, and a time when he himself
    was pretty popular, and could have gotten all the required votes – we
    wouldn’t have a broken Obamacare system… I’m not saying that it has to be
    repealed, but it’s far from the one we were promised.

    It’s easy for Bill Maher and his host of rich, white people to say that
    everything is going great, but for the middle class and the poor people,
    plenty of promises were broken.

  10. SauberC10 says:

    This episode just reeks of Clinton cash, pure corrupt propaganda.

    This kind of stuff talked us into the Iraq war, never trust the media they
    always lie and always will.

  11. D Scully says:

    I don’t really think a liberal can be confused about the TPP. There is no
    reason for a liberal or any Leftist, for that matter, to support it. This
    is one of those things that is a sure indicator of whether someone is Right
    or Left.

    The TPP literally favors the concentration of wealth and power, which
    automatically makes it rightwing no matter what other stuff is in it. There
    is no reason to support this.

  12. MrrMuyaagi says:

    The guy in blue is 100% correct on all he said. Being dismissive of his
    points is why Trump is winning.

  13. James Tibbs says:

    Hillary is an outsider hahhahahahaha funniest joke I’ve ever heard

  14. crowesarethebest says:

    Bill Maher is so out of touch with common citizens. The jobs that will be
    created in ‘alternative’ industries will be low paid.

  15. wh0 (Whodeeknee81) says:

    The woman is the only sexist on the stage.

  16. patrick blaze says:

    how annoying is that bitch

  17. jimlaregina says:

    Mr. Maher says, “Things are pretty good?” MOTHERFUCKER, WHERE DO YOU LIVE?
    IT CAN’T BE IN THIS COUNTRY. It took a corrupt D.N.C. to stop Senator
    Sanders, the candidate who understands that and would have had not had
    trouble beating Donald Trump, to force Wall Street stooge/war monger
    Secretary Clinton, who could lose to Trump, on us. BILL, GET OUT OF YOUR

  18. Jack B says:

    Share overtime on your social media. People need to hear this discussion.

  19. Joseph McDermott says:

    This is sooo much better than last week. Bill, please don’t invite someone
    as stupid as Pitbull on again.