Overwatch 2: Reveal Event | June 16

Overwatch 2: Reveal Event | June 16

Save the date for an #Overwatch2 event, where we will share our plan for the months ahead, including the next PvP Beta!
📅 June 16 ⏱️ 10am PT

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36 Responses

  1. PlayOverwatch says:

    #Overwatch2 Beta
    📆June 28
    🖐Sign-up https://blizz.ly/3tBpQyP

    • DxQ says:

      @Deoxy you take that back

    • Henock T says:

      will there be keyboard mouse support for series X and PS5?

    • Timeil says:

      well f**kin’ done blizzard well done

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep says:

      I really hope you are reworking Symmetras primary and secondary already. They are designed so bad. Also do something with her ultimate, it’s a tank ultimate on a dps hero, do some adjustments or give her a new one and reduce the cooldown on her turrets the game is too dynamic for 30 second cooldown turrets. Imagine if Torb had that long of a cooldown on his. It’s ridiculous how abused Symmetra players have been.

    • TheRamses says:

      Could they make zaryas gun smaller so I could see something with the big gun on my screen.

  2. Lunar says:

    i like how doom fist still says “1 punch is all i need” when in reality he needs like 2-5

  3. Buttaholic says:

    I cried when torb said “its torbin time”…truly inspiring that ow2 is going in the right direction.

  4. Robert Jones says:

    I think an Overwatch animated series would be DOPE. Whoever did the League of Legends series should get the nod.

    • Nathan Conder says:

      @Robert Jones they were saying riot bought out the company that made arcane

    • Victor Emisho says:

      @Robert Jones Riot collaborated with France based studio & long-time partner, Fortiche, to create Arcane. Blizzard must already have their own animation team (in house & external) who work on the Overwatch shorts, and I think they already do a superb job!

    • Robert Jones says:

      @Zephry I meant whoever produced the LoL animated series should do an Overwatch one. Riot is the game dev.

    • Zephry says:

      That’s owned by riot now or something

  5. [upper left] topo says:

    I really can’t put into words how important Overwatch was to many people. We’re really, really rooting for you guys.

    • greatexplosionmurdergoddynamight says:

      Yeah i renember my older brother saying i cant play it till my next birthday cause i was too young

  6. f says:

    Cautiously optimistic but I have to say, that cutscenes where Reaper looks at the camera and says “It’s Reapin’ Time” really hyped me up.

  7. SolarisReigns says:

    I honestly CANNOT WAIT to see how the use the Talon characters! Especially if the main enemy is Null-Sector. I cant wait to see just what this means for them and if the two groups have to make brief alliance to fight the same enemy.
    The same goes for the hero’s that are more neutral like Hanzo, Junkrat, Roadhog and so on!


  8. ThorIronside says:

    really gives me hope for the franchise. myself and many others have put alot of hours into the original. So seeing this dedication from the blizzard team really shows. The way they are making things for OW2 I think will help it stand in the light again.

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep says:

      I don’t see that hope when 6 years later they are still too lazy to give Symmetra a functioning kit.

  9. Casanova Creed says:

    I played the Alpha earlier this year and loved it. As long as the “live service” brings actual content frequently, I’m all in.

    Just don’t pull a Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite and launch a live service with little to no content updates

  10. jack fenner says:

    The only thing I’m not sure about is the Battlepass and Shop… if they do it right then I think it will be quite good, however that will be alot of new content and not too much time to make it. Hopefully it will be great thought 🙂 I honestly can’t wait!!!!!

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