Paddy Pimblett Octagon Interview | UFC 282

Paddy Pimblett Octagon Interview | UFC 282

Fan favorite Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett remains undefeated in the Octagon after earning the unanimous decision victory over opponent Jared Gordon at UFC 282 on Saturday.

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52 Responses

  1. YoiAmGucci says:

    Congrats to Jared on winning the fight. Congrats to Paddy on noshing off the boss on a podcast and getting the decision.

  2. Dani Farooq says:

    Even the crowd is not completely behind him for this win

  3. Joe Owen says:

    The way paddy blocks those hooks with his face is exceptional

  4. buixrule says:

    Nobody is a bigger fan of Paddy Pimblett than Paddy Pimblett.

  5. Suj says:

    I can’t believe Paddy wanted Fight of the night. He already got Gift of the Night.

  6. Otter No. 11 says:

    Paddy calling for fight of the night after a performance like that in the first decision of the night is embarrassing.

  7. Svengali says:

    Paddy should be an inspiration to all of us. He shows that you can get beaten down and lose every single round yet walk away a winner , what an icon !

  8. BigBrooks 4444 says:

    Paddy would be one of the easiest fights to prepare for , he makes you wanna hit him so bad 😂

    • j.p. says:

      Plus he’s literally just there to be hit. They mention it all the time, his chin is up all the time. He will get wiped out like molly if he hits the rankings

    • Maurício Hiure says:

      @Thebluefus he’s not gonna shag you mate

    • thewatcher says:

      @Phillip Moses worse matchup for this guy is someone with wrestling and striking to cancel his strengths.

    • Daddy Long Legs says:

      @molto forte his first loss is gonna be a viscious knockout i cant wait

    • Phillip Moses says:

      If the UFC didn’t like Paddy he would have been beaten already; they are cashing in on train and will ride it for as long as they can. Paddy is tough, has good BJJ, and is a brawler, but he is not an elite fighter. He’s an ok fighter with a lot of heart who can, in theory, be really great if he tighten up his holes, but what is the incentive for him to do that if he’s not fighting the best guys?

      Gordon was as legit as a test for him as he got so far and Paddy sneaked right by, barely. Hell, one can say all of his fights he had a bit of adversity. Put him up against a guy like Arman, Gamrot, Fiziev, or any ranked guy in the 10 with legit killer instinct and balanced skills and Paddy will get dozed over like Bryce Mitchell did last night. And Bryce Mitchell is a solid fighter too.

  9. handsomefatboy says:

    He just proved how powerful a hype train is, because even a lot of his fans who were for Paddy even thought he lost

  10. Shikhar Anand says:

    Wow! People were comparing him to Connor. He will be lucky if he turns out to be a journeyman.

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