“Ozymandias” | Dream SMP Animation

“Ozymandias” | Dream SMP Animation

That poem Wilbur mentioned stuck with me after all these arcs. Oh well 🙂

“Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley, as read by Bryan Cranston

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38 Responses

  1. SAD-ist says:

    CHRISTMAS SWEATER!! → https://www.sad-ist.store/

  2. WolfyTheWitch says:


  3. BrodyAnimates says:

    My man Walter White got a soothing voice

  4. Bwezil says:

    The steady drum really brings out the steady horror of the whole situation, and I love it (especially with the implication that Techno’s coming back to see the aftermath of what he’s done). Absolutely breathtaking animation.

  5. Willow 404 says:

    “Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    “My L’Manberg, Phil! My unfinished symphony, forever unfinished!”

    • IzzyCreates says:

      Oh… my… gosh…. he did not reference this poem. I learned about the poem in school and I had forgotten what the theme was but PRIMUS THIS WAS GOOD

    • Matthew Erickson says:

      That line in the poem shows the King’s ego, hubris and pride. What’s important is the following line, that nothing remains. The poem is illustrating how time buries pride, how every society will inevitably collapse, how every empire inevitably falls.

      How this Symphony will remain forever unfinished

    • Nai Choginne says:

      @IzzyCreates I believe Wilbur actually read this poem to Fundy. And mentioned it to Tommy. Compared himself with the king, and told Tommy how he thinks he might actually understand him.
      So yes, Wilbur did way more than a reference to this poem.

  6. Savage Aussies says:

    Even if it isn’t a quirky animation where everything is on beat with the music, the fact that you make such smooth animations in such a short time is more than enough to say that you still worked hard and well on this project. Well done SAD-ist!

  7. Dendro says:

    This is gorgeous, you’ve outdone yourself again holy.
    The details, the colors and oh my god the poem choice dude it’s amazing. And oh my god I will not shut up about the steady beat going from seemingly a heartbeat into the bombs being dropped on lmanburg
    I love this very much thank you

  8. Mika Gonzaga says:

    The lore pays homage to literature that some might not be appreciated to us younger generations. It truly is wonderful how the DSMP members sneak these interpretations to the lore which end up making remarkable animations and breathtaking artworks : D

  9. Witchling says:

    “I want this as a tattoo.”
    “Sir this is an animation.”

  10. Ethan Becker says:

    the future of animation

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