OZO, nowhere now here

OZO, nowhere now here

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20 Responses

  1. Knuckles the Echidna says:

    What is that!?!?!?!?

  2. Knuckles the Echidna says:

    The limits are nice(in my opinion) but it would be even better to have a

  3. Philip Imade says:

    Guru Pitka reference, right?

  4. Stromolezec says:

    WOW! :)

  5. truedeadandlife says:

    A vr headset that you use as a vr camera I suppose

  6. plebian says:

    This is simply a teaser, if you don’t know what it is, Google it. Jesus.

  7. schnecktec says:

    Nice Nokia

  8. El Raider says:


  9. Jason Muñoz says:

    woooo when I saw the Nokia logo

  10. Bruno Ribeiro Barbosa says:

    Nokia is the best

  11. ‫محمد ماهر احمد‬‎ says:

    نوكيا الافضل

  12. trancemiro says:

    Well it looks like Nokia kept their advertising team. Their phone ads were
    very similar to this, bunch of cool shots that don’t tell you anything. You
    had no idea what you were looking at lol….. But I still like their
    phones. Hopefully this will be something cool as well

  13. Pronob Sarker says:

    endorsed by, Guru Pitka

  14. hafid de leon says:

    Show more!

  15. ehi! says:

    Ozo è stato presentato da +Nokia a Los Angeles come una videocamera di
    prossima generazione, pensata soprattutto per il mercato professional.
    #internetofthings #video 

  16. AKB (Analyst Knows The Best) says:

    I miss old Nokia ? 

  17. Ced Rolyes says:

    *Always look for Truth!*
    *Truth and grace came by Jesus Christ.*
    ╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮ John 1:17 ╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮

  18. vdub says:

    Is sad how you, NOKIA, let the Apple/Android duopoly happen.
    I want you back on market right NOW !!!

  19. Ivan Googlaa says:

    Трейлер OZO

    Компания Nokia недавно представила VR-камеру OZO.Кроме того, к анонсу
    девайса был создан весьма эффектный трейлер.
    Источник: bevirtual.ru
    #vrlf #Ar #vr #OculusRift #Nokia #OZO
    #купитьгаджет #купитьoculus #купитьcardboard #ВиртуальнаяРеальность