Pantry Raid: Krispy Rice Treat Edition

Pantry Raid: Krispy Rice Treat Edition

See how I managed to hide Rice Krispy treats from my mother throughout my ENTIRE CHILDHOOD!

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79 Responses

  1. frogger5687 says:

    The camera reminds me of that last transformers movie.

  2. imallfordabulls says:

    Brand Name Alton > Generic Brand Alton

  3. Pizzazle says:

    He’s gonna run out of clean kitchens at this rate

  4. M says:

    I’ll clean it up. As payment I request a rice crispy treat.

  5. Meme Lord says:

    Alton seems so happy that he can actually tell people to use the products he likes instead of some generic name

  6. Brad Johnson says:

    Next time on pantry raid: Alton Brown makes scrambled eggs and hides them inside a chicken

  7. Lwize says:

    Brown Rice Krispies, Brown butter, you’d think Alton had Brown in his name…

  8. DaniGamerWarrior says:

    Alton: “I feel like Willy Wonka.”


    • moosemaimer says:

      oompa loompa doompety doh
      don’t use bagged cheese or Alton will know

    • MsUn PC says:

      “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker”.

    • sinned6us says:

      Depends on which Wonka cause there’s the book one, Gene, and Depp

    • Alexander Morrison says:

      Whenever I make spun sugar (easiest thing in the world, too, I use it to demonstrate crystaliisation in science classes) I feel like Willy Goddamned Wonka when I scrape the caramel from the pan and pull away strands of cobweb-like sugar

    • DaniGamerWarrior says:

      sinned6us, remember the beginning of the Gene Wilder version? watching all of the candies being made in the starting credits? That’s the best.

  9. Finn Rudkin says:

    I feel like this series is just a way for Alton to tell us his favourite brands

    • Roger Cameron says:

      Having varying degrees of success from working with both on- and off-brands, I am *relieved* that we’re getting his recommendations! Making food with compound ingredients is most certainly a science – baking and desserts are proof!

    • Johnny MaC says:

      Too bad he couldn’t make as much money here on YouTube…I like these shorts.

    • acid drive says:

      and to finally use the “gasp” button on his soundboard apparently

    • Al about Food says:

      Alton, Im totally down with the “Kerrygold”. We loved it in as many recipes we could work it into. Family member now has dairy allergy, do you have a recommendation or advise for best alternative (vegan or at least dairy-free) options??

  10. TheDanibits says:

    The fact that Alton’s mom let him unsupervised in the kitchen long enough for him to make these says a lot about his personality. lmao

    • Joseph Davies says:

      And apparently was worried about him eating too much candy, but had no trouble with him eating cereal straight from the box. :p

  11. Slide100 says:

    When we got a stand mixer, I had to make Alton’s marshmallows.

    Then I used those marshmallows to make Rice Krispie Treats.

    BEST EVER. Just sayin it’s worth it.

    • Slide100 says:

      @Joe B. Professional 6000 HD. They were on sale at Costco before Christmas a few years ago. Love it! TONS o’ power!

    • Joe B says:

      @Slide100 that’s a good one… I love making whip cream and just slamming her in 10… I love that power take off.

    • MsUn PC says:

      I need a stand mixer. A soaped up one with all the bells and whistles.
      Black with white skulls and flames shooting out its mouth.

    • Trae Watkins says:

      @Joe B hey now we had sunbeam mixer growin up and id put that thing against my current kitchen aid.

    • Joe B says:

      @Trae Watkins I’ve let the smoke out of 3 Sunbeam’s in my life… the last one came with a blown gearbox too. BUT I congratulate you one getting your money’s worth out it.

  12. Cyn V. says:

    Mom monitored the sugar we put on cereal, but fairly early on we realized that our bowls were white, and sugar was white, so if we managed to dump sugar into the bottom of the bowl before we poured the cereal, we’d be able to have vast amounts of sugar…. and then we’d carefully measure out the one allowed spoonful on top of the cereal.

    • SKRUBL0RD says:

      and that’s why you now weigh over 400 pounds and have diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol.

    • J Murphy says:

      @SKRUBL0RD I did that same shit and weighed under 130 and was very active.

    • UserX-1099 says:

      why do u need to add sugar when most cereals are full of it?

    • Double Darrel says:

      @SKRUBL0RD I did it and I have no health problems, and I’m not fat.

      You’re just salty because you’re parents didn’t allow you to have anything sweet,
      Which explains you’re bitter attitude.

    • Double Darrel says:

      @UserX-1099 Some brands don’t have sugar.

  13. DitzyDoo says:

    I must say the “box trick”, is incredible cleaver in a deviously juvenile way… 0_o I love how you can say, “It was the Boy Scouts who me showed how mom…. ~_<

    • Trae Watkins says:

      @SwEPooD I was thinking this same thing … but it was not “that” long ago when it was waxed paper and that was probably pretty safe.

    • best ever says:

      @SwEPooD its not like people are making a box full of rice krispy treats every week, it’ll be fine

    • Wesley Castro says:

      That’s how you get cancer putting hot Rice Krispies into that plastic 😑 it’s common sense

    • Nick Slouka says:

      If you’re like me and use a glass dish then you know they are a pain in the ass to wash afterwards.

  14. Rose Derrick says:

    There is no butter in my house other than Kerrygold. It’s the only one we have used for years.

  15. Rapitor says:

    He’s losing his mind and I’m ok with that.

  16. 42ayla says:

    Gourmet Rice Krispy squares, I’m all for that.

    Me: pulling out the microwave safe bowl so I can eat them faster.

  17. Steph P. says:

    Quarantine Alton is kinda like AB set free! I love it.

    • Enjay Nicolay says:

      I’ve so enjoyed these QuaraVids 💞👍

    • Trae Flores says:

      yea like AB gone wild lol that’ll be the new FN series coming out next fall featuring AB running around destroying restaurant menu recipes on the spot in an impromptu fashion. #setAltonFree

    • Steph P. says:

      @Trae Flores Oh damn, that would be hilarious!

      but I hope it’s a youtube series, because I don’t own a TV/I don’t have cable and also this way he can swear/say brand names and such, so…

    • Melodie says:

      Does nobody remember his evil brother BA? That guy was pretty devious, kinda like this weird new quarantine version of AB… suspicious

  18. Kierfnen says:

    Petition for Good Eats to just move to YouTube with Alton Brown a camera guy and a dude to clean up the mess…

  19. Michael Hagemann says:

    When ever there’s a lot of butter in a recipe I always buy the good stuff, watch for the sales and buy a little extra, remember that you can freeze butter.
    When I lived in the Chicago area I rarely saw Kerrygold or Plugra butter on sale, maybe they’d mark it down fifty cents, now that I’m in Santa Barbara I frequently see these butter brands marked down on sale at fifty percent off selling a half pound block for $2.50, that’s when I buy six and put them in my freezer.
    Costco has a two pound package of Kerrygold at an every day price of $15, that comes to $3.75 for a half pound block that typically sells at the grocery store for $4.50 to $5.00.
    I’m Michael Hagemann and this comment has not yet been Scabigail approved.

  20. greenyawgmoth says:

    “Could we make our own marshmallows?” Well I’ve a stand mixer, that episode of Good Eats ready to go, and nothing better to do, so… yes?

    • Dora Brooks says:

      Alton’s marshmallow recipe is the only one I’ve ever used. Straightforward, relatively easy, and delicious. Why even bother trying a different recipe, right? 😄 Hope you enjoyed your goodies!

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