Overwatch Animated Short | “Rise and Shine”

Overwatch Animated Short | “Rise and Shine”

Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s tenacious climatologist in our latest animated short: Rise and Shine! Then begin your watch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One: http://buyoverwatch.com

In “Rise and Shine”, Mei wakes up years after being cryogenically frozen to find that Overwatch has been disbanded, the world is very different than the one she knows, and that she is the last surviving scientist at Ecopoint: Antarctica. With limited resources and time, Mei must use science to figure out a way to get help.

Learn more about Mei: http://blizz.ly/Mei

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20 Responses

  1. Bryce Lock says:

    Now I actually feel bad for mia

  2. denial sniff says:

    Rise of cancer

  3. The mercenary prime says:

    This…actually made me shed a tear, that is a very rare occurrence and it takes something truely heartbreaking to make me shed one. Cups raised to you Blizzard, cups raised to you.

  4. OverPlays says:

    So basically Mei’s gun is a hair drier 5:23

  5. Vitamin Onew says:

    Is the song at 0:38 an actual song? It’s really catchy.

  6. Krzyco007 says:

    The most uninteresting hero..
    we want Mccree cinematic!

  7. Alan A says:

    Why does this remind me of The Passengers? Anyone?

  8. SilverGlade02 says:


  9. Epags 1996 says:

    Does this finally prove mei isnt fat

    Edit: just to clarify she isnt a twig, yes she is thicc, and thicc =/= fat

  10. Anime Guru says:

    Wait I thought Mei was frozen in ice or something in her backstory or am I thinking of a early version of her story ?

  11. ToothyDuck41 says:

    The origin of satan

  12. mustachecashstash4444 says:

    *SMASH OR PASS???*

  13. Dave Nathaniel says:

    Blizzard update the map of ecopoint Antarctica in tribute for this cinematic like the coffee mugs that mei placed on their cryotubes pls blizzard plsss

  14. Timothy Nguyen says:

    when people hate mei, but they know her origin, so they feel sad and love her

  15. 12171010011010 says:

    Its a shame this short doesn’t say anything we don’t already know. Would rather have had a whole 10 minute short dedicated to something new.

  16. MAGIKBLADEZ - The Fourth State of Potato says:

    When you realize the capsules are full of dead people 0-0

  17. The Widow's Kiss says:

    This was sad. Poor Mei, she’s so innocent and sweet

  18. Jacob Bielski says:

    I actually teared up for a moment of this, but I still have to say this was a downgrade from “Infiltration,” mainly in the way of dialogue. These movies have always hopscotched the line between campy and cheesy. Posing to the camera and going “We’re on our way” is really an eye roller. Mei’s also given some awkward lines for the sake of making sure the audience is able to follow along. Obviously they’re making sacrifices to be accessible to younger audiences, but Blizzard should give kids more credit, and forego these scenes with less subtlety than a Minions movie.

  19. Salty Tears says:

    Ok can someone explain what overwatch is about?? I’ve seen this game literally EVERYWHERE and i have no idea what it is other than its a game . I am not a gamer and I don’t really have anything to play this on but seems pretty cool .

  20. MarcelSSJ4 says:

    Still hate her.

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