Overwatch 2 – EVERY HERO CHANGE for SEASON 3

Overwatch 2 – EVERY HERO CHANGE for SEASON 3

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This is the Overwatch 2 patch preview for SEASON 3 coverage by KARQ

They will *officially* post them when the season actually starts at 11am PST / 2pm EST on February 7, 2023.

0:00 – Intro

1:00 – Global Passive Change
1:08 – Tank Passive Change

1:38 – D.Va
1:46 – Doomfist
1:53 – Junker Queen
2:09 – Orisa
2:37 – Ramattra
3:07 – Reinhardt
4:21 – Roadhog
4:36 – Sigma
4:46 – Winston
4:56 – Wrecking Ball
5:49 – Zarya

6:02 – Cassidy
6:22 – Junkrat
6:56 – Mei
7:00 – Pharah
7:04 – Reaper
7:08 – Soldier:76
7:46 – Sombra
8:00 – Symmetra
8:06 – Torbjorn
8:12 – Widowmaker

8:18 – Ana
8:24 – Brigitte
9:00 – Lucio
9:06 – Mercy
10:45 – Moira
10:49 – Zenyatta

10:54 – SEASON 3 Map Pools

11:43 – NEW Settings

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37 Responses

  1. KarQ says:

    Find friends and teammates in Season 3with GamerLink, the #1 LFG app available for FREE on iOS and Android!

    This is the patch “preview” ahead of the S3 release tomorrow on 2/7 – Full written notes here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-2-retail-patch-notes-february-7-2023/781229

    Some corrections:

    3:43 – Rein’s shatter will cost 7% more (text graphic error)
    7:46 – Sombra’s pistol from 7 to 7.5 dmg per bullet (forgot to change text graphic)

    • meepokextraspicy says:

      @KarQ you’ve got a lovely radio voice!

    • Hai Nguyen says:

      why did they nerf retaining ult charge? Ov2 is about change to counter? Pls explain to me 🙁

    • Dark Harvest says:

      I understand the really beefy tanks like Hog, Rein, and the “second wind” ones, but why nerf Doom as hard as they are? You don’t nerf a character that hard, even if only in open queue and not buff them in some way. Cutting his health by that much is only going to make Reaper, Mei, even Moira and Lucio better “tanks”. Just move him back to DPS already, the rework is a failure, they’ll have to nerf other characters hard otherwise.

    • Coolest573 says:

      No genji buff😭

    • DaRealPlayz says:

      lets get some wobs

  2. bat country says:

    Been saying that Brig change was necessary for months. Felt SO BAD pressing E on a low health hero knowing they were going to die before anything happened

    • warnzzz says:

      bro yes, the amount of times I healed my allies when they were low, then they die because the heal is too slow 💀💀

    • Ryan McKinney says:

      Brig’s heals are or at least we’re equivalent to mercy’s healing per second. The packs did 55 for 2 secs. Mercy did 55 per sec. They were good as long as your target was trying to stay alive. Typically I just would use them like armor packs and toss them preemptively just a little later than usual. Also I would never have all 3 at once. Gotta maximize my ult gain.

    • Dillon U. says:

      @Lirodes brig’s heals are fine lol

    • Reio4 says:

      As a new player I actually thought until now that it always had that instant hp and I was always surprised when I couldn’t save anyone with it

    • destinyhunter19 says:

      @Lirodes its not shit, you just feed like you’re a damn turkey in christmas.

  3. Frozoken says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure wrecking ball is the only character now in the games history to passively have both shield and armour

  4. McMagicMarv says:

    I think Reins hammer knock back change is not good for when you’re pinning enemies off the map and giving them a last hit to push them further. However, it probably stop enemies being pushed further away from you when they’re jumping.
    I think more good than bad 🔨 👍

    • Liberta 115 says:

      As a ball main. This is a massive buff to ball. Rien can’t hit me off course anymore. I always get mad when Rien swing kills my fire ball speed.

    • Gerwhal S. says:

      Agreed! And less jarring when hit by his hammer, which I feel is also better feeling to play

  5. TZ Lucian says:

    For Rein there always seems to be this issue where the knock back will sometimes knock targets away from you . This should help him stick to targets a bit better .

    • Music Stuff says:

      Its because of directional influence, basically people running away from you will be sent farther than someone in neutral or walking toward you. Really nice to not bump supports running away from you, im interested to see how it will be

    • Cyber Fish says:

      yeah it always just felt so inconsistent, sometimes they go to the side, sometimes they move away, sometimes you even suck them back in. I think just lessening that seeming randomness will be better to play with overall though.

  6. sethescope says:

    those accessibility options are so great! good on the devs for adding them and ESPECIALLY the preview option that shows BOTH the say and night lighting, that’s so cool

  7. David Diett says:

    Regarding the map changes, I hope they plan to add an alternate time-of-day to every map at some point, they can rotate them between Seasons to keep things interesting as a substitute to Map Pools.
    I like the little preview window in the settings, maybe they’ll add every hero cinematic to the Hero Gallery like they did for JQ and Kiriko, would be nice for new players to get an idea what that hero is all about.

    • KaptainKool101 says:

      @Liberal’s Tchénel This! ↑ Once map pools are gone, it would be great to know, not only what maps are available, but the random lighting would keep the game fresh.

    • David Diett says:

      @Liberal’s Tchénel Yeah, having more chances to get King’s Row would be nice regardless of the time of day or weather xD

    • Liberal's Tchénel says:

      I would like to them rotate every match

  8. Wojtug says:

    Man, the shield buff on ball is massive. Literally no other hero benefits from shields as much as ball does considering he can easily get out of combat and start regening them. This also helps protect that juicy armor from annoying poke, preserving it for close-quarters. You also have 150 less hp to worry about meaning that 2 giga packs and one small pack is all you need to have maxed out hp. Pile driver buff is also cool since it’s damage was incosistent and underwhelming for a 10 sec cd

  9. SMToon Entertainment says:

    Considering ball constantly has to run away to heal having that shield is CRAZY good.

  10. ToxicCrowRK says:

    I prefer the knock back from the hammer to be 10, I like displacing the enemy. But it is nice not having them get booped away too.

    • ToxicCrowRK says:

      @khaledm.1476  it does, but again it’s another positive for hitting enemies on land. Since they don’t get moved as far forward, so you can catch up. If you don’t have charge.

    • Khaled M. says:

      @ToxicCrowRK I am fine with it not counting as environmental as long as I get the kill, but this nerfs the kill potential

    • ToxicCrowRK says:

      The only exception is zen and brigs bash and boop w whipshot

    • ToxicCrowRK says:

      @Khaled M. they removed melee attacks as environmental, including reins hammer sadly.

    • Khaled M. says:

      Isn’t this a nerf for environmental kills charge cancel and hit with the hammer, doesn’t it boop less now??

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