OxygenOS Top Features

OxygenOS Top Features

The OxygenOS experience is now ready to be shared with everyone, and comes packed with new features. Based on Android Lollipop, our custom ROM is a beautiful, clean, and simple interface. To learn more, visit http://oneplus.net/oxygenos

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20 Responses

  1. Великий Гик says:

    WE WANT CM12L!

  2. Олег Чміль says:

    Take on Gsmart T4, please)

  3. Yasin Hasan says:

    just like apple … doing regular shit & calling it feature ….

  4. Олег Чміль says:

    Take on Gsmart T4 Lite, please)

  5. Delagrim says:

    Wait. So from now on if I buy a OnePlus One it wont come with Cyanogenmod

  6. krazi Saudi says:

    wow! cut & paste Finallllly!

    everyone must start begging for an invite immediately to get this genius

  7. YeOldeGoat says:

    I don’t think this is disappointing, if you want lots of features like DPI
    changers etc there are plenty of options like AICP, Temasek, Exodus,

    This is a clean, fast and smooth rom just like vanilla but with a few added

    I think it is great.

  8. bedo eleyjian says:

    The most stupid thing,I excepted more!!!

  9. efweferg ergergre says:

    can I install on Moto g 2014?

  10. Anuj Bansal says:

    *only features

  11. Samuel Winter says:

    There’s no new features! Like why should I use this when I can just use the
    CM12 ROM for my Oneplus One? It works great, has the same features (exept
    for moving icons in the quick settings, oh nooo), looks the same. 

  12. myaccount1234556789 says:

    Can’t wait

  13. Fruitbeam Ent. says:

    Guys… chill the f out. I, like all of you, am disappointed but I think
    it’s not the features that took them so long… they even said it would be
    “a near stock experience”! Sure it’s also their marketing strategy to make
    people wait and get all hyped up but I think they concentrated on
    performance and battery life for now…

  14. MrMano54 says:

    Thanks OnePlus snce this is finally official then cm12s is round the
    corner.. As for the top features I’ll pass on it to simple.. Unless this
    ROM will give me incredible battery life compare to cm

  15. Dani Almási says:

    i know i’m used to CM but this oxyOS misses many important features. i’m
    very disappointed.
    back to 44S

  16. Nissan L33 says:

    That O gesture for camera access is old news, file manager as a top
    feature? Wtf is this, and you guys are taking forever and missing promised
    deadlines for this? Smh. Might be the last OnePlus phone I own. 

  17. Austin Chavers says:

    So stuff we already had?

  18. Ash B says:

    Top features? I think you mean all features

  19. skyguy says:

    i r8 3/8 m8 sry for the h8

  20. Mike K says:

    And it wipes my phones all data… For this??? New freaking os which
    basically is the same?! I was expecting at least 5 minute video but I was
    like Wtf when it ended after 20 seconds lol