Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Archives

Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Archives

Overwatch Archives declassification complete.

Experience pivotal moments from history in Overwatch Archives. Join a team of four heroes and participate in cooperative, story-driven missions that give you a new perspective on the era before the fall of Overwatch.

This year, you can take command of the agents of Blackwatch and face off against Talon in an exciting new mission, Retribution. You’ll also get a second chance to stop an omnic insurrection as last year’s Uprising mission returns for a rematch.

You’ll earn Archives Loot Boxes as you play, packed to the brim with over 60 new cosmetics including legendary skins like Blackwatch Moira, Scion Hanzo, Talon Doomfist, Specimen 28 Winston, and more.

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80 Responses

  1. MemeLord Jeff says:


  2. Robin Offermann says:

    22 gb on ps4… really blizzard

  3. NFHtheboss says:

    OOOOOh Definetley getting back on Overwatch again for this!

    • Brave Cat says:

      HBKNUKE yea events like this need to last at LEAST a couple months why would they do all this work just to let people play it for 20 days and put away to collect dust until next year

    • Sir_Snipeington says:

      Brave Cat exactly, 20 days is not enough, who knows, they may not even bring the even back next year, and even if they do it’ll probably be the same

    • ThatOneGamer Isiaha says:

      Haven’t played since December 2016. I think I should start playing this again

  4. Achilles 1996 says:

    21.5 GB update??? Well it looks like I’m not playing retribution tonight 😂

  5. Landalva says:

    the update is *20 gb* wtff

  6. MemeLord Jeff says:


  7. Drake Duke says:

    Yet it’s 21 GB


  8. Nandito says:

    Assassin confirmed next hero????

  9. DestructiveElements says:

    Its time to wait behind 5000 people in line to connect to servers

  10. Harry Thompson says:

    Wow. 19gb is a lot for an overwatch update, but retribution looks massive!

  11. Ameya Bhaskar says:

    Lucios pants alone are better than winstons and meis legendary skins lel

  12. Forever Army :3 says:

    Who else is looking around in YouTube while waiting for the update to install?😂

  13. Waldemar Braxx says:

    Downloading 14GB with a speed of 205 KB/s… I’ll be done in a week

  14. Antonio Padrón says:

    *14GB Update*

  15. ZYV says:

    21GB ..
    2GB without Winston skin

    • Darkza says:

      Its like 90% Different??? Just because the color is White doesn’t mean nothings changed! It’s without a doubt a Top 3 Winston skin

    • Super Blazin' Wally says:

      Oh so many patches.
      3 different modes, some cosmetics, and a block as teammate addition.

    • Darkza says:

      Think the reason its so big is for Future Gamemodes aswell, if you look in the Spray section/Profile section they added a 6v6 Elim Competetive Spray (a Gamemode that doesnt exist) and probably the Animations intro takes some space

    • Chrisanity says:

      The update is bigger than the base game….

  16. Syrus7sk says:

    Goodbye pvp you cesspool of negativity.

    • Sherrif says:

      Meh, whenever people talk about “refusing to switch” I immediately assume they’re a hypocrite, what they’re really asking is for people to bend over backwards to compliment their own playstyle.

    • hecatomb says:

      its people like you why I don’t play OW anymore. People who just make the game complete trash. All cause they refuse to work as a team.

  17. Fish Smell Bad says:


  18. BigYellowAlien says:

    Petition for Talon Masquerade skins

  19. Ahren Strait says:

    People don’t realise that after 20 days we have to install another >10 GB update to remove it.

    • Reth Yeetus says:

      Ahren Strait no we dont

    • Reth Yeetus says:

      I think that they have added in extra stuff into the game which won’t be visible yet but when they are ready for release they can just implement it into the game rather than having another update

  20. Ryan McMorrow says:

    How tf am I supposed to get all those skins in 20 days?

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