Packers vs. Bears Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Packers vs. Bears Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Green Bay Packers take on the Chicago Bears during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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72 Responses

  1. Philip Williamson says:

    The real MVP of this game is the video editor who was able to carve 10 1/2 minutes of highlights out of that game

  2. geekdiggy says:

    i’m just gonna pretend the season actually starts on sunday

  3. BlackOdin27 says:

    Yo they did not run or just use David Montgomery enough period, Matt Nagy tried to get way too cute at times in this game and didn’t fully utilize his new weapon smh

  4. Marcelo Soprano says:

    Another great defense with a bad offense oh NFL…Trubisky looked like a rookie out there.

  5. C. Dawg Knight says:

    September of 2016, I sat in the Georgia Dome watching the Bulldogs take on North Carolina. Never once did it ever cross my mind, “hey this Trubisky kid will be the first QB taken in the draft”

  6. J P says:

    Had all offseason to prepare the team. Had months to prepare for the Packers specifically….. score a field goal.

  7. Hillary LeFrere Jr. says:

    Trubisky looking like Rex Grossman reincarnated ?

  8. jake scott says:

    Bears: 3

    *NBC’s stupid Camera angles: -1*

  9. Breon Mitchell says:


  10. Timothy Kenyon says:

    How about that Packers defense, awesome job players and Coaching staff

  11. GED Gert says:

    Graham really jumped over a dude and what an *OG*

  12. Marshall Williams says:

    Fun stats:
    Trubisky 45 passing attempts
    Bears had 15 total rushes

    Chicago really fell in love throwing Mike Davis screens for no gain on third down

  13. Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos says:

    Who would’ve thought the Bears kicker was their best offensive player?

    • jusayen so says:

      @RJ Ante ….Yep. But most fans decided to blame Parkey, even though the entire offense scored one touchdown. This game should not surprise fans. Nagy decides to sit Trubisky in preseason?! Oh look!…Zero touchdowns…worse than one touchdown against playoff competition in last season’s one and done playoff appearance. Parkey was wrongly blamed for last seasons playoff loss and “main problem to improve on in the offseason”. (and it was proven his last kick was tipped, and hitting the upright proved that only 2 to 3 inches was what his tipped kick missed going through the uprights) Naturally, most fans couldn’t figure out what the main problem was. Somehow, they got too caught up with the drama of hitting a goal post versus missing wide by 10 yards (360 inches). It’s worse to have a tipped kick miss by 2 inches versus 360 inches? Ok….sure thing grabowski’s! Meanwhile, in the last two games, despite good field position handed to the offense by the defense, the offense has generated one touchdown in the last two games. Will these fans ever learn? Very few will learn.

    • WhosKayuh says:

      @RJ Ante that didn’t age well

    • Jags Nation says:

      @US Clipz ur just mad that ur team scored 3 points

    • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me says:

      Bucs going 5-11 this year

    • Phil Davidson says:

      Their kickers always used to be the best, then defense, offensive always sucks since the 85 bears

  14. Brandon Tran says:

    Next thing i knew it was 3rd & 40 ???

  15. Patrick Johnson says:

    Packers offensive and defensive line has improved! We need Rodgers at 100% this whole season if we got a chance of winning the whole thing

  16. Black Reaper says:

    Bears defense: *makes a stop*
    Bears offense: “ight imma head out”

  17. brandon boyd says:

    I use to be mad at how sorry Trubisky is on madden. But after actually getting to see him play I can understand now.

  18. Ghostron says:

    I blame Matt Naggy because instead of trying to actually run the ball he believed to much in trubiskys arm to win the game.

  19. Logan Harter says:

    “This is what happens when you spend money on free agents.” -packers fan

  20. Alittlebitnuts2day says:

    Jay Cutler was not very sharp out there tonight for Chicago

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