Panicked woman abandons live stream

Panicked woman abandons live stream

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20 Responses

  1. breath holder says:

    This is trending?

  2. bigsec13376 says:

    What the fuck ?

  3. The unique channel says:

    C H I N A (trump’s mouth zoom in x10)

  4. Saadh Rahman says:

    How tf is this trending?

  5. Epic Studios Films says:


  6. Cucumber says:

    What in the mother Fuck did I just watch and why is it trending?!

  7. Tikki Tembo says:

    YouTube: “See, the trending page isn’t rigged”

  8. TehCFGHaxor says:

    Well you know what they say, the Chinese eat everything.

  9. Uscgred says:

    Why is this in trending

  10. Alex Romano says:

    My mother never loved me

  11. XXXTEN Young says:

    The girl thought the plant was a aloe Vera but she was actually eating a poisonous plant

  12. Manntass says:

    heres the full story:
    she was trying to show the health benefits of eating aloe vera and accidentally ate a poisonous plant instead

  13. Matt J says:

    She was gone so quick we didn’t even see her leave.

  14. Shayla Ross says:

    Guys. She that it was aloe Vera but it was a poisonous plant

  15. Before The Credits says:

    She never abandons the stream. Is… is my life a lie???

  16. Vasectomy Fail says:

    more liberal propaganda from the leftist puppets at youtube. fake

  17. Nuhan Hidayat says:

    why and how the fuck is this trending???

  18. Sheogorath says:

    I thought she ripped her lower lip off.

  19. Anthony LiPira says:

    Guess they left out the good part of the video.

  20. Jesse Morris says:

    Someone please tell me why this is #16 on trending?

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