Panda Doesn’t Realise She’s Had Twins! | BBC Earth

Panda Doesn’t Realise She’s Had Twins! | BBC Earth

When having multiple cubs, pandas will usually only care for one baby and abandon the other, but switching them around might be the key for both twins’ survival. Narrated by David Attenborough.
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87 Responses

  1. {ง •̀_•́}งfight me says:

    It’s really sad that pandas do that 🙁 but that’s just how nature is…

  2. Unicorn Delhi says:

    This is amazing.
    On the other side, I want to know how interfering with mother nature will turn out to be. I hope you will continue this Panda twin cub series.

  3. Critter T says:

    Both little babies get a chance🐼♥️🐼

  4. Sharee Clifton says:

    how do pandas survive

    • ydh unknwn says:

      Bailey Green if there were billions of humans in the united states like china. They would also be in the brink of extinction

    • Turtle Tail says:

      I, you’re only partially correct. Despite habitat loss having greatly speeding up pandas’ endangerment in the wild, they’re also just really ineffective at reproducing and just living in general. They don’t like to have sex so they rarely do it (one of the reasons being that females are only in heat for about 3 days a year), and their stomaches aren’t even biologically meant for digesting bamboo – they’re actually better suited for digesting meat like most other bears. Despite this, 99% of a panda’s diet is bamboo. As to why this is bad, you should know that only 17% of a bamboo shaft is turned into energy by the panda’s digestive system, meaning they have to eat over a fourth of their body weight in bamboo every day to survive. But they actually prefer eating bamboo shoots, which have even _less_ nutritional value than the rest of the shaft. It’s really just a terrible and inefficient lifestyle, and one that, in attempts of conserving, costs millions of dollars every year that could go into protecting other endangered species or habitats that are more beneficial ecologically – because even though pandas almost completely rely on bamboo, bamboo can do just fine without pandas.

      Also, a group of pandas is literally called an ’embarrasment’. So there’s that.

    • ZeeNasty says:


    • Nikola Tesla says:

      By being cute.

    • 麦わら帽子L.V.H says:

      Bose-Einstein Giant pandas are no longer an endangered species; they’re now considered “vulnerable”

  5. Lipid says:

    SNEAK: 100

  6. shinny eyes says:

    These are actual heros.

  7. Neo! says:

    Man i am telling you asian are smart

  8. LeMarais88 says:

    Very clever switching around 😊. I hope these two little ones will thrive. We need more pandas 🐼💗🌎

  9. Bailey Green says:

    _“I do want to take care of my baby, but… that is some good water”_

  10. John Doe says:

    Should be an interesting reunion:
    Twin One: I’m an only child, who the hell is this guy?
    Twin Two: Who are you, what are you doing here?
    Mother: I… I… I have no idea what is going on!

  11. Sofie says:

    They are cute, beautiful and the effort these people put into helping the species is remarkable. But god damn they are worthless animals.

    • Cragonos Kritirea says:

      Pandas aren’t useless they help spread seeds which grow agriculture which then helps a lot of other endangered species besides it’s not that hard to save them is pretty easy considering how much time we spend on technology when we could help endangered species

    • Wei Wang says:

      It is not useless if it brings joy to people.

    • BLACK & WHITE says:

      You’re a worthless piece of shit. I’d rather be friends with “a useless animal” then even have to look at your ugly ass. Waste of skin.

    • Firebolt Prime says:

      +mike bern humans can adapt to multiple different environments and eat many things

    • Prince Harry says:

      # RealNiggaHours umm no. The Earth and most animals can survive even if we over polluted the World or used all our nuclear bombs. Time and evolution always wins against humans. Look at Chernobyl, the most radiated place but yet host lots of ecosystem.

  12. HabelFoc _ says:

    I’am a little bit sad about the environment though… I know they trying to help these animal, but having a prison-like environment is too sad for these animal. Cute pandas deserve better! ^_^

  13. lisa merc says:

    Are pandas supposed to survive? It seams natural selection doesn’t want them to ?

    • Neam says:

      No this is different in captivity

    • Lieutenant kodlack says:

      Sea Anemoanemiaeia ya that’s exactly correct by no longer first don’t a cure for illnesses we as a species will benefit because we wont have a deffense against it and it will force us to created a deffense against it eventually and that all in all would make our species better as a whole it would also less to the survival of the fittest so we don’t have an over abundance of people on Earth depleating our natural resources. Because in all honesty 3 billion is more than likely the perfect number for us to be sustainable and not detrimental to the world that’s why we need another world war to quell the population

    • S P says:

      +Lieutenant kodlack exactly

    • 6eezb43 says:

      They aren’t, we just won’t let them die

    • The enlightenment. says:

      Ilona LMAOO. An evolutionary mistake…. I can’t. 😭😂

  14. heather woods says:

    I’m willing to bet this is an enclosure used just for postnatal periods. I obviously can’t say 100% for sure, but I’d say after the babies are weaned in a few weeks and their survival rate is good that mom and babies are set back outside. This is no different than bringing a horse into a stall to birth.

    • monquel122 says:

      Sounds about right 👍

    • Athaeus says:

      Still, that’s an awfully dreary enclosure. I wish they spiffed it up a bit with some colours and hay, or something.

    • weehawk says:

      I agree it looks dreary, but the setup is the way it is for a reason, and it’s not because they’re too cheap or are insensitive to the animals. Enclosures like this are pretty much universal at zoos and quite common at captive breeding programs around the world. They are primarily used for mothers who are about to give or have recently given birth, as well as for sick animals. It’s much easier to keep a plain, unfurnished room clean, and an unhygienic environment would endanger the lives of the animals. Captive animals often abandon or kill their young if they are in any way stressed out, and keeping them secluded is one of the most effective ways to prevent this. It really is like a stall.

    • tina crouse says:


  15. Comedy Iry says:

    Everyone talking about this cell being a temporary “nursery”… Can’t they at least put some hay or some types of leaves so she doesn’t just lay on cold, hard concrete all the time? Yes, she will return to the bigger enclosure later on but meanwhile, she has been there for 18 days at least (if I heard the man properly, I can’t remember the exact number of days). It just does not seem comfortable for a new mom… Cute panda and cute babies though!

    • S Lian says:

      Comedy Iry lol bitch u think the wild wild forest is any different from the current nursery? If you dont know shit about it stfu, in the wild the panda usually look for caves to give birth to, they dont really give af where they are, as long as they are in a safe space

    • xAlpaca Zeu says:

      S Lian a wild forest and this nursery has huge differences dumbass

    • piscesjessi says:

      Pandas don’t give a shit about comfort.

    • Emily Thomas says:

      Well then u go and take the pandas take care of all of them and buy them a penthouse

  16. TayTayWildlife says:

    It would be funny if one day she noticed the difference…
    Panda Mother: *Ahhh…my little baby girl is back…wait hold on….WHEN DID YOU BECOME MALE!?*

  17. vince0308 says:

    mom can smell the difference. she is just tricking the keepers for the honey

  18. Guess Who Am I says:


  19. ChilledCheese says:

    Panda! <3

  20. Average Steve says:

    Panda child protective services

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