Overwatch 2 | Developer Update

Overwatch 2 | Developer Update

Game Director Aaron Keller details a new era for Overwatch 2 and how to get OW2 PVP content into your hands sooner.

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36 Responses

  1. WorkTheSpace says:

    Delighted to have some PVP news! Please don’t leave us waiting too long for the next update on OW2, hopefully the wider rollout of Overwatch 2 to the public isn’t too far away

  2. OmicronGaming says:

    I’m almost out of hopium, let’s hope it happens 🙏

  3. Bierfassner says:

    I’m still here after all these years I couldn’t stop myself from playing the game I sincerely hope that all this is true and I’m excited for the future of Overwatch

  4. Emmanuel Sicairos says:

    There is no other game that I feel so strongly about or that I’ve ever had so much fun on. Please deliver on making this game as good or better than I can imagine. 💙💙💙

  5. Bruuh4 says:

    when microsoft has acquired activison blizz fully, I’ll believe that the company will get more and more stable with such things as delivering updates on a regular basis and so on.

  6. Hammeh says:

    LET’S GO! Solid decision to get updates going and playing new things sooner. As long as there’s more tasty lore in the meantime 😀

    • apple says:

      Hey overwatch please release new lore soon his channel is desperately clawing for some

    • Allison Neely says:

      I’ve missed your Overwatch lore videos 😭 however I understand its hard to create videos for the lore when no lore is being produced

    • Radiant X says:

      @Hammen Well, is the Beta only for PC players? I hope that when the full version comes out, they will separate Console and PC Pool apart from each other. I mean honestly, if they mix in Competitive Play, chances of winning would be impossible due to the PC players. So what now?

    • Christopher Depaz says:

      Yeay lore for a multiplayer only game 🤡

    • Dexterous4 says:


  7. Arikadou says:

    I can’t believe this is real! This is everything I wanted to hear, thank you so much. This is seriously amazing news. Great shift and thank you for acknowledging some problems! AAAAA YES LETS GO!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. Marine Kitty says:

    I was so sad when you all went silent. I missed more than anything the interactions between the fans and OW creators.
    I’m sorry things have been rough for you all, I know it isn’t your fault, but the higher ups. I know some of us fans haven’t helped with our complaining. I can’t wait to start on the beta.

  9. NumbNexus says:


  10. thebl4ckd0g says:

    You know what I’d love to see more of with Overwatch? A single player campaign and/or a co-op campaign.

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