Panic! At The Disco – Viva Las Vengeance (Official Video)

Panic! At The Disco – Viva Las Vengeance (Official Video)

Welcome to Viva Las Vengeance. This is the tale about growing up in Las Vegas. It’s about love, fame, burnout and everything that happens in between.

Viva Las Vengeance, the album, will be out on August 19th. The title track off the record is out everywhere today. 🎹🩸

Limited edition bundles + exclusive vinyl variants are available for pre-order:

These songs will come to life on the Viva Las Vengeance Tour this fall in the United States and Canada with special guests MARINA and Jake Wesley Rogers along with Beach Bunny and Little Image on select dates.

The tour will be hitting Europe and the UK in February and March of 2023 (special guests TBA).

Some tickets go on sale as early as tomorrow! So check out the dates, find out who is playing what show, and get allllll of the pre-sale/on sale info over here:

This is the new era, and the journey starts now.

Directed by Brendan Walter
Executive Producer: Jesy Odio
Producer: Emma Buerklin
Director of Photography: Eric Bader
Production Designer: Matt Sokoler
Edit, Animation & Color: Kevin Hindriks
Production Company: Teenager Inc

UPM: Dorian Thomas
1st AD: Bashir Taylor
Script Supervisor: Andishé Zohoori
Choreographer: Monika Felice Smith
Costume Designer: Brooke Llewellyn
Key Hair & Makeup Artist: Mayra Godoy
Groomer: Aika Flores
Gaffer: Kyle Bart Reid
Key Grip: Anthony Schrader
Sound Mixer: Jedy Shiheng Xu
Location Manager: Pete Abrahams
Animators: Gon Borela, Glen Dones, DJ Belga, Paula Gohing

1st AC: Rich Hawkinson
2nd AC: Brian Freeman
DIT/Utility: Jacob Seldes
B-Cam Op: Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury
BBE: Justin Sadler, Jim Ed Willis, Sam Needham
1st SLT: Mike Winokur
Best Grip/Driver: Richie Brush
Dolly Grip: James O’Connor
Art Directors: Devin Parker, Spencer Trent
Set Dresser: Mitch Dillon
Leadmen: Shay Turner, Zach Riddle
Production Coordinators: Kalid Hussein, Nathan Vaughan
Office Production Coordinator: Ariel Hutchins-Fuhr
2nd AD: Alexandria Cardiel
2nd 2nd AD: Teck Holmes
AD PAs: Nafeisa Johnson, Anthony Sturdivant
Office PAs: Jubilee Daws, Jane Kim, Hollis Dohr
Truck PAs: Alex Reyes Méndez, Colin Hagiwara, Sean Lass
Set PAs: Collin Wade, Kyle Ali, Jem Murillo, Corey Cunningham

Assistant Costume Designer: Anastasia Magoutas
On-Set Costumer: Maggie Kimball
Costume Assistant: Lucas Ciotti
Seamstress: Olga Podymova
SPFX Makeup Artists: Brittany Fontaine, Sam Tansey
HMU Assistants: Rob Sheppy, Sophie Guzman
Assistant Choreographer: Riley Roberts
Key Crafty Attendant: Sabino Salas Miranda
COVID Officer: Stephen George
Set Medic: Melissa Reed
Security: Crew Protection

Mike Naran on Guitar
Nicole Row on Bass
Dan Pawlovich on Drums
Leah Adler as Maggie
Jesse Merlin as Host
Angel Ahabue as Salesperson
Galen Howard & Nafeisa Johnson as “The PAs”
Mauricio Marte as Medic

Twitter: Spotify: Store:


Pyramid of ones, kids with loaded guns
Plugged on a power strip
(Power strip)
I’m already dead, woodstock in the shed
I’m so out of it
(Out of it)
Someone did me wrong, stole my favorite song
Yes, it really hurt
(Really hurt)
Stepped on every chord, fell on every sword
Yes, excalibur

I don’t wanna be a diva
I just wanna be free
On a sofa with Sativa
Living the dream…

Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’
Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’

Hacking at my feed, act like you are me
No one really cares
(Really cares)
Nothing’s really real, no one really feels
Nothing to declare
(To declare)

I don’t wanna be anonymous
But I don’t wanna be you
In a city full of promises
Nothing rings true

Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’
Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’

Giving up the key to paint a masterpiece
What am I doing here?
Stuck here in the weeds
On a road that leads
To nowhere…

Shut up and go to bed
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’

Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’
Shut up and go to bed
She said
‘Viva Las Vengeance!’

Every moment is a replay
I’m being buried alive
Didn’t wanna kill the DJ
But it can’t hurt to try

#PanicAtTheDisco #VivaLasVengeance

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32 Responses

  1. Weirdos Speed says:

    The instrumental is just 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Д К says:

    Смотрела клип с улыбкой на лице,как-будто снова встретила старого друга❤Брендон тот,кто нам нужен именно сейчас.Спасибо,что вернулся,спасибо за позитивные эмоции,спасибо за божественный голос и харизму.Любимый музыкант многие годы🧡🧡🧡

  3. кириешка says:

    по щеке скатилась слеза счастья и лёгкой ностальгии)) как приятно видеть и слышать Ури снова)❤❤❤

  4. Outro Castelo says:


  5. IDogFan41 says:

    Watching this at 6:01 was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Panic only gets better, it’s inane.

  6. ARTV says:

    THIS IS THE COMEBACK! FINALLY! Best Panic! song in AGES.

    • Seth Benjamin says:

      @NeN I don’t know what it was but the 2010s decade in general marked a steady decline in quality for many bands that were great in the 2000s. imo Fall Out Boy also had a similar decline in quality each album since their hiatus. 🤞for a bounce-back like this one from their friend Brendon.

    • Haydn says:

      It’s amazing!

    • NeN says:

      @TJUC123 You are right, it is just my opinion, obviously. And in my opinion, Panic has changed their sound in every album and every album after P.O. marked a decline in quality.

    • ernie. says:

      Best Panic! song in 4 YEARS

    • Chloë N says:

      Jon! Nice to see you here! I love this song too!

  7. Ms Jackson says:

    Уверена, я не одна такая, но я слушаю их с 2008 года и как же я рада возвращению Брендона! Вот уже 14 лет он владеет моим сердечком, и несмотря ни на все трудности, что были на его пути, он продолжает радовать нас своим божественным голосом и музыкой ❤️

    • Julia Burik says:

      Привет русским фанам Брендона 💕💕я тоже с 2005 слушаю, влюбилась после песни I write since not tragedy 😍 подумала про себя :Черт возьми, какой харизматичный парень!!! 🔥 Столько лет прошло, до сих пор так думаю 🤤

    • f R e A k I n G c L o W n says:

      слушаю с 2018, ибо в 2008 было всего 3, но это до сих пор самая любимая группа, не смотря на то, что за 4 года сменила кучу жанров, пока что лучше группы не нашла, чем паники❤️‍🔥

    • KatrinFox says:

      Да, ура, Боже, возвращаются, они всё возвращаются, я в свои 27 , как подросток радуюсь! 💔💔💔

    • Nika Dudka says:

      Я с вами!! С 2007 года он мой самый любимый мужчина!❤️

    • Lubov Larina says:

      И я тоже с 2007 слушаю)) Ури красавчик мужчина, вообще не стареет)

  8. ᴄʟᴀᴜᴅɪᴏ ʟɪᴍᴀ says:

    Música nova com vibe das antigas, EU AMEI 💜💜💜💜

  9. George says:

    This is the best thing that ever happened to og fans it’s quite literally back to the future and I’m here for it 🧡

  10. Andrea Silva Riederer says:

    A really old fan here happy to have you back! I just had a flashback of a day in 2008 when I got up earlier because Pretty. Odd. was coming out and I wanted to listen to it before going to school. Now I’m sitting at my desk watching the new video before starting my working day. I feel we’ve grown up together <3 I'm sending you tons of love and my best wishes for the new album from a south corner of the continent that I hope you haven't forgotten... Chile.

    • Ella Hale says:

      I remember when Pretty. Odd. Came out too!! I ran to Target to buy it before catching the school bus so I could listen to it on the way to school that day. We must be the same age! Long life the Panic! lifers! 💗

    • Kendall Harrington says:

      Thank you for sharing this.

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