Pacquiao vs. Broner: Weigh-In | SHOWTIME PPV

Pacquiao vs. Broner: Weigh-In | SHOWTIME PPV

Weigh-In featuring eight-division world champion, Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and four-division world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner.

#SHOSports #PacBroner

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70 Responses

  1. Bone Collector says:

    Pacquiao is definitely going to win. Why? Because Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2 has to happen.

    • Yung Sammy Sosa says:

      Why? So mayweather can beat the Fuck out of him AGAIN?? ???

    • Yung Sammy Sosa says:

      +Christopher Paul you sound like a Broner he’s better??? That goes without saying..mayweather doesn’t have shit else to prove

    • Third-Eye says:

      Iv floyd should stay retired.. peoples champ is pac

    • REX NAMBAWAN says:

      *SO* *YEAH* *PAC* *WAS* *ROBBED* *BIGTIME* *A* *LOT*

    • REX NAMBAWAN says:

      7 and a half hours to go
      for the easy win for pac lmao ???
      *porter* just said that pacquiao is too much for broner wahahaha and will win
      probably by k.o

  2. Tactical Bunny says:

    Pauli malignaggi looks like a grown version of Caillou

  3. Joe Robinson says:

    Notice how no one says manny has money problems because he’s still fighting at 40. But Floyd comes back and it’s because he’s having money issues? Double standards for a black man. Incredible

    • Courtney Sutherlin says:

      +jonny boi taxes.speak on that fuck boy

    • pretty Barbie says:

      You don’t see Pacquiao spending on stupid shit like floyd. Black men should stop spending money on worthless things and think there worth is what they have.

    • Taco Potter says:

      well thats because you dont see Manny bragging about his money as floyd does.. it is pretty obvious that Floyd is having money problems just looking at how he is wasting it on stupid shit (gambling, millions of dollars on jewerly, watches etc). Manny is not having money problems because he is not dumb like Floyd is and knows how to expend it.

    • The Schmidt Anderson says:

      Because Manny hasn’t said he’s retiring 2 times and keeps on coming back

    • Wake up Sheeple says:

      Jump off a cliff nobody got time for that

  4. Marquise BLXCK says:

    As we get closer to the fight, it’s starting to feel more & more like a PPV.

  5. Chris Williams says:

    The let down??? Y’all got AB fvked up!

    • calichin productions says:

      What minut did he say this

    • Kenneth Jamerson says:

      ? straight up

    • Jeffrey Jimenez says:

      He is thou has had all the chances to be a world champion and lost all of them and still say I’m going to do this and that but come to fight night he never shows up

    • Kenneth Jamerson says:

      +Jeffrey Jimenez he only lost 3 fights if he lost every fight to be a world champion how he get all those belts and been world champion in 4 weight classes? He do need to get more serious when he get big fights but he deserves to be known as a word class fighter bro

    • John Doe says:

      Basically anytime he fights someone who is actually relevant he loses

  6. norvinzor says:

    Manny Pacquiao’s legacy is already written in the stone. Fighting AB is putting extra extra toppings on the ?

  7. Check Check says:

    It’s cool that AB is able to be himself and not get booed or have the commentators say anything about his choice of words.

  8. TheLtrain85 says:

    Funny thing is, Pacquiao grew up in tougher hoods than Broner

    • Third-Eye says:

      +Steve Paraiso Pac was a panther and cared for people. These niggas only care about themselves. Pac helps the poor in his country and his worth is more then broner. But broner be wearing jewellery lol

    • Jay Won'tStopDrummin says:

      clarence barr your a dumbass kid lol go to the Philippines and get kidnapped for ransom nobody doing it like them

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      At least McDonald’s had free WiFi in Broner’s hood….

    • clarence barr says:

      Jay Won’tStopDrummin they don’t kidnap blacks you idiot .only white people …and why do you feel some way when it’s all statistics ..fucking weirdo

    • clarence barr says:

      Daniel Hagamann it doesn’t matter..U.S ghettos are far more worse when it comes to murder and’s something you have to accept ..the statistics prove it ….3rd world is more poverty but U.S ghettos are brainwashed black men that grew up with no father and selling drugs since young while being influenced since a child to kill and sell drugs through the music being pushed out on the black community…it is was more dangerous for you to walk through the ghettos of Chicago,Detroit,st Louis ,and Baltimore than you to walk through Philippines…they will literally kill you for no reason in U.S hoods

  9. Lijaw Fial says:

    Broner’s gonna face Daddy Handspeed. May his beard protect him at all times. Lol.

  10. Ken Doll says:

    17:44 Pacman booty slapped AB a sign u gonna be my ?
    For the hood?

  11. Wah Tu Sy says:

    Pacquiao = THE LEGEND
    Broner = THE LETDOWN
    SHOWTIME = Savage
    Showtime is shady and salty.. wtf?! lol

    • Beezy Talking Shit says:

      Pacman fans before the fight: Pac’s goin to knock him out in 6.

      Pacman fans after he loses: They cheated! It was a Robbery. (Damn i thought he was goin to knock broner out? How can a knocked out man rob another man?) Watch the excuses IF..IF…IF broner wins.

    • Ainz Ooal Gown Sama says:

      +Beezy Talking Shit If Boner lose, his dumb fans will say: It’s okay, it’s expected. Nothing new to him.?

    • Beezy Talking Shit says:

      +Ainz Ooal Gown Sama He’s the underdog dumb ass. He’s PICKED to lose! You’re not THAT DUMB to where you can’t figure that out are you?

    • chuckfkn norris aye says:

      Wah Tu Sy I didn’t like the dude interviewing tank he’s fishing for shit mayn

    • Ж says:

      Showtime = the fookin weasel.

  12. Pacific Northwest Nomad Give aways soon!!! says:

    Manny has got robbed in 4 of his losses and the draw, Manny should be 65-2

    • REXMADNESS _YT says:

      +dai alexander *manny* *whoop* *their* *a$$* *more* *$tupid* *$hit* *!*

    • Pacific Northwest Nomad Give aways soon!!! says:

      +TheChattounet Those were his only losses idiot! He beat him first 2 fights, Manny knocked down that douchebag 3 times in one round, so he went and did a bunch of steroids idiot. obviously don’t watch or no shit a out boxing!!

    • TheChattounet says:

      +Pacific Northwest Nomad Give aways soon!!! ahah keep sucking you’re good at it

    • Maricela Galarza says:

      +dai alexander hell no! pacquiao did not lose to bradley that’s the biggest robbery i have ever witnessed i’m not going to lie though, i was so happy when they robbed him i literally laughed and yelled in disbelief that they gave bradley the win.

    • Yung Sammy Sosa says:

      +REXMADNESS _YT mayweather landed more punches dumbass..on second thought I’m done conversation is over…can’t talk facts with a dumbass

  13. jorge scott says:

    Broner is trying hard to look intimidating but Manny just laughed and know that talking trash and acting tough does not win fights. Manny will do the talking with his fists tomorrow night. LOL

  14. Jay Luis says:

    Manny Pacquiao & Henry Cejudo vs Adrian Broner & TJ Dillashaw – Tag Team match, book it Vince!! ??

  15. Double V says:

    Broner cuts weight rapidly ?

  16. Eturnal Saga01 says:

    Pac is a Senator/ Entertainment Co. Broner is a Actor/Entertainer Both Have Bright Futures.!!!

  17. UserInterface00 says:

    The 40 year old athletes will win this championship weekend.
    •Manny Pacquiao
    •Drew Brees
    •Tom Brady

  18. Saul Goodman says:

    This will happen during the fight.
    And after.

  19. Eren says:

    Ab actually looks really sincere and focused and in a way knows he has to win.

  20. Pex Man says:

    Another retirement on Mannys resume…Make sure Broner has plenty of Stamina or else…….

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