Paige is relieved of her duties as SmackDown General Manager: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 18, 2018

Paige is relieved of her duties as SmackDown General Manager: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 18, 2018

Shane-O-Mac discusses the new era of WWE with all of Team Blue, and thanks Paige for a job well done during her time as SmackDown General Manager.


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74 Responses

  1. Zane McFly says:

    “Last night on Raw…”


  2. Jinny Legend says:

    SmackDown LIVE doesn’t need a fresh start. SmackDown LIVE was doing fine compared to RAW anyway.

  3. A Capps says:

    Big E was giving Daneil Bryan some eyes

  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

    Damn.. That’s tuff

  5. Savage_god60 says:

    And here’s the problem again not listening, Raw sucked, Smackdown was doing great

  6. Shiny Mew says:

    1:56 Xavier woods be like “yeah i smashed that”

  7. kelly Montgomery says:

    Omg ?? that face to Daniel Bryan by Big E

  8. The Kirby T says:

    This is the third “New Era” in 5 years. I don’t believe anything WWE says about changing.

  9. Caleb Ross says:

    Lol New Day eating meat in front of Bryan

  10. Jay Harris says:

    Smackdown live was not the problem Monday Night Raw is the problem

  11. Vesper Venom says:

    Did the new day purposefully eat meat by Daniel Bryan ??

  12. Robert Heitzman says:

    So pretty much there is no GM of Raw and Smackdown, only 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK….well that’s f(bleep)king great

  13. Megalouis100 says:

    1:23 “So… Daniel, I heard you’re a vegan” – Big E

  14. Blake Foster says:

    SmackDown blows away Raw like always. Better Women’s division, better Tag Team division, better main champs, better stories, and better Main Events. Oh. And The Man with her awesome promos . Only problem I have with SmackDown is the US Championship. Need to have a new design and stop making Nakamura a jobbing champ.

    • Mkm says:

      Blake Foster Exactly smackdown is better than raw.

    • Kevin G says:

      How can you say smackdown has a better women’s division. Other than Becky, Charlotte, and, Asuka there is no others. Raw has Ronda, Nia, Natayla, Sasha, Bailey, Mickie, Ruby, Liv, and Sarah. The men’s division is really only about Daniel and A.J and freaking new day, uso’s, and the bar. Don’t get me started on the Raw side. So in my opinion, Raw is the flagship number 1! Hopefully now we will see better creative material.

    • Blake Foster says:

      +Kevin G Did you not watch that hour long women’s main event on Monday? It was so boring. Nia is trash. Natty is old news. Ruby is stale.

    • Mkm says:

      Kevin G smackdown is batter then raw.

  15. Richard Cain says:

    Randy Orton! He’s like… WTF I’m doin here!
    Yeah he’s a bloody legend, this scene doesn’t fit with him at all.

  16. Mistress Jen says:

    Booing when Shane mentioned Raw. Hey, maybe they are listening to us. ?

  17. LegendaryKing says:

    Wanna know how good Smackdown is check 1:25 subtle yet effective. Daniel Vegan gets annoyed by Big E eating meat. True kayfabe

  18. Kevin Templeton says:

    Smackdown live is way better than raw they didn’t need to change anything

  19. 1000 subscriber with No videos? says:

    Shane O mac’s speech was like Teacher giving lessons to students in old school days…..

  20. gamer dude 6:12 says:

    So I wonder what Paige’s new role will be if GM’s have been done away with maybe she’ll be in charge of the women only who knows just keep her on my screen dammit?

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