Papua New Guinea play Cook Islands in Round 2 in Group D | RLWC2021 Cazoo Match Highlights

Papua New Guinea play Cook Islands in Round 2 in Group D | RLWC2021 Cazoo Match Highlights

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19 Responses

  1. John Helms says:

    Great respect to these amazing rugby league Pacific nations!

  2. THAT682KID says:

    Congrats png better team won good luck for the remainder games an to my people 🇨🇰 for ever proud of you boys for repn our small nation hiha tukia 🇨🇰🇵🇬

    • Lungon Elias says:

      Good Luck Cook Islanders…Do your best against Tonga👏👏👏💪👍…it is not impossible!!
      frm a fellow Islander…..PNGean Kumul!!


      Well done both teams 🇵🇬🇨🇰..

    • THAT682KID says:

      @Richard Tabel wish all our kuki boys will come home but it is what it is respect my brother 💯💙

    • Richard Tabel says:

      Bro your team did you proud indeed all the best cook island your a team to be reckon with in the future. Get your boys to play for your country, your haritage, your people…make that Jersey proud.

  3. MixiTubes says:

    Thank you for the great win guys. Thank you for the great game Cook Is bradahs! I think Kumuls need more descipline. Better descipline automatically impacts all aspect of the game. From defense, game management to clinical attack and overall top class performance. Basically we need upgrade from today’s QRL like performance to NRL level performance. Otherwise we won’t go beyond the quarter finals. Larim Kumul Fly!🇵🇬💪

  4. whatit do says:

    Love to both teams 🇵🇬🇨🇰! ❤️ All the best to the Kukis.
    Kumuls umi go!

  5. Nathaniel John Bitt says:

    Thank you Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea for a wonderful match. Congratulations to the Kumuls.🇨🇰🇵🇬

  6. Cartoonmahn says:

    Respect to our pacific brothers (Cooks) you played well with determination and strenght heads up and focus on your next game im rooting for your guys to be victorious over the mighty Tongans. Congratulations to both teams 👍🏾.
    Pacifica love 🇵🇬💖🇨🇰

  7. Grace Leana says:

    Congratulations PNG Kumuls 🇵🇬❤️
    Well played the Kukis, love the dance move by Kukis number 3🇨🇰👏

  8. The KiiD says:

    “WELL DONE KUMULS!” THe road is still long so let’s prepare for the next coming round with Wales.

  9. Brendan Kombogi says:

    The Cook Islands try, I don’t think so, the bunker must have been blind. Wtf man

    • SOLIDOS TSO says:

      @Stanley Low so just because its your national sport we can’t have an opinion lmfao talk about being ignorant lol

    • SOLIDOS TSO says:

      @Joji Baleilakeba absolutely 💯

    • Baiyer $MASH says:

      Agreed…he bounced the ball forward

    • A J says:

      I agree, more of a pity try. What got me was dude dancing lol 🤦‍♂️

    • Stanley Low says:

      That’s our national sport we can complain! None of yous can tell us what to do. If we see something is not right we can complain, we don’t deserve to be treated like that on a world stage.

      If this happened to a tier one nation you think they are going to let it slide!?

      I think I know why the match officials are biased against the Kumuls: Remember the last time the British-Irish Lions toured PNG?

      They lost to the Kumuls.

      So you can understand why the match officials are doing everything in their power to make us pay for humiliating their NRL and Super League stars.

  10. Simon Maiseveni says:

    Proud of you boys…wel done ✔ 👏

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