Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | 2021 Training Camp | Full Press Conference

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | 2021 Training Camp | Full Press Conference

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media following the team’s first practice of training camp.

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46 Responses

  1. Rob DeBiaso says:

    I see a lot here that can relate to life in general and not just the NFL. Bad communication is ineffective communication. Inspire to be great and inspire others around you to be greater.

  2. Mitchell Schwartz says:

    I’m glad he said this and I fully support what he’s talking about.

    • ItsTimeToBolt says:

      He was the most professional in the room!

    • Mitchell Schwartz says:

      @Dizzy Rock Agree my man! These players deserve more respect. Just like Aaron said they put their bodies on the line for the organization. Clay and Jordy deserved better. They are the epitome of what being a Packer is!!! Aaron is being a leader and standing up for his team!

    • zack16 says:

      @Dizzy Rock The formers Marlins owner has entered the chat

    • Roffe 248 says:

      Yo dude sign with the lions

    • Christine Fuller says:

      Riiiiight…Rodgers still had most of those players he listed when they lost the divisional playoffs 2011 season when they went isn’t like none of the players he listed only played 1 season 😂😂😂😂 Rodgers chokes and chokes hard. Nothing is ever on him 😂😂😂

  3. Fire Films says:

    So the man gives you 16 years.. he wants his voice to be heard and you want to treat him and his opinions like a rookie player. Sad and poor management from the front office

    • Bill Rexhausen says:

      Packers: How much shall we pay you?
      Rodgers: What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

    • R. Lee Otherson says:


    • Weary Kawhi says:

      @Bill Rexhausen
      Rodgers: We should draft a WR
      Packers: we agree that’s why were going to take Jordan Love

    • Isaac Pina says:

      And sad on the fans too who have totally turned on him. Would be a poverty franchise if you didn’t have Aaron all these years. Sorry.

    • R. Lee Otherson says:

      Wisconsinitis. He must be punished for arousing the envy of the mediocre. Don’t believe it? — just try living there.

  4. Badger State says:

    It seems Aaron’s expectations are very reasonable, unlike what some media reports said. I feel a lot better after watching the press conference.

    • Skip Bayless says:

      Is it me or is Aaron Rodgers jealous of what Goat brady did at Tampa ?

    • The Good Tom King says:

      @Skip Bayless Jealous that other great QBs get to have input on player decisions? Yes.

    • Royalty says:

      @Super_Duper_ Saiyan Rodgers never had doubt bcs I didn’t believe everything the media said but he answered what we all needed to hear

    • Royalty says:

      @Skip Bayless maybe everyone really is he goes to a team and gets great defense and everyone builds around him Rodgers sees how he’s getting treated and he like “I’m great to help me out” yk

  5. Ayang says:

    Can’t blame him, imagine at your own job, your leaders aren’t giving you enough respect and support throughout the years. You are to carry the workload each and every day. And you being one of the hardest worker there they won’t give you any help because they think they can just rely on you forever. That’s when the frustration kicks in and you leave out the door.

    Yeah greenbay has had talent but have we done anything big but win 1 superbowl and lost a few nfc championships? We should have had at least 3 superbowl wins with Rodgers under the helm.

    • Ayang says:

      I’m not gonna argue, being a greenbay fan you know what’s been happening each and every season. Like how they still can’t even bring in a decent ILB all these years. Just that alone proves a point that Rodgers is trying to make.

      But if you just follow Aaron Rodgers from the news and drama you’re just an outsider buzzing for things to talk about him.

    • John Dlong says:

      That’s what I did a year ago, never looked back. I bet this happens in corporate America everyday

    • Mark Censky says:

      @Miguel López No. I did watch. Really think the super team idea came from TB getting everything he wanted in Tampa. I think all the top stars will demand that.

    • Ernesto Gastelum says:

      @Miguel López i really doubt that Rodgers will say outright that he got influenced by Brady because then he would sound like a kid who whines because he doesnt have what the other kid has

  6. Doug Smith says:

    Serious props to the Packers for posting this on their own channel.

    • Ibrahim Bashir says:

      They had no choice but to post it. Imagine if every single sports news channel was reporting on this big story and the packers didn’t even acknowledge it. That’ll just prove that u really didn’t care about his opinion and u still don’t care now.

    • John Vovolis says:

      He’s gone after this year . Period

    • Lord Deathwake says:

      @Conn Murr The problem with Ted Thompson’s tenure as GM was that although he subscribed to the draft and develop philosophy, he let most of the players they developed go. Even with him not signing FAs, it would have been fine if he had just paid the great players they drafted instead of letting 80% of them leave in FA.

    • R. Lee Otherson says:

      They had no choice but dont be fooled by Wisconsinitis. He must be punished for arousing the envy of the mediocre. Don’t believ it, just try living there.

    • BIG CLIFF says:

      No way that miss opportunity to bank on viewership and YouTube money!!

  7. Chipster says:

    Am now glad that Matt LeFleur won’t look like he is fighting back tears when talking about Rodgers and wanting him back.

  8. Beerus The Destroyer says:

    70% of Charles Woodson is better than Kevin King

  9. James Jordan says:

    “Didn’t wanna be a lame duck Quarterback, especially after a MVP season.” 🎤 drop. Give that man his respect.

  10. Taco Destroyer says:

    “I’m not a victim here, this organization has paid me a ton of money” 😂

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