Overwatch 2 Animated Short | “Kiriko”

Overwatch 2 Animated Short | “Kiriko”

The protector of Kanezaka strikes again. Discover the two sides of Kiriko, the loving daughter and the deadly protector.

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35 Responses

  1. I Talk says:

    God I always love these animated shorts. They need to make an Overwatch movie.

  2. Hypuro says:

    Imagine an Overwatch series, hour per episode, and each one focuses on the story of a different hero or heroes (some work together from origin, like Genji and Hanzo) and the finale of Season 1 brings them all together… that would be perfect!


    • Gek Toast says:

      @Tevin Vezina that is completely fair. I often don’t like hopeless themes either

    • Gek Toast says:

      @Uriyah Goldstein “I’d like to see you back it up with a source.” You can easily say you don’t like it, but if you just say “it’s not good” you better come prepared with reasoning if you want people to respect your opinion.

    • Uriyah Goldstein says:

      Probably a dangerous opinion among this demographic: but Arcane is not a good show.

    • Tevin Vezina says:

      @L R So the story gets better later in the episodes?

      I’ve watched things similar to Castlevania or The Witcher but never watched either of those shows specifically. I don’t know as much about Castlevania so that would probably interest me more.

    • L R says:

      @Tevin Vezina Arcane was amazing. The story only becomes better when it passes.
      But have u watched stuff like Castlevania? Or well its a game but also books, The Witcher?

  3. croutonosaurus says:

    These animators have done an amazing job. Such raw emotion!

  4. Xylem 😈 says:

    Can’t wait for other animated shorts these are my favorite to watch. Got another Japanese character. Love how the kiriko is based on the fox spirit. Character design became one of my favorites

  5. Bishop Holt says:

    Compliments to all involved that brought this masterpiece to fruition. Truly great work. You are all applauded.

  6. Aci says:

    Say what you will about Overwatch, but the animators are absolutely killing it!

  7. Stephen Holcomb says:

    Almost teared up, loved it! Still wish more of the OG heroes could get some love like Mercy and Lucio.

    • Stephen Holcomb says:

      @Julien lol. I was terrified that something was going to happen to the little girl as soon as she was introduced. I don’t think I could’ve handled that.

    • Dylan Appleyard says:

      @Julien Me too man! This short was so emotional I would absolutely binge a movie of these if Blizzard made one

    • Julien says:

      Almost ?! You heartless man 🙂 I cried like a baby !!

  8. Talon the Weirdo says:

    This is the first time I cried over an animated short. I love everything about this: the sign language, the story of the headband, the mother/daughter dynamic…. I love it all.

    • SpaceoniMakarouni says:

      Me too bro👊

    • Keitaro 6 says:

      @El Papi Saint “Live with honor” – Balderich “Die, with glory, old friend.” – Reinhardt 😭😭😭😭

    • Idsertian says:

      @Talon the Weirdo That’s rough, buddy.

    • Xellos says:

      This one yes, but also last bastion. I feel like every short has a base theme that some can relate to more than others. Honor and Glory was beautiful, but it didn’t hit me like those two did. I think this short is my second favorite one now. The last bastion stays on top because of how much they communicated without a single word.

    • yura-yura chan says:

      nothing will beat mei’s animated short emotionally

  9. Kim Ngan Vo Hoang says:

    Kiriko’s theme playing during the fight scene sends chills to my bones 🔥🔥🔥

  10. NorthernLaw says:

    Well, one thing is for sure, the quality of these animated shorts never misses.
    If you weren’t somehow convinced already, the Overwatch 2 short that came out a year or so ago proves it, we need a MOVIE

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