Panic! At The Disco – Dancing’s Not A Crime (Official Video)

Panic! At The Disco – Dancing’s Not A Crime (Official Video)

What do you have to say for yourself, man?! The Amazing Beebo out here breakin’ allllll the rules.

Dancing’s Not A Crime from the album ‘Pray For The Wicked’ – out now:

Upcoming tour dates:

Director: Brandon Dermer
Executive Producer: Matt Day
Cinematographer: Wojciech Kielar
B Cam Op: Chuck Schwarzbeck
Additional Live provided by Jake Chamseddine
Puppeteers: Sean Johnson & Artie Esposito (
Editor: Alex Splice Jones
Color: RKM Studios
Production Manager: Nikil Shyam Sunder
PAs: Jennifer Martinez, Gavin Halbert & Sydney Carlson
Special Thanks: Scott Nagelberg, Zach Hall, Brendan Walter, Anthony Marino & Chris Brown
Puppet creator Bo @mycustompuppet



I’m a moonwalker
I’m like MJ up in the clouds
I know it sounds awkward
I’m filthy as charged
You’re a sweet talker
But darlin’ whatcha gonna say now
The midnight marauders
The higher never come down

You can’t take me anywhere
You can’t take me anywhere
I’m still uninvited
I’m still gonna light it
I’m going insane
And I don’t care
Whatever they tell you…

Dancin Ooo
Dancin Ooo
Dancin’s not a crime
‘less you do it without me
Dancin Ooo
Dancin Ooo
Dancin’s not a crime
Unless you do it
do it
do it do it do it
without me

And if you’re night crawlin’ (with him)
I won’t take it lying down
I’ve got a few lawyers
And your guilty as charged
Guilty as charged
We could be waltzin’
But darlin’ don’t be throwin shade now
Don’t call me Saint California
If you’re at another alter
Just gimme your vows
Gimme your vows

#PanicAtTheDisco #PrayForTheWicked #DancingsNotACrime

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73 Responses

  1. Sadie P says:

    I watched this at school earlier and didn’t get caught.
    #1 Victory Royale…

  2. Heather Cuv says:

    * at the police station *
    Me: Oops I committed a crime!
    Police officer : what did you do now Heather?!
    Me: I danced without Bren…
    Police officer : *BOYS LOCK HER UP!!!!!*

  3. Laura R says:

    This is good. Now I need a video for roaring 20’s. ^-^
    PS: I want to be that puppet xd

  4. aaron for 36 hours says:

    Three things that happened today:
    1: someone said this song sucked
    2: he got ran over by a bus
    3: i lost my bus driver license

  5. Tøxic Nightmare says:

    We give you, *Puppet! At the Forehead,* Brendon Urie’s newest project.

  6. Karena Short says:

    We need a *Dying in LA,* a *King of the Clouds,* an *Old Fashioned,* a *The Overpass,* a *One of the Drunks,* and a *Roaring 20s* music video!!!

  7. urie potato says:

    I belong to a fandom where to stan a drunk puppet is normal. I love that for us vros.

  8. Vanessa Moreno says:

    Puppet Brendon With The Pride Flag Was The Best Thing Ever ❤

    Also This Video Is Pretty. Normal. ?

  9. [Destiny Howlter] says:

    *Patiently Waits for a Behind the Scenes Notification*

  10. Brendonslittlebean says:

    beebo interrupting brendon’s fortnite is everything

    also b is so adorable i cant ?


    me: *about to go study*
    Panic!: *Uploads Dancing’s Not A Crime*
    me: OKaY ThIS GoES FirSt

  12. Vianca Velasquez says:

    Panic!: Releases dancings not a crime

    Me: paitently waits for one of the drunks music video

  13. Kirsten Jensen says:

    Wow. Brendon’s high notes are higher than my self esteem.

  14. Jai Sallah says:


  15. Petra Ågren says:

    This video just makes me soo happy!! All the fans enjoying the show, this upbeat song, Brendon on stage doing what he loves! <3

  16. CamrynAsha says:

    **sees puppet dancing in the street**
    “don’t worry that’s just Beebo”

  17. Xx Fëyrë xX says:

    Damn… a puppet is more successful than all of y’all reading this ?

  18. Just Effie says:

    you *know* there is that one person that has a crush on the Bebo puppet

  19. Meagen Granberry says:

    Beebo trilogy next? I mean think about it you heard the Hey Look Ma I Made music in the background

  20. kelsey jackson says:


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