Led by Anthony Davis’s 41 points, 20 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks, the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Indiana Pacers, 123-109 to win the inaugural In Season Tournament NBA Cup. Austin Reaves (28 points, 9-15 FG) and LeBron James (24 points, 11 rebounds) combine for 52 points in the victory, while Tyrese Haliburton tallied 20 points and 11 assists for the Pacers. The Lakers finish IST with a 7-0 record, while the Pacers conclude at 6-1.
The Lakers are the inaugural IST Champions.

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44 Responses

  1. @standbymills6133 says:

    That 86 points in the paint is really really CRAZY!!! 💪

    • @tmacattack8302 says:

      The little crybaby’s copying and pasting their insults on every comment😂😂😂 I’m drinking their tears up! Can’t accept LBJ is the 🐐

    • @swish1457 says:

      Yesterday LeFraud tried to call me, but I didn’t hear a ring. This is very strange because usually whenever MJ calls me, I hear six rings. This is strange; this never happens when MJ calls me, I thought to myself. Oh, yeah, it’s because LeMickey has no real rings. Now it all makes sense. He’s the most overrated player in NBA history and will never be close to MJ. Ill be here laughing when he gets swept by that fat European guy named Nikola two years in a row in the real playoffs… LeChasingJordan and the Flakers haven’t been relevant since the 2000’s and will never be relevant ever again. D’Angelo Fussle looks like a rat, Reaves is a laker media-hyped fraud and wouldn’t be even known if he on the pistons, and ADisney the injury-prone cripple, and LeJoke won’t last another two years in the league. this is just a Mickey Mouse tournament just like the bubble in 2020 Smh.

  2. @mboss7733 says:

    Props to the Pacers for being in striking distance late despite a terrible shooting night. They played hard.

    • @imightbebiased9311 says:

      They kept working. Showed a hell of a lot more fight than the Pelicans did. Even their scrubs got outscored by the Lakers’ scrubs.

    • @swish1457 says:

      in the end the fakers cant beat the nuggets in a 7 game series.

    • @rocketleaguehighlightsreel1236 says:

      No team in its entire 75+ year league History of the NBA has ever beaten LeGoat James at any point at any Game of his entire career. You think the Pacers would’ve made a difference to that?😂😂🐐

    • @suaveshyt6883 says:

      This pacers team is seriously dangerous. Lakers are just too big down low for them to handle but I see promising things for the pacers in the near future

  3. @princemjbp695 says:

    The Lakers successfully didn’t let Haliburton get going. Kudos to their defensive gameplan.

    • @swish1457 says:

      The fakers still wouldn’t beat the pistons or the nuggets in a 7 game series, theres nothing to say “kudos” to, its just another mickey mouse ring.

    • @princemjbp695 says:

      @@swish1457 We’ll see in June

    • @Raprap37 says:

      @@tempaccount69420u know ur the GOAT when they labeled ur achievements like this as mickey mouse trophy or whatever. But if pacers won it this might be their greatest achievement in years.

    • @princemjbp695 says:

      @@tempaccount69420 Haliburton’s averaging 28 ppg in this tournament with 37 pts as his highest scoring output. Him dropping only 20 is a big defensive win.

  4. @Jeff_2x says:

    Tyrese is my guy. Shoutout for Pacers for getting this far. This is a nice way to see where a team is at this desk and Pacers are farther along the the development process

  5. @EpicMalick says:

    As a Lakers fan, I gotta give the Indiana Pacers some respect. They’ve kept coming and coming and never gave up. But at last, our Lakers won 💜💛💜💛

  6. @chinwezenwankwo5599 says:

    What an incredible all round performance by the Lakers. Reddish, Vando, and Prince set the tone by their great perimeter defense and taking Harliburton out of his game. AD was an absolute beast …41 points and 30 reb. LeBron driving like a free train to the paint. Congratulations to the Lakers 🎉❤️❤💯💯

  7. @tmacattack8302 says:

    Lakers winning with only 2 made 3 pointers🤯 they really went back to 80s bully ball for this one! Congrats LA💜💛

  8. @DawnHibiki says:

    One of the greatest games AD has ever played! He’s literally unstoppable, and the Lakers deserve to win the In-Season championship!

  9. @randyragsdale23 says:

    Austin Reaves had a really good game off the bench for the Lakers, dropping 28pts on 9-15 shooting from the field and 10-12 shooting from the FT line. He also had 2 rebs and 3 Asts to go with his 28pts. Really good effort tonight.

    • @John-oo6px says:

      lebron got saved by austin reaves vs the suns, beat a shitty pelicans team, then beat a shitty young inexperienced pacers team in a one and done tournament with home court advantage 😭😭😭😭

    • @tempaccount69420 says:

      Wow what a shocker who would’ve seen that coming! Not even surprised the Lakers won considering Adam Silver and the NBA wants to see LeChoke win so badly. Adam silver paid the pacers a lot more than the 500k from the tournament to throw this game to make LeCrybaby look good.. AD with quite the lucky game dont expect this type of performance from him EVER again, he will go back to flopping around dropping 6 points and getting injured every game. NBA is all for ratings and they added this tournament just for the facts to add another accomplishment to LeFlops career but the truth of the matter is hes a bust and will never be the G.O.A.T that title belongs to the Black Jesus Michael Jeffrey Jordan!

    • @livefree316 says:

      Thank God thank God for Jesus Christ was the greatest gifts Merry Jesus loves you CHRIST mas (more)

    • @REPENT270 says:

      ​@@John-oo6pxpacers beat all three top teams in the east bonehead

  10. @jerielfonzie says:

    That’s why they acquire prince, vanderbuilt, and reddish for a solid defense not only that the presence of AD in the paint is formidable. Congrats Lakers well deserved🎉

    • @papotquh says:

      next time antetokoumpo and jokic.. for the regular season.. hahahaha

    • @erockstoenescu6171 says:

      Yep Cam is a great off the ball defender and is fantastic at getting deflections and steals. Vanderbilt should be starting over T-Prince as well like asap. So between the 3 of them I would also add Rui who is another wing defender making it the 4 of them.
      Cam, Rui, Vanderbilt and Prince are all really good wing defenders who happen to be very similar in size 6’7” – 6’10”
      The perfect 3 and D players although a couple of them need to work on their shooting a bit more. That’s irrelevant because the topic currently being discussed at hand is how superior the Lakers defense truly is. If you happen to get by all of our wing players we still have the final boss who just so happens to be leading the league in not only rebounds but also is the top shot-blocker and almost twice as many altered/modified shots as the next person.

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