Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

All-time great Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision over Adrien “The Problem” Broner to defend his WBA Welterweight World Championship on SHOWTIME PPV® Saturday night in front of a sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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110 Responses

  1. Cysf66 says:

    Wow you can actually see Badou jacks cut opening up ?

  2. Breaking News says:

    More like, Adrien “Got Manny Problems” Broner

  3. J Preme says:

    Adrien “ If you didn’t knock me out I win” Broner.

  4. Preme says:

    Adrien lost as soon as he came out in those fashion nova shorts.

  5. Random Youtube Comment says:

    Manny PACMANs a beast 14 years ago till this day 8division champ, what else to prove?. We need an action figure or a real statute for him before he retires. Once in a lifetime boxer.

    • Robert Fuentes says:

      Let’s be honest, if he wanted to be TBE then he wouldn’t stop at 50.

    • boss mane says:

      +Frederick Amador what happen when they fought each other.. Pac man damn near didnt even hit em

    • boss mane says:

      +Robert Fuentes he’s 40 years old why tf would he jeep going

    • Devon Lewis says:

      Frederick Amador Yes his is! I say it like this, Floyd didn’t want to see Pac 12 years ago. Does anyone remember how elusive the whole TBE was about that??? Yeah Fred he doesn’t know boxing at all!

    • boss mane says:

      +Devon Lewis it took that nigga Pac man hella long to agree to being tested.. Why y’all be tryna switch shit up just to hate on Floyd.. They both great once in a life time fighters

  6. imJaylyn says:

    Damn badou deserves a rematch

    • Bill Clark says:

      Exactly, they should have ended and cancelled the fight after that headbutt.

    • Bill Clark says:

      +· KING · I hope Browne gets knocked spark out asap. I don’t like loud mouths. I wouldn’t be surprised if he headbutt Jack on purpose and that was a hollow win.

    • · KING · says:

      +Chris Calam Leading with the head and following up with punches is not the same as LUNGING head first without throwing a punch. It looked intentional.

    • · KING · says:

      +Bill Clark I completely agree. It definitely looked like he knew what he was doing by lunging forward head first. I’m all for a fighter being loudly confident (a la Conor McGregor). I don’t like disrespectful loud mouths like Browne and Broner.

    • Joe Alderete says:

      MrErnieHanks I think anybody would get they ass beat after getting that fat ass cut

  7. Jersey Pickett says:

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to people that pacman won

  8. yonatan yoni says:

    Broner: I’m out here doing it for the hood!
    The hood: new number who dis?

  9. Lil Fire says:

    Broner talked hella shit to get humbled in the ring by Manny

    • SkyDaLimit925 says:

      Lil Fire lol you didn’t watch the fight because obviously you didn’t hear what he said after and Everyone That liked his comment also didn’t watch the fight because yes ab Got beat but he still talk shit after so that’s not being humble

    • Michael Adejoro says:

      He got humbled by El chino too.

    • L3t Me says:

      +Mr. Fair go read a book man stop being a racist all ur life. Always on sum dumb. Colour shyt

  10. SilentHashassin' says:

    @1:48 You see that Falcon Punch Pacquaio gave Broner!!! Damn near took his head off, I admire Broners chin. Your average person would be dead after that blow.

    • yourgaypleb nomatterwhatudo says:

      he had the flu damn imagine if he was 100%

    • Rizzo Aristotle says:

      +JC Denton ???

    • Lou says:

      Broner vs McGregor next!

    • Tyone Mcneal says:

      Are we really talking about Adrien Broner!? Please, He may have shown promise early in his career, but that big has mouth and the refusal to train and get better at his craft has subdued him, Also not everyone from the hood supports this garbage mouth asshole, so keep your funky ass comments directed towards Broner, Thanx

    • Chris Hall says:

      +Wakandan Cowboy I think it is because Marquez has a faster more aggressive style then Floyd.when u r will to exchange with Pacquiao ( not run and hug),than you have alot more opportunities to land a power punch. Floyd just dont have that mentality. That is why he is boring to watch

  11. Judah Cochrane says:

    Broner should fight Micky Mouse next

  12. 420 Fitness says:

    I’m soooo happy I didn’t spend 65 dollars on this fight

    • Logan DUBBER says:

      I paid 5 bucks at the bar… It was more packed than Canelos last fight! They should the UFC prelims but not the main card.

    • gion rosario says:

      Should’ve just spent $5 to watch UFC on espn plus, insane night of fights

    • Logan DUBBER says:

      +gion rosario

      Although I enjoy some UFC fights, I’m more of a boxing guy. Boxing is more skillful and uses more thinking and precise punches. I cringe when I see UFC fighters with their hands down eat haymakers a boxers can see coming from miles away… their stricking defenses suck and when they go to the ground and roll around for a whole round on top of each other in speedos, I lose interest.

    • gion rosario says:

      +Logan DUBBER long term game plans and strategy is more effective in boxing but there are so little tools it just doesnt get me excited anymore. Also it’s much easier to get caught by hay makers when theres always a threat of getting blasted in the stomach or leg by a shin bone or dumped onto your head. Tiny gloves do little to protect against strikes and MMA fighters explode faster than boxers due to that high demand of explosion. I do agree most of them should have better striking defense though. Check out Nate diaz vs dieti Sanchez if you want to see some exciting grappling

    • Logan DUBBER says:

      +gion rosario

      I know my UFC man and that Nate fight was great. Anderson Silva was one of my favs to watch when it came to grappling but when it comes to someone like Khabib, I think hes unstoppable and will change the way MMA fighters fight in the near future. Why stand and strike when a wrestler can just take you on your back no matter how good of a striker you are and then ground and pound you into submission? It would be wise for ever young fighter to copy Khabib’s style and master it. That style will always give you the best odds of winning. Forget about working on your strike game!

  13. Javier Mejia says:

    Bro. Broner never been the same since he got knocked down by Maidana… he seems scared to throw punches and get knocked down again… sadly Maidana ruined this mans career…

  14. Wesley Chavious says:

    Adrien Broner is a bum. Yeah he has good hands, when it comes to bums like him, but he hasn’t beaten one top class contender. If he focused more on his craft, boxing instead of running his mouth, he’d be the champ. All he is is a chump.

  15. Greeneyez2475 says:

    Manny still banging. What a legend

  16. Edgar Rodriguez says:

    When a 40 year boxer beats you by UD. It’s time to reconsider your career..

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      I mean come on. A world class athlete at 40, staying in shape and in focus can easily outmatch a 20 or 30 year old easily. Experience and skill outmatches age everytime. I’d be scared shitless of a 60 year old Chi master…

    • darryl brown says:

      Q ue you reaching, I dont like Spence and I think he is a weight bully , but he knocks Pacquiao out in 8 rounds or less.

    • some body says:

      He don’t look like no 40 yr old

    • yourgaypleb nomatterwhatudo says:

      hes no ordinary 40 year old boxer

  17. TheIGGod says:

    Broner problem is that he copied Floyd’s style without fully understanding it. He doesn’t use the shoulder roll right at times, and his Philly shell is just for show. He goes into a defense stance and still gets hit! Plus, he lacks work ethic! ?

    • Alexander Montoya says:

      He wanna be floyd so bad

    • Robert Brinkman says:

      Lol. Same word for word comment twice, got the same reactions twice.

    • Robert Brinkman says:

      +Illstatevid how does Broner ko a guy that’s been dead for over 20 years? ? Makaveli4Life. The only Pac.

    • Illstatevid says:

      +Robert Brinkman Forgive me

    • Sticky Mafioso says:

      The thing is, I remember Floyd saying this a while back, “you gotta know when to turn it on and turn it off.” Broner’s defense isn’t ‘bad’, but he doesn’t know when to throw in between his opponent’s onslaughts. There were a lot of moments Broner could’ve countered, but he just doesn’t know when to throw. Broner reminds me of Zab Judah… excellent skills, but tends to always fall short against world class opponents.

  18. Doctor Doc says:

    It’s the same story every Broner fight “he needs to let his hands go” it’s to the point where he’s scared to even go guns blazing. He’s mental has been off every since that Maidana fight

  19. Kemet's Son says:

    I cant believe people actually thought Broner was gonna win ??‍♂️

  20. Wally 1970 says:

    Manny with the flu beats broner

    • L3t Me says:

      +adaboy4z did he take anything for it

    • adaboy4z says:

      +L3t Me I’m not sure if he did…

    • L3t Me says:

      +adaboy4z ok.can’t fight on medication. It a enhancer. Thanks btw

    • Robert Brinkman says:

      +L3t Me is that in a textbook somewhere? So Jordan can score 38 in the finals with the flu, Favre can play football (with all abandon to his health, play style wise) after an accident that took a lot of his intestines before he was even pro, Woods can be on tour with a broken leg and torn ACL….

      But, Pacman beat only bums (…) and cant accomplish the same feats? Wrong.

      Pacman is world class and HOF in his sport, just like the rest I mentioned.

      Why did he have to cheat again?

    • L3t Me says:

      +Robert Brinkman ur comparing other sports. To another? Why. Flu n cold Medication have enhancer in them. Farve , Jordan whom ever took enhancers in those times for energy boosting in which those sports allow I assume, but boxing does not. . Its pretty much cheating in boxing. I’m. Not starting the b.s ok.. So
      Yea its in writing in The Rules guide on supplement use. You cant fight on flu/cold medication. Billy Joe Saunders got suspended for nasal spray use when he had cold and had permission to use it. But you Know why he got suspended? its a booster. They said it cheating. Not by my opinion but thiers. Cold. Flu Remendy is no different in that aspect. No one is playing favorites here. Only ur self. Step off it. I don’t write the health guidelines for boxing, I just asked a question. And yes it cheating if he did.

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