Overwatch 2 a Pathetic Preview

Overwatch 2 a Pathetic Preview

Didn’t even add Winston 2. What a joke.

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45 Responses

  1. Vechs says:

    Can’t wait for Riot to release League of Legends 2 with the new 4v4 map that has 2 lanes.

  2. Tom A says:

    we’ve gone from developers making bad sequels, to developers not even making the sequel at all and just slapping a 2 onto it

    • nankink says:

      @choronos Thanks for aknowledging the industry’s issue. There’s a lot of fun new games releasing every time in the indies (and some AAA too! recurring rarity knowadays tho)
      Sadly, the AAA are the spotlight and what makes the industry’s reputation..

    • choronos says:

      @Rick Rhone I haven’t played Elden Ring myself, but I’ve been floored multiple times by the visuals just watching videos about it. It’s amazing how good a video game can look when there’s intelligent art direction behind it. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get to play it, but just based on my observations, I think it’s safe to say that FromSoftware are one of the last bastions of quality in the AAA landscape.

    • the_rabidsquirel says:

      @choronos Agree 100%, indie titles all the way. Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve Together, Factorio, Bastion, and Terraria are all some of my favourite games, phenomenal titles in my opinion.

    • TripppAU says:

      Video games peaked 15 years ago

    • Sparky Spinz says:

      @Vedant this is even worse though. I mean cod releases each year as basically the same game but at least it’s different guns and maps each time on launch. OW2 is like 1 new character and 2 new maps

  3. Shane Coffing says:

    I still think that the fact the ONLY NEW Character ADDED IS A DPS, when there are 7 SUPPORTS IN THE ENTIRE GAME just goes to show how little they care about balance. Especially when one of your 7 supports is basically just a DPS and doesn’t even heal much. You have this crappy role que because you refuse to add more supports in the game. Make supports interesting, que times go down. What they did with tanks is a good start but they need to either do something similar for supports or rework/inject 10 new supports into the game to make it not fail at launch.

    • Ribbon Dye says:

      @johnny bravo Its not that healing is fundementally boring. Ana as a char I feel does healing very well in a fun and engaging way. The problem is that the way most healers do healing is extremely braindead and their kits are overly simplistic with little to do outside of healing.

    • Nas Kas says:

      @Kyle Z they have 6 new dps characters planned at launch*

    • Ribbon Dye says:

      @Kyle Z 4 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Healer probably.

    • johnny bravo says:

      you can’t make support interesting when the role’s core identity and task (healing) is fundamentally boring, they need to just rethink the game’s healing mechanics or gundam evolution/ xdefiant are going to eat overwatch alive

    • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

      Or just remove supports and tanks and accept that an FPS should only have squishy damage dealers.

  4. notanimposter says:

    One of the problems with queues is the role distribution. They couldn’t find 33% (2/6) of players willing to play healer before, and now that they took a tank out, they need 40% (2/5) of players to pick healer. Those healer mains just aren’t in the player base. Everyone wants to play DPS still, because there’s still twice as many DPS heroes.

    • KJBJ B says:

      tanks were by far the issue for queue times not healers. agree more options for tanking/healing should have been a priority but I think even if they did people would still lean dps and queue times would still suck

  5. Tuấn Đặng says:

    you were spot on when saying these heroes were designed for 6v6 and now forced into a 5v5. It was in the back of my head and I totally forgot that and felt something was missing in OW2 but could not figure out what it was. Now i know why.

    • KoolAidManOG says:

      @Ruffian Rocco I generally think its a mistake to balance around low level players. Dota 2 and CSGO balance around high level play and its why they are still great to watch.

      OW2 being balanced for pros doesn’t make the game work for casuals. It certainly makes the game faster and less passive now that the guardrails of CC and multiple shields are gone, but if anything it makes the game more fun now that shooting is more important that ability cycling and passive synergies.

    • Daapjezzz says:

      In what way do these heroes that are designed for 6v6 not function in 5v5?

    • Nicholas Kotselas says:

      @Necri1  they had the opportunity to fix pre role queue to make things work or fix post role queue and still have a good game but they listened to the pros who I’ve played with and trust me they usually don’t understand the depth of the game at all (some do obviously).

      I had thousands of comp hours, most hours played in t500 a few seasons I’m sure. Just dropped the game cause they couldn’t find the obvious solutions.

    • Nicholas Kotselas says:

      @SmoothAsFelt  and same dps pros who ruined tanks because they kept complaining that tanks were op after goats, even though role queue eliminated that team comp anyways. Tanks got weaker and weaker, needed shields to fend off buffed dps, then they kept nerfing tanks/shields not realizing the shields were to cope with the oppressive damage. They needed to leave the shields (trust) but breathe more life into encroaching tanks – Winston/rein, and nerf dps and certain abilities 5-10%. Would have fixed the game. This was over a year ago

    • Necri1 says:

      @Nicholas Kotselas totally agree, the worst change that made this game shit was the role queue- which was caused by PROS playing weird teamcomps (like goats etc) .
      It totally ruined the fun for me, 600hrs player

  6. RyanP319 says:

    As someone named Ryan I welcome the long painful process they must have gone through for those two years to make such a game changing effect on McCree

  7. Blake says:

    my favourite change is when Ryan goes: “…its Ryan o’clock…” and then he shoots his gun

  8. Patterrz says:

    Overwatch 1 died for this

  9. Michael Hilvert says:

    I played over 1000 hours on overwatch, and I quit a year ago because it’s so toxic and I was tired of getting screamed at by randoms for trying my best. Thank you dunkey for removing any doubt in my mind that I should try the sequel

    • Forgot In Time says:

      @Meow they’ve been working on this game for how long now? An still nothing to show for it? F for overwatch fan’s hopefully when it releases it will be better but most likely won’t be the case, never is

    • Gustavozxd says:

      If I’m gonna play a multiplayer game where I have to ignore the existence of every other player in the game just to not feel miserable, I think it’s best to play something either single player or 1v1 like a fighting game.

    • Gustavozxd says:

      @Floofy Kitty that’s when you turn the game off and go do something else

    • Xongliq says:

      @Meow they are in fact, in the beta I’m playing rn

  10. Anthony Rivera says:

    The fact that he said if “you think this is overwatch 1 gameplay you’re wrong” and most of the people probably believed him… even though it genuinely was overwatch 1 gameplay shows just how little of a difference their fucking is

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