Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread) – Food Wishes

Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread) – Food Wishes

Learn how to make Panettone! Eaten as is, or toasted with butter, this Italian Christmas Bread is perfect for your holiday table. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this amazing Panettone recipe!

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71 Responses

  1. kouki laameche says:

    1st comment ❤ u chef

  2. Tyler Spears says:

    “If you want this bread today, you have to start it two days ago” 😂😂lmao

    • George Semel says:

      Well actually if you don’t have the Sourdough start, then it’s a good 14 days or more to get the starter going right. If you want bread now, buy a bag of bread, pullug the toaster in the wall and you get toast, yeah toast!

  3. imanasaurus rex says:

    Lol loved the Comey joke 😂

  4. Michael Meltzer says:

    Actually, you are THE Sergio Leone of your panettone, because Chef John what you do w/food is operatic!

  5. Catie says:

    Miss Coco Peru would appreciate this video

  6. Gan says:

    holy shit this looks INCREDIBLE

  7. Mike Arredondo says:

    “Your never sad or lonely with this panettone”
    Chef John thank you for all your recipes all year long happy holidays 2u all

  8. Delaware Destroyer says:

    I havent watched it yet but im wondering how he is going to sneak in some cayenne in this recipe.

  9. Rainsong T says:

    Panettone makes the best French toast. Does that make it Italian toast?

  10. Side of Fries says:

    “If you want this bread today, you’ll have to start two days ago.” Sounds like my school assignments

  11. Eddie Gooden says:

    Merry Christmas to the King of Chefs! And to all Food Wishers!!! One Love!

  12. Gzuz Christus says:

    If I ever will be a billionaire, I would hire you as my personal cook…. I would pay you 3 money and two chickens…

  13. krissywintermoon says:

    A panettone cooling hole 😂😂

    • D Bone says:

      krissywintermoon Doesn’t everyone have one of those?

    • dolce maddalena says:

      D Bone I do have 3 of them 🙂 but I have been making panettone since immigrating. I was turned off by the boxed version sold in stores. In Italy most wouldn’t go through the trouble making it as a really good panettone takes a week to make
      and there are many good pastry shops locally that do during the holidays. I grew up in a tiny village so we always made our own. I now have my own panettone called the italo-canadese (Italian Canadian) made with dried local cranberries soaked in sortilege, candied orange peels and dark chocolate with a hazelnut topping. I’m not lying my guests fight over it every year. I love making them now and do it as a yearly tradition and give them away as presents. I can make about 15. I hope you try it as it is so much better than the ones in a box. Happy Holidays to you from Canada!

    • D Bone says:

      dolce maddalena I’m actually in Canada as well. I have never actually heard of this before though… Maybe this year you make a 16th and send it my way? I love the idea of chocolate hazelnut in it.

    • Janis Cortese says:

      Maddalena — Are you kidding? I’m in Philadelphia, and I’m willing to fight your guests for it myself just reading the description.

  14. mschmidtTX says:

    My wife was mad when I cut a panettone cooling hole in the dining room table. Totally worth it.

  15. Janis Cortese says:

    CHEF JOHN YOU MUST USE THIS TO MAKE FRENCH TOAST. I’m serious. If you don’t do this, the regret will eat at your soul.

    • Craigx71 says:

      Janis Cortese … agreed….. i dont actually like this bread, and i have a lot of italian friends, so i get about 4 a year!… however french toast panetone is excellent!

    • isodoublet says:

      Yes. Too sweet and moist for french toast. Is there an echo?

    • Tiziano de matteis says:

      It is: my family does it every time (it is a common Christmas gift in italy, so everyone has way too many panettoni) and it tastes soo good!

    • Janis Cortese says:

      It’s not too sweet at all — most people put sugar and syrup on their french toast anyway, and with this, you don’t need any of that. Just the bread soaked in egg and milk is perfect all by itself. No sugar or syrup needed. Or since I’m on Food Wishes, I should say “no syrp.” 🙂

    • isodoublet says:

      :”It’s not too sweet at all”

      Yes, it is. This bread is perfect by itself. You don’t need to add egg, or milk, or anything else. It’ll just get soggy and gross. Hell, the fact that CJ decided to _toast_ his and spread butter on it makes be about 98% sure he messed it up and got a dry loaf.

  16. Joshua Samuels says:

    Add some Tension Tamer tea and this becomes a collaboration with Coco Peru.

  17. Lyle W says:

    “…so take that, gravity.” lol. looks delish

  18. Naomi Malone says:

    You had me at rum 😍

  19. xNira says:

    Any reason in particular why it’s cooled upside down?

    • Sun says:

      Stranger Things…

    • Aaron Sirkman says:

      Uhhhh…no. It won’t. A, that’s why people do it, 2, the issue is that the top will sink if it’s just resting on a surface; with the bottom supported by skewers, and the top resting on air, there’s no surface for it to slump against, so it just hangs there and firms up as is. Don’t be jerk.

    • Raymond Legans says:

      At 11:17 he says it prevents any collapsing as it cools.

    • Armoured Outlaw says:

      Pixel_Geist gravity doesnt compress anything, the weight of an object compresses what is below it, skewers are at the base of the bread so it only has that inch or so of bread to compress the rest of the loaf…

    • B edwards says:

      someone was actually listening Raymond

  20. animalmother556x45 says:

    ……4:27 “I usually do…but I didn’t feel like it”……how in the name of Mary do you know me so well?

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