Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)

Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)

When a tornado destroys the city power grid, make a YouTube videoπŸ™ƒ
After filming this video we decided we want to donate all the ad revenue from this video to those seriously affected by the Ottawa storm – the donation will be made to the Red Cross’ #Ottstorm tornado relief fund ❀️ Thank you guys for supporting by watching the ads!

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72 Responses

  1. Brendon’s Belly Button says:

    My nails know what you did in the dark. 😏

  2. Mcfunion :3 says:

    *simplynailogical and ben being literal parents for 17 minutes straight*

  3. Charlotte Renner says:

    this was highkey one of your best videos. i loved hearing you two talk. please more talking chit chat videos! ❀️❀️

  4. Mcfunion :3 says:

    *power in Ottawa has left the chat*

  5. HauntedSidhe says:

    Ben, you actually hit the nail on the head with your comment about hospital and marriage, and it’s actually one of the big reasons why the lgbt+ community wants full marriage rights (which we have, for now at least.). It’s not only an issue in conservative states where gay people are being denied visitation of their partners or the children of their partners in hospitals because their not considered immediate family, but this was a HUGE issue during the AIDS crisis in America, where people were being turned away from seeing their literal actual dying partners, denied the right to say goodbye, because they weren’t considered immediate family because of homophobia, even when they’ve lived with each other and been seeing each other their entire lives. Now that we can legally get married, we have (or are supposed to have) state/national rights from this, which means hospitals will not be able to, legally, turn us away and deny us the right to visit our loved ones in the hospital because we can sue. Though, of course, laws are only as good as they are enforced, and I don’t know how gung ho the conservative states are at defending the rights of it’s gay citizens, but. Yeah.
    Nobody asked for a weird gay history lesson on this video, but I thought it’d be interesting to let you know that yeah, that’s a reason people still get married these days that isn’t religious based.

    • Christine Ela Sabijon says:

      +rawabi mohammed i too am entitled to my opinion. So go on, hate on the LGBT+ Community my opinion will stand firm that no one likes you. My BELIEF is I don’t like you and my BELIEF is that my religion FORBIDS judging other people. How dare you compare humans to those who have sex with animals those are the ones who are disgusting. I really feel sorry for you too and your grammar and you beliefs and everything else around you. I hope you have a wonderful life. I know someone who is bisexual and he sure as hell is so much more of a better person than a religous person like you. So bye!

    • rawabi mohammed says:

      +l a c e y owh, explain logically whats wrong with people who want to have sex with animals? why isnt it okay to have sex with animals and is okay to be gay? where’s ur logic? gross

    • l a c e y says:

      +rawabi mohammed What the fuck? Having sex with animals is a completely different thing. How, biologically and scientifically, are the two related?

    • rawabi mohammed says:

      +l a c e y a man likes a cow and wants to have sex with her , a woman likes a horse and wants to have sex with him , why not? if being gay is okay why isnt it okay to have sex with animals? would two men having sex get children? would two women having sex get children? is all the gay stuff all about liking someone to the extent that they want having sex with that person ? then i think having sex with animals isnt different since the whole thing is about liking and having (sex) ,dare u not call it GROSS

    • Sage Rob says:

      @rawabi mohammed There are so many things wrong with you….and your comment (didn’t anyone teach you how to spell?). Also, I’m religious as well but at least I’m not a hateful person like you. Stop using religion as an excuse to spread hate. -_-

      also thanks to @sidhe for enlightening me on the topic of hospitals & marriage for the LGBTQ+… I never knew any of that before reading your comment.

  6. Skye's Slimez says:

    How has the tea been spilled if there is no tea?

  7. Taylor Clarke says:

    Live in Ottawa too… Didn’t have power for 3 days, finally came on 2 hours ago… Had to throw out alot of food

  8. Dopey Lyn says:

    I see you girl… see how you said, β€œno I don’t smoke CIGARETTES…” but you left out cannabis. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    • Crowned Bitch says:

      And vape! πŸ˜‚ Thought I was the only one who caught that lol!!

    • ADHD Unscripted says:

      Yes lol the number 1 way to tell if someone is a stoner is ask them “Do you smoke”. If they reply “Smoke what?” Good chance they’re a stoner lmao because a regular cigarette smoker who doesn’t smoke weed will just say Yes

  9. Kate Yuen says:

    tell me why menchie is licking her bed in the background of every video

  10. underseaursula says:

    Isn’t nail polish flammable tho 😭😭lord the anxiety this video is giving me

  11. s !! says:

    i want a ben & cristine + jenna & julien video

  12. Lily NP says:

    I completely agree with you guys about demonetization, and it’s really refreshing to see a youtuber with that perspective (though I’m not surprised you’d have that opinion!). As much as it must suck for youtubers to no longer be getting the income they used to, especially smaller creators who were never making an extravagant living in the first place, that income was never a guarantee or owed to them. I think it’s honestly straight up irrational for people to be angry at youtube because they aren’t making as much money as they want.
    Whenever this debate comes up, I’m always reminded of a very simple piece of advice from Burnie Burns for online content creators: Make your own website. When you have your own website, you have full control. You don’t have to worry about whether your content will be removed or demonetized, you decide how you get paid for the content you make, etc. Sure, it might not be as easy to gain traffic on your own separate platform, but it’s always possible to have content on your own site in addition to youtube, and a lot of these youtubers already have huge, loyal followings who would surely follow them to a different platform. I think a lot of people need to stop complaining about what youtube *isn’t* doing for them, and start making moves to find something that *is* going to keep their business sustainable.
    (Also I just read the description and props to y’all for donating the ad revenue!)

  13. Cookie Msp says:

    selling replays for 1 like

    thanks πŸ™‚

  14. BTS Thot says:

    Random comment but-
    Cristine is honestly so smart. She’s been a really big influence on my life as well as my education. I actually applied to an Early College program in my state because of her, and I was accepted. Now I’ll have an AA degree when I graduate HS. She’s so smart and kind and if I could choose to be like any YouTube personality, it would be Cristine.

    • TheJGWC says:


    • R. H. says:

      I would be graveyardgirl cuz she reminds me of my mom before my mom became bipolar

    • Kathryn Klempel says:

      That’s awesome! This is exactly what I did years and years ago when I was in highschool 🀣🀣 I graduated with a ASsociates of applied sciences and my CNA now 5 years later I got my specialty in surgical technology. Early college is the best you can do

    • BTS Thot says:

      Charley Tennen It’s not called that here, it’s just called early college so I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. I’m taking HS classes and college level courses at the same time and the HS classes I’m taking are also all honors. It is VERY demanding and a lot of work. I don’t know how I’ve made it this far already.

    • C L says:

      AND TATI !!!

  15. Isabella Zafra says:

    Do Cristine and Ben’s coworkers know about this channel??

  16. I need therapy after infinity war says:

    Cristine please don’t donate to the Red Cross!!! It is not what you think it is. We had some major flooding where I live and hundreds donated money and supplies to them and we got almost non of it. They fed the people at the shelters terrible food and fed the employees steak and luxury meals. Donate to local charities instead. Locals are the people who get things done!!!

    • Eden Blue says:

      I need therapy after infinity war Yeah, I’ve been hearing that The Red Cross doesn’t give the money to those it’s intended to. So it’s true? Frick, that’s awful.

  17. Roberto XS says:

    Your views on monetization are very well thought and if only more people thought like you did.

  18. hila kleiner says:

    “no! i dont smoke…

    *cigarettes* ”
    what *_do_* you smoke cristineπŸ‘€πŸ‘€??

  19. RedPandaNinja says:

    I really appreciate your honesty in talking about your finances and your jobs. Even though you’re making more on YouTube than you are your job with the government, you continue to emphasize the importance of having that financial stability as well as an education.

    Of course I am sure there are YouTubers who have enough now to retire comfortably, there is no guarantee that if YouTube disappeared overnight, that they would be able to handle that loss of (frankly) monumental income. There’s an importance to respecting money as a tool, and being able to support yourself not just now, but years into the future.

    Samantha R has also recently talked about how even though she makes a lot of money, she doesn’t feel as though her job as an influencer fulfills her. Thank you for being real about it. Money is wonderful and of course anyone would love to have lots, but it’s also not everything. I’ve been spending time trying to come to terms with this. As a pretty broke uni student, the idea that more money can solve my problems is very tempting, though I know it’s not true.

    • JodiLea says:

      Oh I fully believe money buys happiness. Before anyone fusses, hear me out.
      (I agree with you 100% just saying) and no money isn’t everything of course but if I was able to choose between just say 10 million dollars or say eternal life, I just may take the money. Just because ok I can live forever…. after watching my kids and husband die and everyone around me and it may take a while to get rich when my family is just getting older for them.
      We are considered poor. Almost homeless a few times, poor. We wonder where our next meal comes from on a daily basis. We don’t have family either. My parents are addicts and my husband only has his mother who is disabled. Every little step forward we take, I’m pushed so far back it’s ridiculous. I broke down crying one time thinking we were cursed. I’d give damn near anhthing to have even just 500 grand right about now. I’d invest like crazy (my husband is very good with numbers) and buy myself a good house and maybe 2 good cars with the rest. I would NOT blow it. And then make sure my REAL family is taken care of and my community with whatever I can. I’d give back. I’d help anyone who really needs it like Christine and her boyfriend.
      I wish I could give my kids the life they deserve but even as college graduates who cannot afford to move and not able to get ahead even a little to make our lives better, we just can’t. We were sucked into this shit hole town/state that I swear keeps you poor, and can’t do anything about it. And with no family, we have zero help if we tried to move.
      Now of course we can if we really tried, but 1 I have a son with my ex, he won’t let him go. Which is fine, my ex was my first everything we married on our 5yr anniversary and ended up growing apart. He’s a great father. And 2 the ONE person we do have, my mother in law, I can’t leave her. So I’m stuck. We have the lowest minimum wage and absolutely no opportunities where I live therefor everyone is poor as dirt here.
      Anyway sorry to make this so long, but just had to say that. I’m not creative enough or have the energy to start a YouTube channel and make millions, and our luck we’d fail.
      I literally sell everything I own to make ends meet also. I’d die for a income like a YouTuber has. Gosh. I don’t even have a running vehicle right now with 3 kids (twin 4yo girls and 7yo son) life sucks for us 98% of the time. I can only dream of being financially stable.

  20. Ellie Su says:

    Am I the only one fangirling about Ben saying ‘hey girl’ at 1:03 πŸ˜…

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