Owners Can’t Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

Owners Can’t Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares


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76 Responses

  1. Clumsy Plumbob says:

    I think Gen could possibly be abusing her staff by emotional manipulation.

  2. Derpy Derp says:

    What’s that taste I’m tasting? The flavor of NINO!

  3. Gizmo Hibiki says:

    It’s no wonder their restraunt shutdown with that attitude. The cooks are gonna find better jobs and already have with high probability, but the owners are gonna be stuck flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

    • Sour EMN says:

      Gizmo Hibiki most of the restaurants from this show have shut down, but yeah fuck the owners they would never be able to make it even if they had the customer influx on a daily

    • Aki says:

      Unlikely. McDonalds requires you to adhere to company standards in all practices- including the cooking of food. If you want to be a “sculptor of meat” you’d need to be in R&D which requires, oh I don’t know, a sense of taste.

    • MunchiePow says:

      I could seriously go for a McDonald’s if I wasn’t so broke

  4. LjLove 808 says:

    β€œI’m 64 years old…”

    Who are you? Lil Tay?

  5. Air Commander Starscream says:

    I hope Chef David is doing better somewhere else. He really is a good chef.

    • Zulfar 3232 says:

      flightMC Well fuck, do I hope the son gets his justice from his father and runs the business properly, something his father and mother could not do and just kept robbing his inheritance money from him, or do I hope the chef gets justice and drives them out of business for treating him so poorly that he had no respect for the owners anymore.

    • MercenaryMidnight says:

      +Zulfar 3232 that was his step father

    • Dylan Rich says:

      I heard from another KN video that he got a job and lives in the Seattle area now but no source to confirm

    • Tony Li says:

      9 out of 10 from Gordon!! πŸ˜€ I wholeheartedly agree.

    • Zack Holihan says:

      @Zulfar the business closed down a few months after, they changed everything back to the way it was before chef was there. As for chef David he did end up getting a better job at a new restaurant (not sure if its a burger focused one or not). Now for his son no one really knows but i hope he cuts his parents out of his life after that whole ordeal he dosent deserve it.

  6. TheMagicMonkeh says:

    Jen is clearly manipulative. She plays the victim so that she can receive sympathy from Chef Ramsay. When she left, she waited for Chef Ramsay to come and comfort her to isolate him and set a tone for the next step in her plan. From there she frequently pauses when talking and uses excessive hand gestures because she is lying. She wanted Chef Ramsay to talk to her in private so she can come back with the illusion that Chef Ramsay is siding with her and thus make David uncomfortable and to make him feel unsupported. David knew what she was doing and when he calls her out on her plan, she is overly defensive and, before he finishes his sentence, starts to call him delusional. She’s a dangerous person. She wanted David to quit. She shows many signs of manipulation: She pretends she’s weak; She shames David; She denies his achievements; When she loses control of the situation she leaves to come back with Chef Ramsay and regain the control. At the end, she gives it away when she sees that its working and her emotional manipulation is getting to David, she gives it away with her malicious smile at 6:04.

  7. California Republic says:

    5:00 “More importantly Alan needs you”
    Alan: eats burger

  8. Ron Swanson says:

    Jenn, Jenn, Jenn,
    Jenn? NINO!

    That Outro killed me….

  9. Lil Bleachy says:

    *_The Chef should go somewhere better_*
    *_Mans got talent_*

  10. LaserShark19 says:

    What is that strong taste I am tasting?

    That is the taste of β€œedible food”

  11. I'm Dinnerz says:

    Deluded woman: β€œDo you see me chopping the mushrooms?”
    *proceeds to mime milking a cow*

  12. The Chosen Moose says:

    Assholes got mad that the chef made a better burger than the owner did.

    • shioriryukaze says:

      +verdes25 I’m glad you got my humor! He wouldn’t even drink a discount bottle of Chianti with this. He wouldn’t even find the cheapest red wine. He couldn’t even get Mad Dog 20/20 with this one! Lol

    • shioriryukaze says:

      +Miltos Gamer but that was what the messed up part was. His Chef could cook. But when you have an owner that is technically clueless about what makes a great burger and they force you to hold to a recipe? Then you have to do it the way they want you to because they’re the ones that gave you the job. Even if in your heart of hearts you know this is a bad idea.

    • Miltos Gamer says:

      +shioriryukaze In my opinion that restaurant wasn’t worth saving,owners were retarded af and even if gordon managed to change some things regarding the place,people can’t change that easily

    • Jeremy Greenidge says:

      +verdes25 Haha. Yep, I have found that when people feel the need to brag about something…they’re usually not that good at it. The proof is in the pudding.

    • Purple Pill says:

      +shioriryukaze Β At least Hannibal Lecter cooks people properly before eating them

  13. SomePerson Online says:

    I’m not gonna lie, that burger looks bomb af

  14. I want 10,000 subscribers too says:

    2:24 what is that strong taste?
    That’s flavor sweetheart

  15. hazed says:

    these guys are classic examples of narcissistic personality disorder. the emotional manipulation/abuse of their son, and anytime he tries to discuss it with them, the father gaslights him by talking about his issues are moot because he had it worse as a kid. they tend to lie to everyone they meet in order to paint themselves in a better light, and when were called out by gordon, all they could do is bitch and moan about how they were being bullied and targeted.

  16. ThePlyrMava says:

    Those two owners were the biggest pieces of shit. Hated that they didnt even pay the chef when he left. That chef deserves a good job. Hope he’s employed somewhere and those two owners are bankrupt.

  17. γ‚³γƒ³γƒšγ‚€γƒˆγƒΌ says:

    Gen is the bully. She’s the one emotionally manipulating everyone. She thinks she can run off in tears and boohoo to Ramsay so everyone else looks bad. She was so desperate for the cooks, like David, to be the problem she fake coughed and acted like it tasted bad lmfao

    • Frank B says:

      +PoppyInJapan she’s more disgusting when it came to yelpers giving their critique of the restaurant. The old sod faked falling asleep at that segment of the show.

    • Harmony Galaxy says:

      I was like what the fuck Gen? You’re not two yeara old anymore why! She is narcissistic and likes to be spoon fed earnings by her own son. She is 64 and can move around perfectly unlike my great-grandma who is 82 and needs assistance but never complains. 😀

    • Dark Knight says:

      yeah i always hate that old gen , feel like wanna punch her face

    • γ‚³γƒ³γƒšγ‚€γƒˆγƒΌ says:

      +Harmony Galaxy Oh 100% her age has NOTHING to do with the reason why she’s a gigantic bitch and the workers hate her. My own mother is nearly the same age as Gen and would never act like this. Gen just can’t face facts that she and her husband are the reason the restaurant is in the toilet.

    • JayBee Vids says:

      γ‚³γƒ³γƒšγ‚€γƒˆγƒΌ ikr she frustrated me so much

  18. Bo Knows says:

    Stupid woman: *fake cough* What is that STRONG taste I’m tasting?
    Me: um gee idk…FLAVOR PERHAPS!?

  19. Young Nation2x says:

    That Meat Bloody As Hell They Need To Close It Down.. I Wouldn’t Dare Eat There!!! But That Dude That Cooked That Burger Did His Thang He Ain’t Playing No Games!!!

  20. dannycool59x says:

    That strong flavor is called seasoning

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