Panama vs. Chinese Taipei Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Panama vs. Chinese Taipei Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Panama takes on the Chinese Taipei during the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

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31 Responses

  1. Eric Balleisen says:

    I don’t care about the outcome but we need fans like this in MLB

  2. Nelson 000 says:

    7:10 Incredible that, even though they were down 12-2, the Taiwanese crowd still cheered loudly for that home run. Now that’s who you call fans!

    • pp81aamm says:

      ​@Elyfel11 But the world’s top chips are still made in Taiwan. Is it bad that baseball is the most popular sport in Taiwan?

    • Jon Wolf says:

      @zZZ You should be proud of your team and country. I love seeing baseball being played in other countries and having fans so passionate about this great sport.

    • zZZ says:

      @Jon Wolfyour comment is very nice 😢 I am from Taiwan . Though Taiwan get through the embarrassing loss , I am still proud of our national team , our passion for baseball make our fans cheer for this team in every moment😊😊

    • Jon Wolf says:

      ​@Wayne Lee Perhaps you don’t know much about baseball. You can’t judge a team by one game. Any team, on any given day, can get beat up on and then the very next day, turn the tables and do the same to the other team. Why do you think MLB plays 162 games? Because it takes a large sample size to sort out good teams from the mediocre and bad ones.

    • Joseph Nee says:

      @TT6™️ They are. And they also played bad.

  3. Abraham Lagunes says:

    Let’s go Panama! Estamos con ustedes!

  4. Josė Antonio Martinez Gonzalez says:

    This tournament has a great potential! Rounds in different continents before getting to the finals in the USA is so cool. Please MLB, let each country use their players with no restrictions. Then we all see how competitive and exciting every game would be.
    For now, let’s go Panama!!!!!🙂👍

  5. 悟 山田 says:

    let’s go Taiwan🇹🇼
    From Japan🇯🇵

  6. SolaR Exclipse says:

    As a mets fan I’m so happy to see Tejada playing well ❤❤

  7. Jose Cordero says:

    Esperamos llegar a America para la segunda ronda vamos panama tenemos un equipo joven y potente.

  8. Jose Henry says:

    Soy de Panama ojala el beisbol fuera como el futbol que en los mundiales liberan a los jugadores para que representen a su pais.

  9. Anthony Calhoun says:

    Awesome game, way to go to all of the folks behind making such an awesome & real-esque MLB game playing experience.

  10. Brian Vincent says:

    Incredible crowd! Incredible baseball! 🙂

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