Owner Thinks There’s A Plot Against His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

Owner Thinks There’s A Plot Against His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

Grab your tin foil hats.

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111 Responses

  1. SagittariusGirl 4825 says:

    The Yelpers ain’t damaging your restaurant, YOU’RE damaging your own restaurant with your overpriced, bland burgers!

  2. 30s Milkman 2 says:

    They’re talking about the yelpers like their demons plotting to take them to hell

  3. Musical Train Spotter says:

    Is the plot to have Nino cleaning the restaurant and kitchen thorough and then photographing it as evidence?

  4. Evan says:

    *Nino* would plot against his own restaurant

  5. Emmpeccable Eats says:

    False. Yelp reviews are the backbone of this country 😀

  6. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    He really thinks those Yelpers are lying just to shut down his restaurant….seriously? Clearly he’s the problem with the restaurant. Same thing for his wife who tried to sleep through this. No wonder they closed it.

  7. Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? says:

    Every minute a poor Restaurant owner gets yelled at by Gordon Ramsay

  8. Alvin Bong Hui Min says:

    Nino thinks there’s a plot against his cleaning

  9. bleach seller says:

    Wow I just subscribed and as soon as I hit the bell this popped up🀣

  10. Dio Drando says:

    use the lamb sauce, it can win any debacle.

  11. I'm gonna get some attention with this profile pic says:

    The guy looks like an aging geography teacher who’s listened to nothing but Led Zeppelin for 30 years.

  12. mikhael hall says:

    This episode i think was one of the most infuriating to watch because of the owners. Some of you are probably thinking “not as bad as Amy’s bakery” but I’d argue that the owners in this are worse people. Alan took $250,000 from his son, Daniel, without permission to keep the restaurant open after using his own money to start it. Amy may have been crazy but she never stole from her relatives that we know of to keep her restaurant afloat.

    Edit: wow 150 likes thanks guys.

  13. Doc The Drought says:

    If you make poor quality food expect bad reviews and you got the nerve to fall asleep during this ?

  14. LostTman1093 says:

    Season 4, episodes 6 and 7, Burger Kitchen. You’re welcome.


  15. doxmvm says:

    I just don’t understand how can someone be this deluded

  16. soberpunk says:

    Who pays 26 bucks for a goddamn burger? That’s setting yourself up for disappointment. Especially when it’s something you could make at home, probably better and for far less than what this dude is charging.

    • Savior20061 says:

      You ever watched “Worth It” on Youtube? Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant called “Burgr” with an 18 dollar burger.

    • Misty Waters says:

      This evening I went to a restaurant and got a $16.00 burger after seeing one for $18.00 at the highest.
      Doesn’t seem uncommon to have one at a high price depending where it’s from.
      Especially after seeing what’s on it. That can bring up the prices.

    • Savior20061 says:

      Misty WatersΒ  I’m assuming the burger you got was actually good, though. Whether something is worth the price is up to the customer themselves.

    • Misty Waters says:

      +Savior20061 It was pretty good once I got used to the spiciness of it.
      The first bite was a real kick to my taste buds. πŸ˜›
      I’d eat it again, but with caution that time.

    • Laine Callahan says:

      Rue I’ve never understood this. 5 guys isn’t expensive. Sure it’s not the McDonald’s dollar menu but it’s not overpriced at all.

  17. Snagalishus Man says:

    This episode and Amy’s Baking Company are 2 of my favorite episodes because they don’t have the same pitfalls of many of the other restaurants on this show. This restaurant and ABC have all the makings of a great restaurant: the location is great, the decor/look of the restaurant is wonderful, the chef and owner both give a damn, the place is clean, they use high quality food, the fridge and kitchen are well kept.

    So how do they fail? Because the owners are bat shit crazy and have no idea what they’re doing. It just goes to show that you can do everything right in the restaurant business but if you have an awful owner it can still all go down in flames.

  18. MysteroDonut says:

    Customer Criticism: i shleep

    Fake Yelp Reviews: *_W O K E_*

  19. JIN tonic says:



    Remember when Cartman was doing Yelp reviews on South Park

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