Packers vs. Cardinals Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2021

Packers vs. Cardinals Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2021

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45 Responses

  1. Lieutenant Nomad says:

    That last play was so exciting that even Joe Buck showed emotion.

    • Eric Prydes says:

      @Ryan woosh! 💯🤔

    • Tyreek Hill says:

      Packers are better than the cards and it isnt even close packers were missing 3 starting we their best pass rusher who is a pro bowler the second best corner in the league and the best left tackle in the league and still lost🤣🤣🤣

    • Jake Arsenta says:

      The Packers should have lost. They only won because of the refs

    • Weiner Glockton says:

      @Random User #NetsIn4 I think your being a little hopeless. I’m not even a cards fan and I know with that healthy cards team. They will kick ass, one game JJ watts gone and they lose don’t mean they are middle tier.

  2. Sparton says:

    That was the saddest interception ever, right after they made 90 yards in a minute

  3. Stuart Coupe says:

    It was like everyone was playing for their life/career. 100 percent effort.

  4. calicationoflife says:

    That old Cardinals fan in the background after the interception is just pure comedy..

  5. Vinny Ganzano says:

    This was a good game for neutrals to watch.

    • ACR says:

      @Mark Davis The Cardinals and the Packers are BITTER rivals!!! There are no two teams who hate each other more than these two! I always drop what I’m doing if the Cardinals and the Packers are playing!!!

    • jeremy144713 says:

      @Dollmaster11 11 yeah that’s gonna be a good game! Excited to see how Winston handles the nerves of playing against his old team and the GOAT.

    • FoxtheImpersonator says:

      @jeremy144713 You and me both. I’m a Bucs fan, and I was just watching in anticipation that the Packers would give the Cardinals their 1st loss. No lie, I told her if the Packers pick it off, they’ll win, and by golly did that happen!

    • MBA 84 says:

      @R. Russell cool copy and paste bro. You could say the same for the Cobb end zone incompletion

  6. Elizabeth Norton says:


    Megan: “Hotter”
    Hopi: “Sweeter”
    Joonie: “Cooler”
    _Yoongi: “Butter”_
    Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.

  7. CaptainQueue says:

    Packers fan here. Arizona has an amazing team both ways and that was the best goal line defense I’ve ever seen. Salute!

  8. AndrewMycol says:

    I’m glad Ertz is now on a team with a coach that knows how to utilize the offense to their strengths. Meanwhile the Eagles coach is busy talking about flowers 💐

  9. HISHAM931 says:

    Gotta love the Packers RB’s, Jones and Dillon will claw and fight for each yard. Effort like that is rare!

  10. Skylar Lysaker says:

    I dont know why but the freaking packers flow is insane, they are so tight. I mean the cards are incredible as a team, but the packers syngery i just witnessed was out of this world.

    • edmhie1 says:

      those two turn overs were the big difference……….10-points……then the last second interception. Packers really was destined to win it.

    • Jerrad Seibert says:

      Having Rodgers help command the field was a huge role in that synergy last night, I believe

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