Overwatch Animated Short | “Shooting Star”

Overwatch Animated Short | “Shooting Star”

Behold the origin story of Overwatch’s hyper-focused and talented mech pilot in our latest animated short: Shooting Star! Then begin your watch on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One:

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61 Responses

  1. Mr Django says:

    Hopefully one day Pharah will get a Cinematic Short.

  2. fineltio says:

    Well, this was a nice 7 and a half minute. Now lets wait another year for a new one….

  3. Andrew Bertain says:

    Just release a Netflix series, please.

  4. CaptainOmnii says:

    wow so this is cool but no waluigi so gonna have to give this a 2 burritos outta 10

  5. Mayachi says:

    I have an event idea!
    So imagine, a situation where dva is still in recovery and the giant omnic strike busan.

    So since dva is in recovery, it will only be the rest of the Meka team that will fight the giant omnic. So the event could be similar to retribution, but just as Dva’s teammates.

    So instead of getting the default dva meka, we can get the rest of her squad with similar functions to dva but with their own touch.

    Like instead of defense matrix, an alternate fire, and instead of the micro missiles a bomb that attaches to its targets.

    Just an idea

  6. Josie Nakamura says:

    Perosnally i wpuld have liked it more if they gave D.va ptsd after the giant omnic fight or maybe anxiety because war and the stress of having millions count on you would take a massive emotional and mental toll

  7. the DOS says:

    The question that everyone wants to know is… where’s Torb?

  8. thecalmbro says:

    Can we get an F for my guy just got banished to the friend zone tough

  9. PamPam says:

    I thought until the last moment that her Shift will end and she would fly to the sea)

  10. Java 1.1 says:

    If the guy becomes a hero his name should be straight up “Player.”

  11. Josh Ryan says:

    It bothers me on an emotional level that she didn’t say “nerf this” when she shot the core.

  12. Cy Voltage says:

    “good FRIENDS….” oof

  13. Veridian says:

    I need a short of McCree getting drunk and having amazing conversations with random people

  14. AnimeNightcores150 says:

    The Injured outfit with preconstruction mech would be a nice legendary skin. (The one at the repairing scene) plus the other mech users now that’s an interesting new character if they were added.

  15. 10,000 subs with some videos says:

    At least it’s not ForNitE

  16. Toasty Toast says:

    If only the actual game was as fun as this animated short…

  17. Bronze says:

    imagine how annoying it would be for everyone if D.Va had infinite thrust.

  18. Hobi’s Smile says:

    Okay nice but GIVE ZENYATTA LORE

  19. OmgThatAnime says:

    We need Overwatch to be a movie or at least a Netflix series

  20. ΚΔΠΛΥΛ says:

    Pacific Rim 3 is looking good!

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